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Discussion in 'How To' started by rocketsqrl, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. rocketsqrl Member

    I'm a programmer who's tired of feeling powerless, so I created, where we can vote on protests, set goals, checkin and see goal progress, etc. It's just me creating this thing and it's hot off the press, so expect a beta experience. Basically, you create a movement on the site, which people can join. Any member can create a protest and vote protests up or down. When you protest, you checkin with your contribution toward the goal and an optional message or photo. This is my small contribution to making the world a better place. If there's anything more you want from it, let me know.
  2. Post photos?
    And by the looks of your site I'd say there's a fuckton of harvesting going on there.
  3. rocketsqrl Member

    Optionally post photos. You don't have to if you don't want to.
  4. Cuntsparkle Member

    I was going to post a photo of my breakfast but it looks more like a dogs dinner and could cause confusion. What do you advise?
  5. rocketsqrl Member

    Eat a better looking breakfast?
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  6. Cuntsparkle Member

    Or maybe I should arrange it on the plate more artistically?
  7. Cuntsparkle Member

    Coffee and 5 cigarettes is a handsome looking breakfast in my eyes.
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  8. rocketsqrl Member

    That's not breakfast. That's the Cuntsparkle Diet.
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  9. Cuntsparkle Member

    Yes it's the breakfast of champions.

    Now to business, what precisely do you mean by contribution towards goal. Explain like I'm 12.
  10. rocketsqrl Member

    When a person creates a protest, they set what the measurable action is. For example, posting a sign. They also set a goal, like 10,000 signs posted. When a protester checks in, they input how many signs they posted. It all adds up towards the goal.
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  11. Cuntsparkle Member

    The ultimate goal being?
  12. rocketsqrl Member

    The ultimate goal is set by the organizers in the movement, stated in the movement description. The goal of any given protest works towards the mission of the movement. Does that make sense?
  13. Cuntsparkle Member

    What this looks like is a feasibility study into protests and that's going to take the fun out of it.
  14. Cuntsparkle Member

    Quite often when a group protests it's done to raise awareness of something , an example is the abuses of Scientolog, and that in itself is the goal.

    My understanding of your proposal is to add a more structured approach to protests which if you've seen any anons protests you'll see they're all about the entertainment as much as the awareness raising. So you're almost defeating the purpose of the protest itself with the goal setting etc.

    Anons post pics of their raids afterwards , you'll find some if you look and it'll give you an idea of the approach to it.
  15. Cuntsparkle Member

    Your heart is in the right place I'll give you that much.
  16. Cuntsparkle Member

    Round we go.

    The mission of the movement is raising awareness is it not?
  17. Cuntsparkle Member

    A clear definition of the movement is required upfront before any protests or goals can be set.
  18. Cuntsparkle Member

    I'm nit picking because you're not. If you start something like this you ought to have answers for all the questions that will be asked and not necessarily by me either.
  19. rocketsqrl Member

    No, this is great. It's why I came here :) I'm looking for feedback from those in the trenches, as it were. I almost took the goal part out at one point, but decided to leave it in to see what people think of it. This is great feedback.
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  20. Cuntsparkle Member

    Look I'm sitting here recovering from illness so I'm not the best person to be offering construtive criticism or helpful hints.

    Somewhere along the line it occurred to me you were more interested in the logistics of the protest than the protest itself, at least that's how it presents to me.
    Everyone interprets what they read to suit themselves if it's not spelt out in easy steps A through Z and that's when problems arise through lack of clarity.

    It might help you if you think again what you're hoping your site will achieve and present it in such a way that alleviates all doubts about your aims and goals.

    Ultimately protest is protest and for it to be successful and memorable for all concerned there should be an element of fun incorporated into it.
    If it's too structured you run the risk of it becoming a task more than anything else.
  21. Cuntsparkle Member

    Again me with the grumpyfag state of mind .
  22. Cuntsparkle Member

    Another issue I see is voting protests up or down, that right there isn't a great idea. Some causes while very worthy risk being ignored because they're not sexy enough as a result they never see the light of day.
  23. rocketsqrl Member

    Really, in the end, the reason I built this was the hope of inspiring innovation in protesting. Like, if some smart person out there does some kind of amazingly new and impactful thing, to be able to share it with the group and have it bubble to the top and create momentum. Maybe I need to remove the goal and update the landing page to emphasize that.
  24. Cuntsparkle Member

    There's also the problem of geography, something needs protesting somewhere but there aren't any protesters in the area.

    Keeping the entire thing fluid might be the better option rather than setting up a structured approach where everything and everyone gets bogged down in the details of it.
  25. Cuntsparkle Member

    I'd say that's a good beginning.
  26. rocketsqrl Member

    Interesting. Fluid in what way? (P.S., hope you feel better soon)
  27. Cuntsparkle Member

    Fluid as in go with whats right at the time .
    Remember this thing you're building won't happen overnight, but keep up the momentum and best of luck to you with it.

    Feel free to pm me if you want to talk more about it. I can't guarantee to answer immediately as I'm sleeping a lot so when I can I will answer you.
    It's a good thing you're trying.
  28. rocketsqrl Member

    Will do. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.
  29. Cuntsparkle Member

    You should also be prepared for the lunatic fringe appearing in time with requests and ideas that stink of moon battery.
  30. Cuntsparkle Member

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Don't be put off too easily.
  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    Not withstanding Cuntsparkles evaluation, even protesters who come at it from a very good place are human. Being human some people like to have access to proof of ongoing success. Its somewhat reassuring to know your efforts are somewhat quantifiable. Nice idea rocketsqrl :)
  32. Cuntsparkle Member

    My evaluation isn't worth a bit considering I'm talking through pills and scotch.
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  33. rocketsqrl Member

    Does anyone else have feedback?
  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  35. Cuntsparkle Member

    Diaspora* is a community run social network and it's been a while since I checked in there but it did occur to me it could be worthwhile joining and raising a discussion about in there.
  36. Cuntsparkle Member

    If you don't come across a pod discussion on protest you can always start your own. Look for the the most up pods and begin from there you'll soon get the knack of it.
    By up think active , there's listings of what's the busiest or was when I used to hang out there.
  37. Cuntsparkle Member

    Diaspora* is written as I've done here with the * if you're wondering.
    Time for whisky and a sponge bath with nursey.

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