How we know what we "know": FEMA camps, Alex Jones and HL Mencken

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chymira, Dec 19, 2011.

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  2. telomere Member

    It's a piece of old WWP culture, from before the last big site overhaul.

    We had a subforum called "Thunderdome", which had it's own background music.
    "Interior Crocodile Aligator" was one of those bits, played on endless loop.

    As far as I know it doesn't actually mean anything, beside stark, raving insanity.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Actually it appears to me to be a hazing ritual. As does this
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  5. WMAnon Member

    oldmeme day?
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  6. chymira Member

    Lmao you guys are all nuts but I love it.
  7. NUTS??? You don't even yet know the half of it!!!
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  8. chymira Member

    That's cool. Im in for the ride. Hazing and all ;)
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  10. Malory Member

    You've got Kenny Hotz though.
  11. That's not Journalism. That is exhibitionism. Some Canadians not so dumb as to know the difference. Many dumb, certainly, but... just sayin'...
  12. telomere Member

    it would be hazing if we only (or mostly) did it to newcomers, to prove their mettle.

    When in fact we mostly wave them at oldfags to impress them with how edgy we are.
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  14. Malory Member

    I just want to see the episode of Kenny Vs Spenny, 'Who can sell the most copies of Dianetics'.
  15. You make some very good points. I can identify.

    Here's my thoughts on it:

    - Be aware of the political leanings of where you get your news from (this can be as simple as looking up the newspaper or TV channel on Wikipedia). Most news sources have some degree of political bias, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but you do need to keep it in mind while you're reading/viewing. E.g. if Fox News says something nice about a Democrat then either the Democratic has really done a good thing, or (more likely) they've done a right-wing thing that Fox News approves of.

    - Be aware of the quality of the journalism that you're reading. I'm not in the US so it's difficult to be spedific as to outlets, but my impression is that sources such as the Washington Post, New York Times, NPR have a reputation to protect - which doesn't mean they won't get things wrong or be duped occasionally, but they'll do their best not to. A good news source will clearly distinguish between reporting of facts, and opinion pieces interpreting those facts.

    - If a news story particularly interests you, see what some other news outlets make of it. Google News is particularly useful for this, because you can get it to show you a bunch of different papers writing on the same story. Be aware that some of them are reprinting text from a wire service such as the PA (Press Association) - if the story looks absolutely the same then it is the same journalist who wrote it.

    - Look out for primary sources, e.g. the recent New Yorker piece on Scientology helpfully included an online archive of some of its primary sources (1, 2, 3). Primary sources are good. By looking at them directly (instead of third- or fourth- hand), it's easier to assess their credibility. Hence the expression, "dox or GTFO" ("provide documentation to support your claims, or depart from this forum with all our very best wishes").

    - Witness reports are not as reliable as documents, particularly if there's only a single witness. Some people love attention; some people have an axe to grind; some people (poor them) are genuinely mentally ill in ways which can make them see conspiracies where there are none. 'Triangulation' means getting the same facts from a bunch of different sources; Dr Kent writes about it in his recent essay on assessing the credibility of ex- cult members.

    Some rules of thumb:

    - Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    - Cock-up is more likely than conspiracy.

    - Is there a simpler explanation?

    - Be suspicious of claims which cannot be disproven.

    That's just what I think.

    Edit: I should also point out that the Internet attracts loonies. It's weird, and full of squirrel stuff.
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  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    How many times have I told you not to frighten the noobs?
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  18. chymira Member

    Thank you! I'll admit the fact that I haven't followed the news for years ether online or off for that matter. I always felt there was nothing I could do about it anyway and I was so absorbed in my own little world that I let everything pass me by having NO idea what was going on around me. I should really thank the efforts of Anonymous for waking me up. I realize sometimes I'll be slapped around a little here but it's actually for a reason and for the most part I've been received well for all of my blundering by some very patient and helpful people. In general I really enjoy this site. As far as "scaring the noobs" I don't scare easily however I do tend to take things to heart. And I STILL say your all crazy :)
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  19. telomere Member

    we're crazy
    we'll never get case gain
    and we'll die alone, in pain, and in the dark

  20. chymira Member

    Never try to argue with a crazy person. Its actualy quite sad :( But the die allone in pain in the dark thing? No. What a strange little man!
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  21. Pique Member

    Since this thread has gone all over the map already I'll take a moment to explain. That strange little man has attained OT8, the highest level of study in scientology and therefore considers himself fully in control of all in his environment. He believes the person he was talking to, a former member of the 'church', is a degraded being with no hope for all eternity. Scientology works and helps people...bwahahaha!

    I'm glad you're a good sport in this thread. :)
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  22. chymira Member

    I'm semi aware of the "we don't need phyc docs and we can do anything" mentality of the group. Buch of brainwashed people. I really do feel bad for em. Thanks for explaining though :)
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  23. telomere Member

    Just for for reference, I DO believe that Alex Jones (who sourced the theory about FEMA camps) is crazy, and needs psychiatric help.
    But he's not the reason I came here.

    People like George Bailley (the poor OT Level 8 in the video) are the reason I'm here.
    And not to laugh at him, and not to pity him either.

    I came here to to stop the the evil, pathological lying scumbag that messed George up, and messed a lot of other people up
    from messing up any more people.

    You probably have your own reasons for protesting. They don't need to be anything like mine.
    That's fine! :)
    I wanted to share that "crazy" isn't something Anonymous shrinks from or hides from.

    BOTH persons in that video are crazy. And also me.
    And also you.
    And the purple bunny-dragon hiding in your closet, she's crazy too.

    But you don't have to let the "crazy" run or ruin your life.
    Understand how your own thinking processes work,
    and learn to live with you- and you'll be a lot closer to finding a healthy way to live.
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  24. chymira Member

    I love that statement. And believe it or not I actualy envy the way you think. I think its wonderful. Thank you.
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  25. LocalSP Member

    Yeah, there's penises involved too.
  26. Anonymous Member

    GW Bush used Roosevelt's model of usurping the courts for the rational of his(GWB) prosecution of enemy combatants.

    Of course, in Roosevelt's time, the "combatants" were landed, by submarine, on US shores. And, they were discovered because one of them was a homesick American, that found his self in Aleman-drafted and trained-sent to the US. They were all executed... even the kid that just wanted a ride home. The one that alerted the FBI to the others!
  27. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Too, one must remember that the America First movement, antebellum, was very popular in the US. Hell, Chas Lindbergh was one of it's for most proponents. While, he paid dearly for his isolationism in the 40s, during the Space Race, most Americans forgave him.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I laugh when I recall that 25-30 years ago when some people said we were being led towards unending war, just like in "1984", they were called crackpots, losers, lamers, etc. It sounded so far-fetched... like "who'd ever want to do that, can't happen here... "

    It's already happened, and it's not getting better, if we take a step back.
    I'm no "believer", but just looked at what's happened since the 80s.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    ^^ Long ago, I argued that Fuckedupistan would become moar like the Soviet Socialist Republic while we, Fuckedupistan, would become moar those faggots???

    go figure... I ain't a psychic.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Some thought naught, but what a man of peace:

    In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist

    His brilliance should be a warning to all peace loving peoples.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    What happened to the Republicans? They used to stand for small government, and the American taxpayer???
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  32. Anonymous Member

    kind of a sock. I quoted myself.
    fucking editing bullshit wwp

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Sold their souls for jewgolds.
    Cui bono?
  34. Alex Jones, David Icke and Jesse Ventura are underrated. I have yet to meet a conspiracy theory I didnt like, and I appreciate the level of commitment it takes to create a truly astonishing conspiracy theory like the ones Jones/Icke put together. Some of Jones´ bigger film projects, like that whole Obama Deception thing, was a work of genius: the creativity and obvious delusions it takes to create a monster like that (how long was it, like 3 hours?) is truly staggering.

    It seems to me that moonbattery is getting a lot of bad press these days. I disagree, I think moonbattery is an awesome hobby that has filled my life with many hours of joy. Facts are for nerds, geeks and sissy-pants; I prefer the world where the US moonlanding never happened, where reptilians rule the planet, where Obama is the new anti-christ and the UN is planning a mass cull of 2/3 of the world population. A world where Bush brought down the towers, where Kennedy was killed by the mafia AND the communists, where FEMA is a neo-nazi cult that lives underneath Denver airport, and finally a world where an intergalactic overlord named Xenu, or Xemu, spread bits of alien souls all over society and made it bad. Waaaaaay more fascintating than the world of 2+2=4 and thats all she wrote.

    tl:dr? the Matrix is way more fun than physics class.
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    Sure, pulling the wool over your own eyes is okay, but to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, there's no room in the moonbat conspiracy world for amateurs.
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  36. chymira Member

    Well I'm thinking that years back if someone had said in the future our food would be pumped full of preservitives someone would have called them a moonbat.
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  37. Yeah, someone should have told the "Project Isis" people that before they took a great idea and turned it into cows piss. It had all the best possible elements for a good moonbat theory; "Hello, I´m Roger Moore," KGB, ancient egyptian writings, secret technology, WWII and aliens. Yes, all rolled up into one big bucket of awesome. Then it came to fabricating the key evidence, and it sucked balls... Bastards, there´s no room in the moonbat conspiracy world for amateurs....

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  38. cafanon Member

    I once met a guy who told me, "When people call you crazy, its their way of saying: 'Dude...I just don't understand you.'" But when talking to the average non-thinking TV-head about the NDAA, they don't seem to really see the difference between me and a night barking moon-bat. The way I see it, "crazy" is a very relative term.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    I did find some interesting Dox that appear similar to this whole FEMA thing from the good ol' US Army. Its Army Regulation 210-35, "Civil Inmate Labor Program." Its long as all hell of course and I haven't gotten all the way through it, but I do not see anything about gas chambers and shit that Jones likes to rave about. This link will open up a pdf:

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