How we know what we "know": FEMA camps, Alex Jones and HL Mencken

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    Moonbat researcher here (a noob since I've only been at it since....wait.....since my teens, so not so noob anymore).

    The old WWII detention camps that were still around got refurbished under Bushy boy, Fema does build detention centers, er, uh, "relocation" centers (yeah, took them how long to "relocate" the Japanese-Americans back in the day?), and then of course there's "Rex 84" and that whole continuity of government thing. But as far as Nazi-style death camps go, I've yet to see any credible evidence of those around. What camps have been filmed are missing the big ovens and smoke stacks (and at least two of the filmed camps were credibly debunked--not all of them, though).

    But the U.S. has had prison labor camps for quite some time, in the form of a privatized prison system where over 70% of the inmates were incarcerated for victimless "crimes" (like smoking pot). All brought to you by our wonderful Prison Industrial Complex. Don't you just love corporations? :/

    But there's an interesting little history about the Nazi camps. Can't remember the name of the camp off the top of my head, but it was right next to a small town. The townsfolk denied its existence despite the smell of dead bodies, cooked flesh, etc., etc. They just went on their busy day-to-day activities without ever noticing. It wasn't until the Allies entered Germany and the U.S. army marched the townsfolk to the camp for the townsfolk to see the horror with their own eyes that the townsfolk finally stopped denying the obvious. The human brain is funny like that.

    But I doubt we'll ever see Nazi style oven camps. The Maoists and Soviets had a more efficient means of disposing corpses. They stacked them up like cord-wood and buried them in mass graves or stuffed them in sealed caves. Costs less that way, too.

    Also, as far as detention camps go. The detainment of Japanese-Americans (as well as Italian-Americans and German-Americans along the East coast) in WWII was not an isolated incident in the U.S. The same was done to American Indians in the 19th century, plus both the North and South ran prison camps that included even civilian detainees during the Civil War. The last place I lived was in a neighborhood that was on top of the buried remains of one of those Civil War camps.

    But as far as camps go, you're much more likely to die from disease and starvation than from any ovens.
    Personally, I'd prefer the ovens: death comes quicker that way. Or a bullet to the head, much more preferable.
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