Howard Stern Interview with PI...reveals he was goon for CULT

Discussion in 'Media' started by Diablo, May 4, 2011.

  1. Diablo Member


    Mark said he used to work as a private investigator for the Church of Scientology: “They hired me just to do--to do background work.” He would watch “everything you could think of about you. Surveillance. Pull trash.” But he wasn’t a member of the Church: “I was an outside contractor...but I did have to go through the whole E-meter test before I started doing work for them. It was like something like, you know, my 3rd-grader made with two toilet paper rolls.”
    Mark wondered if it was the best idea to expose his past (“Someone’s going to be watching me, now, Howard.”), as the Church still employs the very best: “I was the best trash-picker in the U.S.” When he’s not working decoy cases, he still picks through trash, most often for his political clients, who are often looking for “anything they can find” on their opponents.
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  2. RightOn Member

    no link?
  3. Diablo Member

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  4. RightOn Member


    wait... Mark who?
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  5. RightOn Member

    never mind found it, you only quoted half of the article:

    "Howard welcomed Mark Chauppetta, Jojo Rider and John Lamb from On the Mark Investigations to discuss their business. Mark explained that men and women employ him to investigate whether or not their spouse would cheat. He uses Jojo and John as sexy, available decoys. Mark said 60% of the men go too far: “Men are pigs. You know that. They can’t resist temptation.”
    Jojo said she deemed male spouses untrustworthy: “If it gets handsy.” Mark remembered a time she let things go too far: “I almost fired her once.” Jojo nodded: “I did things. He was really hot and the client said she was done...things happened. We were both satisfied.” Mark said he found John, his male decoy, on TV: “I saw him on Vh1. On Tool Academy.” John said it wasn’t always fun work: “We got some 8s and 7s and we got some 3-woofers, you know...[but] I’ll play tonsil hockey with a 6 for a bonus.”
  6. Smurf Member

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  7. Sponge Member

    Transcript for the segment on scientology:

    Lol, and that's where the segment mentioning scientology fizzles out. No, I don't think that last unrelated remark was anything to do with Barbara Schwarz, haha.

    His book is available from his website at:
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  8. AnonLover Member

    ^^thanks for 'script sponge
  9. Zak McKracken Member

    :( that is sad.
    Do you think Scientology could help his kids??
    It seemed to work for Ron Miscavige...
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  10. Sponge Member

    No problem. I had a little helper. Excuse any typos.

    I'm not sure if I've seen mention of this kind of thing before but I find just plain weird that they put mere wog P.I.s on the e-meter to check them out, like D.M. actually thinks that shit works for real.
  11. But of course! "The e-meter sees all, knows all and is never wrong"-LRH

    THough it's calibrated really bizarrely, If the needle swings left, you are lying and are withholding information. If it swings right, you are stressed and suffering pain.

    Whenever you get on the cans, you are already a criminal in their eyes.
  12. RightOn Member

    I don't believe that DM thinks the e-meter really works.
    He knows it is nothing more than a cheap lie detector that of course he takes full advantage of. IMO
  13. Sponge Member

    Whether he does or not, he certainly seems to think the P.I. should be dumb enough to believe it.
    The 3rd-grader/toilet rolls comment was gold. LOL.

    It probably wouldn't surprise me in the least if someone suddenly pulls out some old HCOB bulletin stating as policy that all wog private investigators and other general contract henchmen on sensitive work must be sec checked on the e-meter.
  14. RightOn Member

    would love to see that one myself
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. acepi86 Member

    I work with many PI's and show them our link:

    A few stop talking to me because of this, to me this is like working for org. crime.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is organized crime.
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  18. acepi86 Member

    It sure is
  19. Smurf Member

    Doting father, aspiring politician, and Brockton’s ‘resident dick’ — the complicated life of Mark Chauppette

    "A 35-year-old divorcé and father of three, Chauppette lives something of a double life. His home is a comfortable split-level in one of Brockton’s leafier suburbs, while his work takes him to some of that city’s most violent, chaotic slums. He carries a 9mm pistol and often wears a bullet-proof vest, which he removes when he picks up his kids from school. Sometimes, he’ll find himself going directly from a crack house to a PTA meeting."
  20. acepi86 Member

    Maybe thats why he worked with the cult..... make a deal with the devil due to his sick kids. Im a skip tracer and have many contacts with PI's but some work with this cult due to lack of work from there firm.
  21. Smurf Member

    When I was in OSA, this was the usual excuse for some of the PIs working for the cult... income. Some of them I worked with were taken aback by the Sea Org which they viewed as a paramilitary organization, and several thought the Scilons were loony, but "nice" people. When it comes to making money & feeding families, morality takes the back burner with some folks.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    "In 1995, Mark successfully obtained his license from the Massachusetts Department of State Police opening up shop in Brockton, Ma. Since then Mark W. Chauppetta has become one of the most well respected investigators in the state, specializing in all areas of investigative and security industry. Mark ran a campaign for Massachusetts State Representative in 2004. He has occasionally hosted his own radio show in Brockton and on the internet."

    Contact Info:

    Plymouth County/Brockton Office
    PO Box 3398
    Brockton, Ma 02304
    Cell Phone: 508-889-2882
    Fax: 888-767-9273.
  23. acepi86 Member

    This video is from this Febuary
  24. Smurf Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Would Stern & Co. allow this to be YouTubed?
  26. xenubarb Member

    Really? You're talking about a dumbfuck who never finished high school, and who puts copper cables in the dirt to "ground" himself. I am sure Mr. Teeny has NO idea how the emeter works, other than what he's been told.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Who cares? :p
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