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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Jim-In-Hawaii, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Jim-In-Hawaii Member

    I just read a thread that finished by stating that is I checked, and it is!!!

    Way to go people! Let's keep the bastards offline!
  2. Awesome Job everyone... it has been down for many hours. You are all awesome! Keep up the good work!
  3. The site is up and running and showing pictures

    Sorry, I just went there it is back up. It just has a different first page. However, if you click on the third tab it take you to a page with one picture, you click on that picture and you are taken back to the original page we have all been trying to take down. So, please, help get it back down!
  4. We are Legion

    Oops...seems we broke it again

    with <3 from the USA
  5. It's up, it's down, and the only constant is that some where in Tehran some one is cursing us all to hell in Farsi XD.

    To celebrate, I think I'll open another Slowloris tab.
  6. TBH...i could be sleeping right now...But the thought that my antics is giving a basij or simarly minded individual a fit is well worth it :)
  7. Srpska Member

    Tab? That reminds me. I posted this somewhere else, but I don't think I ever got a reply:

    When running Slowloris, each time I click "Fire" the amount of memory it is using jumps up a step, then stays constant. Is this like adding another lazor beam each time, or something?
  8. I think so, that happens to mine too. if I click it several times in a row then the computer freaks out and shuts slowloris down entirely, I'm guessing because it's trying to do too much at once. but if I click it once and then again a few seconds later everything does get much slower than it was after the first click.
  9. Cloak n Run Member - up (up for 10 mins 1st hour; 50 mins 2nd hour; up 10 mins this hour) - down (down for 30 mins 1st hour; down for 60 mins 2nd hour; down 10mins this hour) - up (for 20 mins last hour; up for 50 mins 2nd hour; up 10 mins this hour)

    Started checking 08:28 GMT
    Last checked 10:12 GMT (i'll check every 10 mins for as long as I can)


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