Hubbard and a kiddie messenger

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  1. Here is a picture that appeared in "Highwinds" # 5 from 1984. Evidently it is from the Appollo days. The question is how old the girl in the background is. I have not made up my mind yet - if she is either 8, 7 or even 6 years old. In any case, she does not look too cheerful.

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  2. Quentinanon Member

    She was a commodore's messenger. I would guess around 8 years old. I will probe the cobwebs of my mind to see if I can come up with her name.
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  3. RightOn Member

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  4. CarterUSP Member

    Makes me laugh that, even in their own publications, people look bored and the man who is fully at cause over matter, energy, space and time failed to get rid of his big fat belly.
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  5. RightOn Member

    yeah and had to have the bump on his head removed
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  6. Tourniquet Member

    OK, wait... so Hubbard started the Sea Org just because he wanted to cover his "third eye" with a Skipper's cap?
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    I would not say she was bored, but rather, she was irritated for having to carry L. Ron's Kools, cigarette lighter, and an ashtray. No joke. Messengers had to light that crazy shit's cigarettes and catch the ashes.
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  8. Quentinanon Member

    That poor lass in the photo standing behind L. Ron is Julie Blundell. I heard some time ago that she was out of the cult.
    Now to retire to my cabin, drink a bottle of Jameson's, and pop some pinks and grays.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    ...but will you come out with OT XVI? is the question...
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  10. Quentinanon Member

    At cause over matter, energy, space and time on all eight dynamics!
    And I think Julie Blundell was around ten years old in that photograph. She looks a little younger than that, but perhaps L. Ron chose her for that reason.
  11. The Church has come a long ways and didn't use that photo in this book?
  12. pooks Member

    I'm guessing 6 or 7 years old. Poor little thing. Fuck L Ron Hubbard and the space ship he road in on. Fucking Retard.
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Did she have a patch over her left eye, and a hell of a swollen cheek? What's up with that?
  14. Chipshotz Member

    So she's standing there waiting for her next orders? F'n sick.
  15. L. Ron Hubbard might have lost his temper and smacked her for acting like a child or maybe she slipped while spending the night in the chain locker.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, maybe. We can speculate, but I'd much rather have a documented personal account from someone who was there while they're still alive.

    Is this person still alive and is she out?

    Quentinanon says that she's Julie Blundell, and she's out. I'd like know the story behind that picture.
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  17. Interview with Kima Douglas,
    Oakland, California, 27 August 1986

    Kima Douglas was very much a typical Scientologist during her years in the Church, from 1968 to 1980: she was young, English-speaking, well-educated and totally committed. She was well-qualified to join L. Ron Hubbard's naval élite, the Sea Org, which had been founded in 1967. Her past nursing experience in her home country of Rhodesia was discovered at a time when Hubbard's health was rapidly deteriorating and for seven years, from 1973 to 1980, she became a unique combination of nurse, aide de camp and confidante. When she was interviewed in 1986 by the British journalist and writer for his biography of Hubbard, Bare-Faced Messiah, she had an extraordinary story to tell. The following is a transcript of that interview.
  18. Quentinanon Member

    No. She was about 10 years old. She looked younger than her physical age. She looks unhappy, the result of abuse. Another messenger, Tonya Burden comes to mind.
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  19. Hubbard just abused children in every other possible way, but not sexually?

  20. DeathHamster Member

    I hope that there was someone responsible for checking the chain locker before raising or lowering the anchor. I can't imagine that it would be a healthy place while that was happening. (Or any time.) I don't know if the person inside would be turned into a meat slurpee or not.
  21. Anonymous Member

    When Kima croaked there was this teary out pouring from people on Tony's site saying how nice she was. I can only think that here, she was, a medical professional and supposedly compassionate soul whom all the kids loved who was just fine with kids in the chain locker when it was happening. And despite having witnessed this behaviour from Hubbard, went on to rather unfortunately prolong and comfort his later years.

    It's nice she spilled all after the fact, but I don't think she was the saint some tried to make her out to be.
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  22. When she saw LRH: "He slapped a boy who answered him back and slapped him across the face with an open hand, and knocked him off his feet." I hope she helped the boy and she should have called emergency medical and police.
  23. DeathHamster Member

    Back in the 60s, I afraid that sort of thing wouldn't have been prosecuted unless there was serious injury. (In many places schools were still allowed to use the strap.) Odds were the parents were on board and wouldn't have pressed charges. Plus the Apollo kept on the move and interesting the local government in a ship that would be gone in a few weeks would have been tough.

    Hubbard was the master (bastard) ruler of his own little empire.
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  24. Quentinanon Member

    Hubbard was a bully who only battered people physically weaker than himself, unlike his successor, who has an entourage of thugs that are there to gang bang anyone who won't let the asthmatic dwarf beat them up. I only know of one case where Hubbard battered an adult, but multiple cases where he slapped or punched children.
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  25. Quentinanon Member

    The Apollo period lasted from 1968 - 1976. A cultural change began in the West during the 1970's where abuse against children became unacceptable. I believe that the Apollo was registered in Panama, so whatever laws existed in that country would apply to the ship in international waters. But, Panama is politically weak, so even a complaint to a Panamanian consul about child abuse would probably go nowhere.
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  26. No they didn't, they used another shot of LRH walking with the same man taken a few feet before they get to where the photo with the little girl was taken. She was either out of frame or shooped out of this photo. There are lots of photos of LRH and boats etc. in this book I have never seen.

    I just received my copy of the book today. I paid $4.29 which included shipping from a dealer on Amazon. It was in perfect condition and still in the shrink wrap. The postage printed on the shipping box was $3.88 :confused: Scientology is still trying get $50 for it.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    You could increase the value if you got someone at CoS to put Hubbard's signature on it.
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  28. [IMG]

    L.Ron is proof of the reality of Lovecraftian fish spawn.
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  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Fuck, wouldn't you @ face height and smelling distance of Hubbard's skanky fat ass? Poor kid, can't be more than 5-6, not a CM imho unless a midget.

    Edit, ah I just caught QAnon's post #10 , he says around 10, but man thats a tiny girl even for 7-8, and I'm going by my own average height kid who at 8 was 4' ft (still got marks on a doorframe here lol), anyhow neither here nor there.
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  30. <3 Pooks

    You really should write a book teaching other exes how to act.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Remember that Hubbard's father was adopted. Elron is just showing his breeding.
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  32. Sharone Stainforth wrote:
  33. Anonymous Member

    Speaking as someone who has been in a (non-Scientology) large ship's chain locker, your 'slurpee' theory is correct, so far as dropping the anchor is concerned.

    Raising the anchor, that's fine. Useful to have someone in the chain locker to lie the chain out flat and stop it getting tangled as it arrives.

    Chain out = fast or very fast (depending).

    Chain in = quite slow or very slow (depending).
  34. Anonymous Member

    Never mind Hubbard's ass. From the state of his teeth and his habit of laying in a private stock of under-cooked beef, his breath could probably peel fire-proof paint from a bulkhead.
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  35. I heard its why they put the asbestos in originally.
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  36. Quentinanon Member

    All Hubbard's SO1 letters were either ink stamp signed or forged by SO1 staff. Even before SO1, Mrs. Thrupp or Millie Galusha forge signed his letters. He believed he would have plausible denial in a court of law in case a letter came back to haunt him.

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  37. I was one of his messengers since the inception of the CMs, together with Annie, Terry and Janis. I left in 1970 sometime. And no, Ron never hit me in all my time with him.I think that the swollen face may have come from an accident up forward one day when a pulley system came loose, swung down and hit me in the face. I don't remember ever having a bad enough tooth ache on board to have that much swelling, although, lets face it, oral hygiene was not a great priority back then so it may well have been a toothache! Oh, And I could have been anywhere from 8 1/2 to 11 1/2. So there you have it straight from the horses mouth!
    Toddles! JB
    Ps.... I was not short! It's the camera angle I'm sure!! :))

  38. Yep I am still alive and yes I am out. Have family still involved though so you know the drill, low profile and all that! I have stayed out of everything up til now, but due to your very sincere and reasonable request for real clarification rather than speculation, I have posted below what I think was the cause of that facial swelling and probable eye patch. It was such a long time ago, but I can say for sure that no one hit me on flag, nor was I ever locked in the chain locker. But people were, I did see this personally, my sister being one. I was however well and truly belted a few years later at AOSH DK by a crazy woman from flag on mission to DK. AND she was one of the CS's! jeeez!! If my dad had not busted in the door and stopped her, I would have been a real mess! So yes, i can confidently attest to the fact that violence did happen on occasion! She was trying to stop me leaving the SO at the time and I was 15. As if that's gonna work on a 15 year old very stubborn person!! HAH!!
  39. Thank you for the update Julie, It's good to hear you got out at a young age.

    Do you remember what was on the end of LRH's blue lanyard?

    Also I would be most interested to know if LRH had bad breath and farted a lot :(
  40. So your photo and response to it are together:
  41. Hubbard-Highwinds-1984-Issue-5.jpg
  42. DeathHamster Member

    Well, I'm glad that it wasn't a case of direct abuse, but dang, that must have been some hit on the cheek!
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  43. Julie, what were your duties as a CM, were you like a servant to LRH?
  44. Quentinanon Member

    Good to hear you are out and doing well, Julie.
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  45. Photo that was used in the book Master Mariner, taken a few feet past of where the photo with Julie was taken:
  46. fify, I should have said before or behind instead of past.
  47. FreakE420 Member

    This pic is bullshit!
    Here's the close up pic over laid on the big pic:

    The two men are in the identical positions in both pics. Two pics taken at the same time? No,the close up was shot from the rail by the bench in front of Ron and that photographer would be in the big pic.
    And the girl would be standing at the corner of the bench behind Ron in the close up pic,,,so she was added to the big pic.


    After I made that ^ graphic I went to the village voice article and found this:


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  48. Sorry FreakE420, I made this post before I read your analysis of the missing little person. Could she have been removed from the smaller photo instead of added to the larger? I don't see any benefit to adding a small child but removing her draws less attention to LRH having used children to serve him.
  49. FreakE420 Member

    I agree
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  50. Thanks so much for that odproje. I'm new to this blogging stuff and what you did does make it easier to follow than my random answerings throughout the conversation thread! Ummmm, bad breath and farting.... Seriously?? What a cracker sense of humour. (You weren't serious right....or were you?). :) :)
  51. Hi Julie, I know you feel limited in what you can say. Descriptions of LRH and what you and your sister did for him would be great. What are your thoughts about your image being removed from the photo in the book but left in the same photo when it was used for part of the Apollo diorama study to be displayed in the Super Power building?
  52. fishypants Moderator

    Seconded. Why did LRH want his servants to be children? What was it like to be one of them? What were your duties?

    Glad to hear you're doing well, Julie.
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  53. Quentinanon Member

    Great forensic photo work, FreakE420!
    I give you a commendation chit.
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  54. Quentinanon Member

    A couple more points about this sea ogre shoop:
    1. The sunlight angle and colour is different in the background and to the left, than in the foreground and to the right.
    2. The lifeboat has no rust on it. The only lifeboat on the Apollo in seaworthy condition was L. Ron's.
    Fake photo is fake.

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  55. Yes it is a fake photo, it is a design study for a "fake" life size diorama display in the super power building.
  56. fishypants Moderator

    c'mon guys!

    Everything from the bottom of the pic up to where the floor changes colour is a computer-generated plan for the diorama in the Super Power building. So there's no rust because it's CGI. They're going to physically build the lifeboat and the bits around it - this is a "this is how it'll look" type of drawing.

    The actual pic of Blubbard and the blue-shirt is the pic above. It will be stuck to the wall in the Super Power building, so that Scientologists can sit on the bench next to LRH and feel that they're in the presence of greatness.


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  57. DeathHamster Member

    And in the presence of an SP who has blown from Scientology.
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  58. FreakE420 Member

    I knew it was too obvious, even for $cientology.
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  59. My point in scanning and posting this photo:

    and then posting this photo:
    was to show that the photo used in the back of the image above was the same photo as they used in the Master Mariner book but without little Julie removed. For some reason :D they felt the need to remove a small child servant to LRH in at least one of the photos they used in that book.

    Is Scientology ashamed that LRH used young children as servants?
  60. 382

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  61. That boorish piece of shit, L. Ron Hubbard's Commodore's Messenger Service constituted child abuse in and of itself, imho. Sick-Fuck LRH was guilty of abusing every young girl mentally that he took to serve his personal needs. His notorious punishments of children (by his own policies) once placing a 4 yr old little boy ( Google: Derek Greene) in the nasty, fitlhy, cold, dark chain lockers of his fake Navy ship Apollo for 2 days and nights.

    The Scientology Sea-Org cowardly 'Crew' stayed silent ond on post, digusting.
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  62. JohnnyRUClear Member

    She's not only already identified ITT, she's posted in it. Scroll up....
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  63. The Wrong Guy Member

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  64. The crew, at the time, believed that the survival of Mankind depended on L. Ron Hubbard being "right."

    They had been deceived, then, systematically, brainwashed.

    Hubbard used children as servants, workers - slaves really (though they were expected to regard it as a honor and a privilege) - and, even today, Scientologists, both inside and outside the Scientology organization, see nothing wrong with that.
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  107. invalid../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd/././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././.
  108. ";print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test));$a="
  109. file:///etc/passwd
  110. ${@print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test))}
  111. /\../\../\../\../\../\../\../etc/passwd
  112. ${@print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test))}\
  113. WEB-INF/web.xml
  114. ;print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test));
  115. /WEB-INF/web.xml
  116. ';print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test));$a='
  117. WEB-INF\web.xml
  118. ";print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test));$a="
  119. add-reply
  120. add-reply/.
  121. add-reply
  122. add-reply
  123. add-reply/.
  124. add-reply
  125. add-reply
  126. add-reply/.
  127. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  128. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  129. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  130. 20'"()&%<acx><ScRiPt >G1T2(9808)</ScRiPt>
  131. {{9999343*9999891}}
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