Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by Ramona, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Ramona Member

    Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

  2. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

  3. Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    the evil genius of Hubbard

    he systematized hypnosis. he created hypnotists that didn't even know they were hypnotizing, and an environment surrounding it all that is completely complementary to his system.
  4. Ramona Member

    Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    "Mis-align them in their own control" = "Oh shit, your personality really sux, you need Dianetics" AND/OR "Oh shit, you are under a lot of stress, you need Dianetics."
  5. King Nerd Member

    Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    We've known for a year (some of us have known longer) that Hubbard was hypnotizing people and stealing their money.

  6. 8895 Member

    Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    "Re-align them under your control" = "What are your crimes? What are your crimes?!? WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?!?!?!"
  7. Ramona Member

    Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    [ame=]YouTube - Hubbard: "Scilons Own the Planet"[/ame]
  8. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    This is just 'good' old fashioned Commie brainwashing mind control.

    Actually, this has been used since the beginning of Man.

    When you fixate on a wiggling giggling good looking woman walking down the street, you are being 'misaligned under your control and being realigned under her control'.

    The Evil $pace Alien Cult is a MIND CONTROL CULT. Period.

    Nothing more and nothing else.

    That is all Elron was up to from the order to empty as many pockets, wallets, bank accounts and portfolios as he could.

    Hubbtard waited until OT3 to spring the Xenu Bullsh** because, by then, the people were pretty well 'realigned under his control'.

    The Xenu story, being pure unadulterated Bullsh** is used, at this point, as nothing more than a STRESSOR to push you over the edge of a pychological pit into complete submission.

    You are so far gone by the time you are supposed to hear the Xenu Bullsh** that it kinda puts the 'final nail in the coffin' pyschologically speaking.

    SUBMISSION to Cult Control occurs because you have to suspend...or abdicate...any remaining common sense (your own control) in order to remain in the cult now...has become a full blown addiction.

    Once someone is so degraded that the Xenu Bullsh**, they 'might as well go all the way over the edge'.

    They are then well and truly, um..."realigned".

    Getting in this pyschological pit is not that difficult if done 'correctly' and over time.

    But, getting out of the pit they find themselves in is quite a trick.

    The main purpose of the Xenu Bullsh** is that people will now have to face just what kind of complete and utter fools they have been...if they ever hope to get out one day.

    They have been painted into an 'ego corner' where many people (read that EGOS) would rather die (suicide) or spend the rest of their miserable lives rather than admit that they were such fools.

    Hubbtard was a predator and he preyed upon human weaknesses.

    The EGO being chief among the human weaknesses.
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  9. Zak McKracken Member

  10. Re: Hubbard: How to Hypnotize People

    Oswald, just wanted to bump this, because I think it is

    Powerfully and clearly expressed
    Chilling, and
    Of benefit to anyone who reads it.

    Thanks for taking the trouble.

    Having just watched a BBC doc. on Ceaucescu's Rumania, I was once again reminded of the similarities to Scientology's practices.

    The BBC commentator referred to the Ceaucescu regime as a 'family dictatorship', where everyone spied on even their own family members - the Ceaucescus even spied on their own children, told them who to disconnect from, who to marry etc etc. (After their son Nicu was forced to marry a functionary, he is reported as saying - 'send her to my mother, she can shag her, because she chose her').
  11. jackthomes Member

    You must understand a few ground rules.
    1. you cannot hypnotize anybody that doesn't want to be hypnotized or is afraid of you.
    2. you must understand that hypnotism is easy...very easy. Many people forget that hypnotism is just a state of relaxation

  12. Anontacular Member

  13. Anontacular Member

    I have an old acquaintance and friend, who I discovered was in the cult and slaved under Ron as the youngest Sea Org member - and ranked by the cult as "OT". This person held many high-ranking positions in the cult, and specifically in the Sea Org. He left the cult and opened a hypnotism business in a major city. Ironically, perhaps, he's been a researcher, writer, and consultant in the pharmaceutical field for many years now.

    This person understood the hypnotism and programming of the cult well. They got their PhD in a related field. They also knew it was effective in getting various kinds of beneficial results, psychologically speaking.

    Since hypnotism or psychological control can be used to abuse people and is not commonly understood, bringing the cult down will bring needed attention to this topic, and this knowledge will help to protect people from its evil misuse.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Video removed due to a copyright claim from 'Axiom 10 Productions'.

    Is there a mirror and/or info on what lecture this is from?
  15. Scatman Member

    Axiom 10 Productions, Inc. is OSAbot scumbag Ron Savelo's video production corporation in Clearwater, Florida.
    Savelo loves committing copyright fraud. He needs to get prosecuted.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Does anyone have an MP3 of the lecture?
  17. Anonymous Member

    I should, however I need to know what lecture it is. Once I do, I can post.

    'Copyright,' lol.

    Come to Present Time.
  18. Mark Cabian Member

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