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  1. Here are two early SP Declares from 1965, issued by Hubbard himself. Take note of the disconnection orders that both contain. I wonder what the KSW fraction of the "Independents" thinks of that.

    Disconnection-Hubbard-I.jpg Disconnection-Hubbard-II.jpg
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    Gee, if they're cutting off all ties with someone, what could Declared Fair Game possibly mean?

    I've seen the handler drones on ARS try to downplay Fair Game as that he just couldn't have any further dealings with CoS, but all the other lines of that order take care of that.
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    There's mention of disconnection in this video from Dublin in 1968:

    The Dangers of Scientology

    On this day in 1968, Dr Anthony Clare talks to RTÉ News about the growth of Scientology. The psychiatrist is concerned about the social impact of a body whose set of beliefs attracts those who are "psychologically unstable".

    He points out that the financial requirements of becoming involved in Scientology may act as a deterrent for many.

    Video at
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  4. Well, not to split hairs, but the first issue appears to be a seminal "PTS Declare", issued before "handle or disconnect" began to be implemented. This was probably meant to goad the PTS person to disconnect from the preumptive SP (who probably was no 'real' SP at all, just giving the fellow a time about his spending so much money on the cult).

    The second issue is, obviously, an SP Declare.
  5. Anonymous Member

    ^ And that video was recorded 20 years before they had their first mission here.....
  6. Anonymous Member

    BUMP for later reference.
  7. Anonymous Member

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