Hubbard's 1982 Last Will

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Here comes the next chapter in the saga of Ron's testament. This is the first page of the 1982 version. The full document is attached.


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  2. Anonymous Member

    How'd you do that "Attached File" thingy?
  3. Great, link posted at Marty's (soon)
  4. It is one of the upload options that I have. I am not sure if I had it before. I got an e-mail recently, someone telling me that "they" extended my upload options. I guess that is one of the features.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Oh it must be Ott Powers!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    With so many proprietary docs, the fair gaming from the cult must have been on a par with Gerry Armstrong's. Pardon me for not being familiar with your story.
  7. Woo Hah Member

    ^ WWP Class VIII Leaker.

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