Huge protest out in Sacramento's Scientology Church

Discussion in 'Projects' started by CensorshipProtest, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Welcome to #Operation Occupy Sacramento.

    Here within this operation, I plan to gather up to 25 Anonymous members in Sacramento on May 1st, with their Guy Fawkes masks, and signs. Right at the Scientology Church. We will then march throughout the downtown square and show what we're protesting for!

    Links (Click the links)

    Official Facebook Page -
    My Facebook Profile -
    Official Facebook Group -

    Go to our Facebook Page to find out the address, and to get plugged in with this upcoming event!
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  2. AuntAnonymous Member

    sigh ... so far away
  3. Anonymous Member

    OccupySacramento has a differnt faceblook and has been active since the beginning.
    Too many inconsistant thing with this op!
  4. grebe Member

    Lurk moar, OP.


    So the corrupt fear you; the honest support you; and the heroic join you. It's like a movie and you're the star of the show.
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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. If I still lived in that city, I'd happily join you.

    This is the only time of year when that place is tolerable, nay, beautiful.;) Have fun storming the castle and good luck!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Meetup link is for protesting scientology in Sacramento.
    But op is questionable for many reasons!

    As stated above....lurk more

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