Human Rights Abuses in Portland - "Body Routed" From Org For Photos of Closed "Church"

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Super Power Entheta, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Exactly. This was not a mission. Staff removing signage were most definitely with the org. It was more than obvious.
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  2. I'm down. Maybe someone could wheel me in on a dolly, strapped down.
  3. They placed their bodies in a way that forced me down the stairs out onto the street. Difficult to do much when they have the higher ground. I don't have video, caught them in the act as I was strolling around. They began working very quickly once they became aware of my presence.

    I returned to essentially the same position I was in before they got in my face. They chose to ignore me the second time. There were 15-20 witnesses standing outside an adjacent restaurant. It is possible someone may have taken video, but it happened very rapidly.
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  4. I think someone asked for a pic before org's vacancy.

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Hey SPE, we have a tradition of putting up something near/next to the org/mission when it goes down.

    For example, "Pool closed due to Thetans" or some other witty remark indicating we still around and they be gone.

    Just sayin'
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  6. Is that a challenge? I could prob accommodate.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    LULZY Portland Anons are LULZY.

    Nobody would notice anyway, save the three or four culties who pretended to do srs bz in there.
  8. Malory Member

    If this is an actual Org closing down and not just a mission, isn't it kind of a big deal?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Go for it.
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. True. This org is on the fringe of downtown, not much pedestrian traffic and I doubt most public even know it's there.
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  12. i'mglib Member

    Woooo hoooo!!!! This is great!

    The church finder on the Scilon website confirms that this was an org (it's still listed).

    The only other church listed for Portland is a mission at 8210 SE 25th. Anyone know what that is?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Okay now I am reading a different description. Did they actually physically pushed you down those stairs? If they didn't and you just happened to back up when they moved toward you, then technically that isn't physically forcing you down the stairs.

    Also, what human rights abuses did you witness as you indicated in the title of this?
  14. AIN Member

    how about "Org closed due to midget?"
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  15. Anonymous Member

    That's an insult to midgets. I know midgets. They're smart motherfuckers who drink hard, party hard, and punch hard.

    David Miscavige doesn't punch, he slaps. Slap slap slap. Like the dad in the High School Reunion special South Park episode.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. vaLLarrr Member

    Or High School Musical. Whatever. Funny shit. I know this: Miscavige versus a REAL midget would be fucked up.

    Put Wee Man in a cagefight with the Slappy Dwarfscavige and that's all she wrote.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    This could be said of most scientology units.
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  19. Yes, see previous page. #24
  20. Running out of funds for central location leases?
  21. They did actually, physically force me down the stairs. I had two assholes literally touching me, making me back up. In the eyes of Oregon law, this is assault. Assault is a violation of basic human rights.
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  22. AIN Member

    Why you no call the po po on them?
  23. That's a good question. Maybe because I knew I was in for that before I began. I'm wondering if they were calling 5.0 on me. This was a 6 minute event though.
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  24. AIN Member

    I think you should have, would have been amusing for the shoe to be on the other foot for once.
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  25. Retrospect being 20/20, you're right. Didn't even cross my mind. Would be great to have and post that police report though.
  26. xenubarb Member

    I disagree, simply because, so far, WE have not been the ones calling to waste the popo's time. Besides, if you'd hung out longer, the cult would have called them and you could say "I was just taking pictures" and they could baww that you were...what? Taking pictures?? TEH HORRAH!
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  27. Right. Wouldn't want to wait the 10-15 minutes until police showed if I had contacted them. Scn could access the police reports as I could, eliminating my anonymity.
  28. Smurf Member

    If Gwen Barnard was there, and she was in heat, I would do it for you.
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  29. Scott would love it!!
  30. vaLLarrr Member

    Come on, all the "why I outta" bullshit.

    Yeah coulda woulda shoulda. The fact that the OP took stills is doinitrite, and the archive of Epic Anon Love towards ScientLOLogy FAIL is one more webpage healthier for it.

    Not everyone has fancy video phones and not everyone wants to be like a fucking scilon and call the po po for stupid dumb shit like for a bunch of UFO LRH suckers scraping letters off a window, uh, because Xenu sent his SPs to persecute them and send them back trillions of years into volcanos and shit.

    Troll the fuck out of these stupid bastards, it's for their own good. But don't get the fuckin 5-0 involved unless you really want to look as retarded as they look.
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  31. vaLLarrr Member

    Oh and also: ever wonder why cops don't give a fuck when Anonymous catches shit from a scilon?

    They go on the internets. The first thing their cop brains choose to see is that whiny Angry Gay Pope and possibly tits.

    It confuses them. They do not know if want.
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  32. They're cooler than an EO any day.
  33. xenubarb Member

    Worse. Now they're running into the WITF oerr, WITP people who are putting WWP url on their fliers. Do Not Want.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    WTF is EO?
  35. Anonymous Member

    What Is The Plan is a useful distraction.
  36. EO=Ethics Officer
  37. bumpidy bump bump sluts
  38. Anonymous Member

    So when was the last time an Org closed and won't someone be facing the RPF for it? Also, are we sure it has shut and isn't just relocating?
  39. I am sure they have already relocated. Probably in downtown Portland. I'm sure they will maintain a presence here, without missions. I think dude on the ladder may be RPF.
  40. Anonymous Member

    We really appreciate you showing up with this valuable information on such short notice. A little information goes a long way.
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