Human Rights Lawyers Arrested today.

Discussion in 'Missing Persons' started by hangerhead, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. hangerhead Member

    The security police entered the building of a group of solicitors at 4.PM Tehran time (08 Jul 2009).
    Place: Rad Solicitors Office, Vali-asr St, Nader Alley.

    Everyone in the building including the clients are arrested (about 10 people). The name of some people who are arrested and taken to an unknown place follows:

    1- Mr Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Human Rights solicitor (over 60)
    he has been arrested and poisoned a few time before, also he was threatened by lately "Public persecutor "to be quiet and not to release any information related to latest situation in Iran. Also the sign of his office was removed a few days ago, by some unknown people

    2- Ms. Bahareh Davaloo, Solicitor (30 years old)
    3- Iman Davaloo: Student with bad health condition. urgently in need of his medicine (17 years old)
    4- Sara Sabaghian, Solicitor (She was arrested 10 days ago, but released conditionally), 27 years old
    5- Maliheh Dadkhah: Solicitor (daughter of Mr Dadkhah) 28 years old
    6- Mr Amir Raeesian: Human Rights solicitor (31-32)
    7- Mr Shahlayee: He is a relative of Iman and Bahareh Davaloo, He just entered the office in order to find out the reason of their arrest. Not a client, neither a solicitor.

    Also a few people who are working in the office and some clients are among arrested people.

    Also its important to mention that two other solicitors (both Human Rights solicitors), were arrested lately separately, We don’t know where and how they are


    1- Mr Amir Arjmand (Former director of Human Rights commission of Beheshti University)

    2- Abdol Fattah Soltani ( Human rights solicitor)
  2. Ray Murphy Member

    Thanks for posting this news here.
    I'm expecting the crooked leadership of Iran to start collapsing very quickly after today's rally, and if so they would be less likely to cause any more harm to prisoners.

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  3. Ray Murphy Member

    Have these people been released yet, and do we have a database for all known missing people?
  4. purplesunrise Member

    Public security police arrested a prominent human rights lawyer in Viet Nam on Saturday for "colluding with domestic and foreign reactionaries to sabotage the Vietnamese state." Le Cong Dinh was arrested at his home in Ho Chi Minh City.
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  5. Ray Murphy Member

    We are all required to focus on Iran in this forum.
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  8. bigtonkertoys Member

    Don't hold your breath, they're still going strong.
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