Human rights organization considering declaring the cult a LGBT hate group.

Discussion in 'Projects' started by moarxenu, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. moarxenu Member

    I recently had a conversation with a member of a significant human rights group. They research all sorts of hate groups. They considered declaring the cult a hate group but decided that psych-hatred doesn't meet their criteria since psychs freely chose their professions. There has to be some characteristic you can't change like skin color.

    I mentioned cult homophobia and told her the story of Allen Averay-Jones in Australia, outed by auditing as a teenager, and thereafter subjected to 7 - 10 hours a night for three weeks of intense interrogation and ex-gay reparative cult therapy.

    She perked up, and said they are very interested in ex-gay reparative therapy, and she would like to talk to gay exes about their experiences. The group will only act on testimony from the US so Allen would be excluded.

    If we can find about half a dozen gay exes in the US willing to share their experience then they would seriously consider declaring the cult a LGBT hate group. Wouldn't that be nice :)

    I think this is a worthy project, and we can approach it as compiling a document that is A Case Statement for Declaring the Church of Scientology an Anti-LGBT Hate Group.

    Besides the testimony of exes recounting their experiences of reparative therapy, we need to have documentation in detail of Scientology's auditing procedures for handling teh ghey.

    humanist in Manchester has courageously blown the whistle on OSAbot Sam Butler speaking a Parrs Wood Sixth Form's Spirituality Awareness Day today. We haven't heard anything from him, but over the weekend I pm'd him this question to ask Sam:

    Q: Mr. Butler, I understand that the Church of Scientology is opposed to homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, and trans-genderism, which are conditions that Scientology's spiritual technology can remedy and turn people suffering from them into heterosexuals so they can become Clears and cross the Bridge to Total Spiritual Freedom.

    Could you please describe your church's spiritual therapy for this, how long it takes. and how much money in fixed donations for your church's spiritual services is required?
    Thank you.

    Sam Butler explains to a Manchester anon Scientology's John Travolta Rundown - its ex-gay reparative therapy technology.

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  2. RightOn Member

    paging MikeOT
    he may be able to tell you of his experiences with auditing?
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  3. Loki's spawn Member

    Nice. This looks promising.
  4. exOT8Michael Member

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  5. RightOn Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Dianetics. Start on the last paragraph of p125
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  7. vaLLarrr Member

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  8. Orson Member

    inb4 thispleasesGaga.jpg

    Have you already posted to ESMB?
  9. Miranda Member

    Very nice and promising. Thank you.
  10. Herro Member

    I take it they also consider Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist organizations to be hate groups? Come on guys, don't go full retard just for a chance at some group making some decree.
  11. Anonymous Member

    One should judge each of these clubs by the dogma they promote, Herro. If any of them promote the idea that homosexuals and sick, evil, cursed or unclean, then one should call a spade a spade without worrying about whether Herro thinks it is wrong to diss any of those other well established political groups known as religions.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, before you know it people will be criticising Muslims for stoning homosexuals, and we wouldn't want that either.
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  13. Orson Member

    I think the hotbutton issue here is reparative therapy, the activity of it, rather than what the belief system says about gays. It was not until the reparative therapy (auditing) was raised as a topic that the contact became interested. There is a growing concern and awareness about the damage caused to lesbians and homosexuals who have been through reparative therapy. If this high-profile LGBT group wants to examine the issue and we can help, why not?

    I know the point you were making, but it doesn't quite fit what is happening here given the focus on the actions not beliefs.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Why not? I want it.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Your irony meter might need a reset.
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  16. Herro Member

    That's a valid point.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Very nice work, Moarxenu! And thanks to Anonymous for the page references in Dianetics.

  18. Anonymous Member

    Oops, pesky thing gets stuck on the flux capacitor drive. Fixed now.

    I think I'm due for a service.
  19. lulzgasm Member

    But they said they fixed it! I trusted them to fix it! It's not my fault!
  20. Anonymous Member

    My mind is going. There is no question about it.
  21. HellRazor Member

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  22. HellRazor Member

  23. moarxenu Member

    This is absolutely correct. It is the reparative therapy to in effect "deprogram" gays that is of interest. There are religious groups that believe homosexual acts are immoral but do not force gays to undergo therapy to change the their desires. They only ask that they refrain from homosexual activity.
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Or we can ignore the logic, not give a rat's ass about other religions, and just do this to troll Scientology by damaging their image in the eyes of another group for the lulz.
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  26. You can point to something like this for the Catholics:
    (Ctrl F: "2357")

    That might be somewhat important, because at the very least, Catholics admit it is wrong, however they do say that "Unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided."

    So at least with Catholics, they mention it's a sin, but that it is also a sin to discriminate against them.

    I think the strong wording in Dianetics alone is important too, but a better nail in the coffin would definitely be this so called "Travolta Rundown"

    /r dox for the instructions.
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  27. moarxenu Member

    The more I think about this I realize that there are two groups who can give us pertinent experiential information: not just exes who are gay and under went the Travolta Rundown but also auditors who administered it.

    There must be exes who served as auditors who administered the Rundown who could provide the information. Perhaps as well, there are auditors who never handled a gay person, but must have been trained to do so if the need arose.

    Anyone out there?
  28. exOT8Michael Member

    Try Bruce Hines, maybe Pierre Ethier?
  29. How about Marty? Maybe we can raid his blog to ask him about the Travolta Rundowns?
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. xenubarb Member

    Or the NOI for believing in white devils...they're muslim, sorta.
    FFS Herro, you're better than this, did you take a hammer to the head? Lots of splinter religious extremist groups could be considered hate groups. WBC, for example, NOI for another.

    Gee, it's not like religion ever fomented hatred or anything!
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  32. HellRazor Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. timthephoto Member

    /r/ ignore button, with added functionality to auto ignore any post quoting an ignored person.
    then along with likes recieved, ignores could be part of a profile & that... would be interesting don't you think .. Herro
  35. timthephoto Member

    fuck off
  36. I read on the internet it was a cock to the mouth.
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  37. Snag Member

    I agree. But have you seen the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp? Best thing to do would expose these therapies and auditing. Maybe get some video? or testimonies? If anyone finds anything, let me know. Interested in helping.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    And in the spirit of the thread, why not?

    Might be good to point out at this stage that many read these boards casually and do not understand that when folk here use the word" faggot" it is meant here as a term of endearment, it's almost an affectionate term as opposed to the more vicious and more commonly associated definition.
    Many LGBT groups for years to come might stumble across this thread somewhere in a dark corner of the internets, and it is vital that some of the bizarre terminology that chanology has spawned across many chatrooms and forums, it is not usually indicative of the intentions therein.

    So I guess as an appeal to some of the more volatile and provocative protagonists out there in Anonymousland, it would be nice to lay off the OTT curses on this thread as a courtesy to all the LGBT folk, who after all have enough of this sort of shit in their lives, without taking help from people using the same insults.

    Not everyone gets the whole "4chan" thing, and this is an important issue that should not get misinterpreted,
    In the future when the history books will tell of the great people's victory against the corporate tyranny of Western man, Anonymous will then be seen as the good guys.

    With all that said, I hope this particular topic of protest is rammed into Scientology, straight up. Hard.

    Scientology can't even "cure" a common cold. Prove me wrong.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. wolfyrik Member

    Any update on this? Any action taken or response?

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