Human rights violations against practitioners of Falun Gong

Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by Anonymous, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Are you sure you're on the right site?

    Go to Rick Ross's site and read about Falun Gong. It is a cult as homophobic, women-hating and anti-human as scientology.
    Is Falun Gong a litigious “cult” like Scientology?
    I wish I could find the article that I read recently linked to direct quotes from the leader and his wife, but they had more in common with 'hubbard' than 'humanitarian'. A thourough search of Ross's site and the attatched message boards would certainly yield that and a number of other nuggets.

    The touring show "Shen Yun", proporting to be a venue for chinese ballet and dance is actually a Falun Gong commercial, those who enjoy cultural events but do not wish to fund cults of any sort, please take note.

    It walks and talks like a cult. Sorry, I can't support them. They are doing fine, I see their papers and propaganda everywhere. However, I do wish the chinese government would stop tormenting them; it only gives them something to exploit well-meaning people for free press and money.
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    Fuck Falun Gong.
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    Both sides are doinitwrong.
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    Well Yeah I thought I was on the right site, but since people aren't bothered about people being violated, maybe I am not.
    You know there are people all over the world who believe in this particular religion and it is nothing like scientology, for one thing it is similar to buddhism and bahai faiths.
    But by meditating and practicing the 5 gentle exercises to reach self cultivation which can only be achieved through being on a whole different plane, but of course you have to have understanding first.
    So by these people doing this how is this offensive to anybody else?
    I mean what harm is it doing to those who do not believe?
    Or what harm is it doing to you?
    I mean I'm not evil and I've been practicing it for years.
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    First off, NYPA.

    Practitioners of any sect or cult including falun gong and scientology are generally not 'evil', that is generally reserved for the leaders who profit from the belief of others.

    Personally I'm more of the mindset of Krishnamurti:

    I like that better than this one:

    Meditate all you want, all good spirituality is free. However, personally I'd not give this guy a dime.
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    Lots of interesting stuff out there by exes, of course they are all bitter defrocked apostates, I'm sure.
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    Falun Gong is a much bigger problem than scn in the Chinese community. The other day when ABC Australia broadcast the Alice story, the ABC Chinese radio version on the web added a statement that the news was one of the on going process of religion prosecution against Scientology. Luckily the ABC reception gave me the extensions of all of them, and the original reporter already asked them to take down that Chinese version. Typically the alteration is done by a Falun Gong member or sympathizers. Because PRC always say scn is the western Falun Gong and often criticize them together. In anywhere in the world with a Chinese community, operation Snow White is small by comparison. They have sort of Fair Game but you don't know who and where they are. There's no Org to protest. You may have a chance if you stop faking news. Remember the religion tolerance office in Scilion Valley that helped to attack Anonymous, she must be paid by Falun Gong or after their support.
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  11. Wait! What is this? Do my eyes deceive me? Could this! A blatant attempt at guilt-tripping? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! You are definitely on the wrong site.
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    Cults sometimes buddy up with other cults because there is strength in numbers. Hubbard actually insisted that his followers form alliances with other like minded groups.

    So Falun Gong are anti-government, anti-gay, anti-medicine, pro-alien fantasies --sounds pretty like minded. Do Falun Gong followers also love chiropractors and tarted up vitamins? If so I'd say they are natural allies for Scientologists.
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    I remember years ago when I first heard about Falun Gong, the story hit my religious freedom button pretty hard. Heartless atheistic Chinese government crushing sincere, individual impulses to worship God. Angries!

    But I didn't really understand anything about cults and how they can make life miserable for so many people. The glory and ecstasy cult members seek become a kind of drug. The cult leaders control this drug and so control the behavior of their followers.

    Humans naturally want to identify with some group or tribe. Sometimes this gets out of hand. I really wish the humans would wise up about this.
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    Memories can be distorted by later experiences, especially apparent social confirmation. So without some way to corroborate your memory of an abduction I don't think you can take it seriously.
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    I'm not referring to anything but the cult founder's direct quote. He has quite a bug up his ass about gays and race mixing. Sorry, I don't want his path. I can feel compassion for his followers, but he is not a nice guy as proved by his own words and writing freely available on the internet from western sources.

    If it is free, where does he get his cars and his real estate portfolio?
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    Do you share his view of gay people?

    If not, why are you promoting this?

    Scientology also does not tell people what really goes on in their secret literature. Exes have had to educate themselves as to Hubbard's actual writings. I suggest you consider reading more of the unexpurgated Mr. Li.
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    I used to have an anger problem, but look how falun gong meditation helped me!

    (/British sarcasm)
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    that wasn't an anger problem, i was just saying the same thing as you with your attitude. The door swings both ways here. You wanna remember that.
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    I am not promoting anything, I just feel sorry for the abuse his followers are recieving in their own country and also in russia, I am not saying the abuse doesn't go on anywhere else either, it may do, although it doesn't in my country. We wouldn't adhere to that.
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    That may well be, but it my case i have concrete evidence that stood up in a court of law. So what I experienced was the real McCoy. I've still got the implants, shown on Xray via my tooth technician. So I'm not making any shit up. but that's another story.
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    It helps me usually but no one's perfect yknow.
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    So besides Falun gong, what other belief's or faith's do you suppose to be the same as scientology?
    Because I will let you know that the Catholics aren't so innocent either. Priests are getting arrested for child abuse all the time and I don't see any of protesting about that.
  25. Can you even try and be nice
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  26. Whats your problem?
    You should watch your mouth
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    Falun Gong knows it's shits. This must be a troll or low level convict. I doubt if they are stupid enough to stick their pennis into a hornet’s nests. Wikipedia are full of FG's and they know better.
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    Thanks, that gave me quite a laugh!

    Lord no! This is WWP.

    You should watch yours, you might see some alien implants!

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  30. This will help
  31. Malory Member

    Did you enjoy the anal probing?
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    You think Scientology would even mention Falun Gong on their site? Its bad business to advertise your competitors. Do think Pepsi calls itself "Coke with a Blue Can"? Make no mistake my friend, it is a business, and people searching for meaning are their market.

    Stood up in a court of law? Awesome! I'm sure you would be happy to provide the docket number then? Photos of these implants would be useful as well.... Or are we supposed to just take your word for it?

    Any belief system that restricts its supplicant's access to truth. Any organization that demands or requires money in exchange for spiritual guidance. Any organization or belief system that forbids, suppresses, and/or punishes dissent, doubt, or skepticism.

    Notice I said nothing about the content of the belief itself. No one here cares if you, or a Scilon believes in aliens, marshmellow fairies, the Illuminati, or underpants gnomes. We are not protesting a belief system, we are protesting a corporate, profit-driven, cult masquerading as a legitimate religion as a result of blackmail.
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  33. But we reserve the right to point at you and laugh till we puke if you do.
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    obama laffs.gif
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  36. There's a bunch of misunderstandings and misinformation about Falun Gong...

    Some people might say Falun Gong is anti-gay, and I understand where that view might come from, but it's not really the case. In traditional chinese thought, there is a concept called "xiu lian" or cultivation. Basically this refers to the concept of cultivating your mind and body through meditation and losing attachments and cultivating your compassion, etc.. This allows one to transcend the laws of this physical implemented universe, the laws that apply to regular non cultivating individuals... This concept is pretty much viable for almost all spiritual beliefs, whether it be Buddhism or Daoism, or other Western beliefs...

    Homosexuality in Falun Gong is just a "no-no" if you want to cultivate... But if you want to cultivate, you're supposed to let go of lustful attachments anyway... They are considered "dirty" attachments that keep one's soul down, whether it's watching pornography or entertaining pornographic thoughts... It's the same thing in regular Buddhism or Daoism, I mean the Dalai Lama doesnt support homosexuality either for his followers. Falun Gong will never interfere in the lives of others, in the sense that if they dont want to cultivate, they dont want to... Theyll never attack homosexuals like some christians do, they simply dont care. Falun Gong is not a philosophy that is that much focused on conversion.

    As for the mixing of races, that's just a huge misinterpretation... A whole lot of Falun Gong couples are mixed couples, so it wouldn't make any sense...

    There's also the small parts where aliens are mentioned... Yes Falun Gong practitioners do believe aliens exist, but they believe they have malevolent intentions and that we shouldnt seek them out, as opposed to what scientology wants...

    Falun Gong teachings are really holistic in nature and most of it will be pretty familiar to anyone who has studied Buddhism or Daoism. Once in a while, there are some parts that are not really that important in the Falun Gong cosmology that get out (since it's all public anyway...) , like small sentences about homosexuality or aliens.. and I get why people might think it's weird... But it's such a minor part and although theyre not really important they do have their logical explanations in the larger holistic nature of the teachings.

    But for those who dont want to read all of it or try to understand, trust me when I say Falun Gong is harmless. It won't hurt a fly. They do protest the chinese government a lot, but that is pretty legitimate considering the treatment they get from them, and that's an understatement.

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to respond!

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    - The organization is vehemently opposed to homosexuality and premarital sex

    - endorses traditional Chinese medicine, its adherents claiming that the techniques they teach are a replacement for evidence-based medicine claiming that sickness is the result of past-life transgressions

    - Falun Gong holds ancient Chinese knowledge to be a superior ontological system than Western science

    - The founder of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, claims to have miraculous powers. He claims that he is the savior of humanity, who has come to the earth to "rectify" the way and prevent "true" spiritual teachings from being lost

    - Li Hongzhi maintains that interracial relationships are a sign of the Dharma ending period and that race divisions continue to exist in the afterlife, that people of different skin colors go to different heavens, and that as a result interracial children cannot go to heaven without the personal intervention of Li Hongzhi.[
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  38. It's not opposed to it, however practitioners cannot engage in it if they want to cultivate... Which is pretty much standard in any spiritual practice....

    It's a practice from the buddhist school, so of course it believes in karma and past life transgressions...
    However, it's not true that it advises sick people to not go to the hospital... It's not a replacement for evidence-based medicine, that is not true.

    True, I also think Chinese Medicine is much more holistic than Western Medicine, which is quite effective but has its limits since it is symptom-based and not a holistic system.

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    Finally. A harmless anti-rationalist, authoritarian cult. Now that is what I've been looking for.
  40. That said, Li Hongzhi takes great pains not to become the focus of a 'cult of personality'. He actually tells people not to worship him in any way or engage in any kind of rituals, or give him any kind of payments or gifts... I see him as a benevolent spiritual leader.

    The fact that the above says that he claims miraculous powers is more of a deduction based on what he does and how he explains his mission. He never said "I have miraculous powers.."

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