Humanists working against CoS in Malmö

Discussion in 'Prosjekt Chanology' started by Hombre, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Re: Humanists working against CoS in Malmö

    Looks like they've updated their home-page at least.. lol. still has a picture of their old address.

    You still have to wonder if they own (or are renting) the whole building down in Arlöv? If they are, it's ridiculously over-dimensioned for an org that only has 50-60 members at most.

    OTOH, it wouldn't exactly be the first time Scientology bought an over-dimensioned building and made a big PR fuss about it.

    The way Miscaviage views it: Get more buildings and they'll fill themselves.
    The way I see it: That's more empty rooms that won't pay their own taxes.
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    Re: Humanists working against CoS in Malmö

    They bought it för 50 million Swedish kronor. I don't know if the Swedish scilons have that kind of money, so they probably got part of that money from donors and (probably) IAS.

    Lings here and here
  4. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: Humanists working against CoS in Malmö

    Bra grävt, Skwee! Hade inte sett.

    There's simply no effing way the CoS in Malmö or Sweden has that kind of money. Recall that the Stockholm org has been evicted twice for unpaid rents in the last decade. Gothenburg's moved too. They seem to be consistently late with their bills, and behind on their taxes.

    With Peter Gröhn and the Malmö idiots being the only CoS org in Sweden who still seems to give a crap about trying to recruit, I'm guessing CoS management is trying to reward them for not sucking quite as bad as everyone else.

    'informationschef' Stig Andersson, förresten:

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