Hurricane season 2017

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    Eye of the storm over Rockport Tx with 140 mph gusts. You can see lightposts and cars wobbling. Maybe some transformers asplode because the flashes don't look like lightening. I assume the people filming this will gtfo before the backside of the eye hits.

    Stay safe Texans!
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    View out the window of a NOAA plane flying into the hurricane to collect data. Harvey is potentially the most dangerous hurricane to his the US in over ten years.
  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    3 headlines the White House hopes you'll miss as Hurricane Harvey hits
    Trump has the habit of dumping news on Friday's to cover what ever disaster he doesn't want us to see.
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    This by Larson gives a blow by blow (ha! Pun!)
  5. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder if the Republicans in Texas will refuse federal assistance money.
    After all, it will add to the national deficit and "Texans are self-sufficient".
    The same lame arguments can be made against this assistance as with the Republican opposition to single payer healthcare.
    Except the Federal government in the U.S. already has two single payer systems in place, one for people 65 years of age and older, Medicare, and one for retired military, Tricare. Corporate insurance companies don't like the higher payouts for these demographic groups. You can see what interests the Republicans cater to.
    It's estimated that only 15% of the homes have flood insurance.
  7. The Internet Member

    Should people bother rebuilding? Global warming is expected to make these events more frequent.

  8. They must have somewhere to live, and of the don't what is the alternative?
  9. The Internet Member

    Maybe build more like this:

    Alternately, build something cheap using biodegradable materials that can be destroyed and rebuilt without too much cost. Like a hut on stilts with woven bamboo walls and a thatched roof. Beside that create a flood proof storm proof shed where you can stash everything you don't want to lose when a hurricane is coming. And plan to gtfo before the storm hits.
  10. That's a good solution but not one that might be suitable for every pocket.
    Perhaps Trump could dip into his personal billions and assist those in Texas who cannot afford to rebuild.
    A goodwill gesture from that bigoted orange waste of space would be helpful.
  11. Bamboo is under utilised in the western world and it's time more research and development into its use in structural engineering is explored. It's cheap and sustainable too and one of the strongest natural resources available.
    Time to apply it to more use than as food for pandas and room dividers.
  12. The Internet Member

    Houston is under water.
  13. [IMG]

  14. "
    A hawk became an unlikely sidekick to a Texas cab driver after seeking refuge inside the man’s vehicle and apparently refusing to leave.

    Houston driver William Bruso said he was stocking up on supplies on Friday ahead of Hurricane Harvey when he returned to find the bird sitting on his passenger seat.

    “He looks like he’s scared. He doesn’t know what’s going on,” Bruso narrates in one of 10 YouTube videos documenting the bird’s surprise visit. “He just kind of hopped on in and doesn’t want to leave. I’m not sure what to make of it.”

    Bruso said he tried to shoo the hawk away, to no avail. Videos later showed the animal perched on the door of his parked car, still refusing to fly away. Bruso eventually took the bird inside and gave it chicken hearts to snack on."

  15. The Internet Member

    Homeowner used an ax to cut a hole in his roof to escape his flooded house. Looks like some pretty nice houses and cars are going to be severely damaged.
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hurricane Harvey

    By Mike Rinder


    Our thoughts are with those in South Texas, hoping they are dry and safe. We have a lot of friends in those parts from Ray Jeffrey and his co-counsel to Mike Laws and plenty of others in between. I hope the Rathbun’s weathered this storm OK as they were in the most vulnerable location of all and I do not wish ill on anyone – only that they stop abusing others.

    That being said, of course scientology is busy as little beavers collecting money and activating their VM’s.

    I have written many blog posts in the past about scientology’s disaster capitalism — using disasters as a way to milk money from the sheeple.

    This time I want to focus on a different aspect.

    David Miscavige has repeatedly claimed the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are “the largest private relief force on earth.” On their official website they claim they are “over 200,000 strong”…

    Yet the only thing they actually appear to DO is pose for photos and videos — usually one or two people or a handful at most. With 200,000 VMs in the world, it would mean AT LEAST 100,000 of them are in the US. That is a VERY conservative estimate as the total number of scientologists in the world is biased MUCH in favor of the US.

    And of course, the IAS has billions of dollars. They can afford to fly in VMs from all over the US, buy massive quantities of whatever supplies are needed, even recompense people for missing time from work. It would not make a dent in their “war” chest.

    And, there is an Ideal Org in Dallas and another “soon to be ideal” org in Austin.

    With all of this, you should be expecting to see TV and print media coverage featuring the VMs in their yellow shirts helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

    Not so fast…

    Here is what is going out to the scientology world — just a few examples of the urgent pleas that have hit the airwaves.

    Screenshot-1273.png?resize=807%2C845.png Screenshot-1274.png?resize=807%2C703.png

    Our old buddy Colin is one of the first out of the blocks with a plea to scientologists (and non-scientologists) from all over the US to make their way to South Texas.

    It will be interesting to see how many of the 100,000 show up.

    Well, apparently 1,000 are expected…

    And Austin Org has been “picked” as the home base for the VM’s. Isn’t that astounding… There is no org in Corpus Christi. Nor San Antonio. Not even Houston. The only other org in all of Texas is in Dallas and that is a ways further north.

    What I am REALLY interested in is this last statement: “Let’s show the world how we as Scientologists are on the front lines taking responsibility for our area!”

    Yes, as part of the world I am waiting to see you all on the front lines there. It is going to be an interesting test how close you come to 1,000 (only 1%) VM’s showing up. After all, according to Kenya Smith this is one of the most destructive hurricanes in US history… DAMAGE IS NOT GOING TO BE MINOR!!!!

    Apparently, the IAS is even chartering planes. Which means they are probably rounding up staff from Los Angeles and flying them out so they can get their best video footage.
    Clearly, they are trying to make a big splash (chartering planes is a VERY unusual step) to try and do something to help their horrendous PR. I think Scientology sees Hurricane Harvey as a timely opportunity to try to get some positive PR “look at all the great work we do and these nasty bigots are attacking us.”
    So, with all this in play:
    • Virtually unlimited resources of the IAS and chartered flights from Los Angeles
    • 200,000 VMs in the world — at least half of them in the US
    • A booming Ideal Org in Dallas and a booming soon to be ideal org in Austin
    • Urgent calls to all scientologists to show up at once
    • A desperate need for scientology to do SOMETHING about their horrendous PR
    • And one of the worst natural disasters in US history…
    There should be a MASSIVE showing of VM power and effectiveness appearing on the scene in South Texas.

    I shall be on the lookout for evidence of how many VMs show up. It will be an excellent measure of how many VM’s there REALLY are. Everything is in place for scientology to demonstrate in the real world just how effective they are.

    Hopefully they will use this challenge as another incentive to round up more people to get there just to prove my prediction wrong: because I don’t think they can muster 100 people from the entire United States to show up (they can order a bunch of LA staff to go — but if they are in photos they will be identified). You can be certain that the MAXIMUM number of people they can get there WILL be photographed and will be used in promotional items to collect more money.

    Here you go scientology. Your chance to prove the doubters wrong.

    Or once again demonstrate that everything you say about your great humanitarian work is just hot air.

    PS: Love the promotion of this blog on the van.


    And here we have the cult's first press release about it:

    Churches of Scientology Respond to Hurricane Harvey


    When Hurricane Harvey hit land in Corpus Christi, Texas, Friday, Aug. 25, 130 miles-per-hour winds felled trees and blew roofs off homes and businesses. The storm has left some 300,000 residents without power and flooded or damaged tens of thousands of homes. The President has signed a federal disaster declaration.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency has prepared thousands of gallons of drinking water, sandbags and other emergency supplies. Those evacuated from coastal towns headed inland toward Austin and Dallas where shelters are set up.

    The Scientology Volunteer Ministers' network is calling for volunteers across the U.S. to deploy to Texas on a right-now basis.

    Volunteer Ministers are trained in unique technology to organize disaster response and bring calm and mental and spiritual relief. The team will assist with whatever is needed to help those affected get back on their feet. Volunteers of all faiths are welcome to participate.

    Anyone wishing to help should contact the International Scientology Volunteer Ministers' Headquarters in Los Angeles...

    Continued at
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  17. The storm is going strength again. Maybe they can parachute in.
  19. Old but Relevant news

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  20. The Internet Member

    Some areas around Houston are expected to remain flooded for a couple of months.

    Two explosions at a flooded chemical factory that lost power to cooling systems. More explosions expected because they can't easily cool the stored chemicals right now.
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Texas Republicans Helped Chemical Plant That Exploded Lobby Against Safety Rules

    The French company that says its Houston-area chemical plant is spewing "noxious" smoke — and may explode — successfully pressed federal regulators to delay new regulations designed to improve safety procedures at chemical plants, according to federal records reviewed by International Business Times. The rules, which were set to go into effect this year, were halted by the Trump administration after a furious lobbying campaign by plant owner Arkema and its affiliated trade association, the American Chemistry Council, which represents a chemical industry that has poured tens of millions of dollars into federal elections. The effort to stop the chemical plant safety rules was backed by top Texas Republican lawmakers, who have received big campaign donations from chemical industry donors.

    Koch brothers and Saudi oil execs lobbied Trump to remove chemical plant safety rules

    Burning Texas Plant Was Just Fined for Mishandling ‘Explosive Chemicals’

    The disaster unfolding outside of Houston was known to OSHA and EPA officials. And Texas’ governor played a role in keeping the chemicals there secret.

    Questions about possible dangers remain after explosions at Arkema chemical plant

    CBS News asked the company to provide a list of chemicals at the plant. They said they would. Yet, after 11 follow-up phone calls Thursday, Arkema never provided that list.

    More fires expected after blast at Arkema's flooded Texas plant
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    "Pops" at flooded Arkema plant in Crosby | Houston Chronicle


    Pressure valves on one or more containers of volatile organic peroxides "popped" late Thursday at the flooded Arkema plant in Crosby, according to the company.

    Leaders are on high alert for explosions like the ones that shot plumes of smoke into the air and caused an hours-long fire at the chemical plant early Thursday.

    "You could call this a warning sign that more explosions or fires could be coming soon," said Jeff Carr, Arkema spokesperson.

    Darryl Roberts, a safety official with the company, said the company expected additional fires to take place in a matter of days.

    Continued at

    Arkema backtracks, refuses to provide chemical inventory to the public | Houston Chronicle


    Arkema, the company that owns the chemical plant in Crosby on the verge of more explosions, is refusing to provide a chemical inventory and facility map to the public, one day after promising to provide the information.

    Speaking to reporters this morning, Arkema CEO Richard Rowe said the company was balancing "the public's right to know and the public's right to be secure."

    Late Thursday night, the company provided a list, detailing the names of the chemicals on the site. It did not provide the amounts of the chemicals, where those chemicals were located or in what types of containers the chemicals were stored in.

    It also refused to specify where even more potentially dangerous chemicals are located on site.

    Melissa Wren, a company spokesperson, said the company was advised by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to refer all requests for the detailed chemical inventory, called a Tier Two, to the state agency.

    "She's mistaken," said Andrea Morrow, spokesperson for TCEQ. "TCEQ has told Arkema they are free to release the Tier Two if they so choose."

    Morrow said if someone requests the Tier Two from TCEQ, it will have to be through a formal public information request and it would be sent to the Texas Attorney General's Office.

    That office, under Greg Abbott and now Ken Paxton, has blocked inventories from the public citing a state law that restricts information that might be useful to terrorists.

    The Texas Homeland Security Act, passed in 2003, made government information confidential if it could be used to plot terror attacks. For more than a decade, the law was never invoked to block release of chemical inventories. The state reversed course after widespread media interest in the data following the 2013 explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas.

    Then-Attorney General Abbott, quoting the 2003 law, issued a ruling that allows state and local agencies to withhold inventories.

    Continued at
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's another cult press release. Quote:

    Scientology Volunteer Ministers Help at Lakewood Church Shelter

    With more than a million displaced by Hurricane Harvey, Scientology Volunteer Ministers are providing relief and solace in shelters.

    A team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has been helping those taking refuge in Houston's Lakewood Church.

    Imagine waking up in a flooded house with no time to grab supplies before leaving to seek shelter. Of the more than a million people displaced by Hurricane Harvey, many are without clothes and the most basic necessities.

    Flying in from around the country, volunteers report that the situation is even more devastating than they thought before they arrived in Texas. Several hundred Scientology Volunteer Ministers are in Houston and Rockport with more on the way. But the magnitude of this disaster is enormous and far more help is needed.

    The International Volunteer Ministers Headquarters in Los Angeles has put out a call to arms for VMs to help with the disaster. Volunteers will work with teams of trained disaster response personnel:
    • Distributing water, food, clothing and basic medical supplies and materials
    • Providing care to displaced residents and evacuees in shelters
    • Helping people cope through Scientology assiststechniques developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard that address the emotional and mental factors in stress and trauma
    • Helping people to get back into their homes and get their lives back in order
    Those who qualify will be provided free transportation to the site, food and accommodations.

    Hurricane Harvey is expected to affect 13 million people in Texas and Louisiana and drive some 30,000 into shelters. If you can help, contact...

    Continued at
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    New evacuation orders go out today.
    First responders lost their homes while helping others
  29. The Internet Member

    Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane season peaks Sept 10th then gets better after that.
  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology ‘Volunteer Ministers’ ecstatic to have so many disasters to choose from

    Texas isn’t the only beneficiary of Scientology’s photo-opportunity teams parachuting in for the public relations possibilities. We received this report from the sharp photographer who earlier captured scenes outside the Valley Ideal Org (which led to one of our better recent stories), and who this time was on the scene in Burbank, site of the largest brush fire in Los Angeles County history.

    Continued at
  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    And yet another cult press release. Quote:

    Scientology Volunteer Ministers: On the Ground in Rockport, Texas

    A veteran Scientology Volunteer Minister talks about what it is like on the ground in Rockport, Texas. So much more help is needed.

    Arriving in Rockport at 4 in the morning Aug. 29, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers and Los Topos (the Moles), the famous Mexican search and rescue team, caught a few hours sleep and immediately got to work.

    "There was a homeowner who had stayed at another place for the storm and came back to a broken house," said Chad, one of the Volunteer Ministers (VMs). "He was overwhelmed with the amount of work needing to be done. So we took all the debris and trees from his yard and repaired his roof. His wife was very emotional—crying with joy about how much work we did in just three short hours." The destruction included a hole where a piece of wood was thrust horizontally through the outside wall by 130 mph winds.

    While they were taking care of that house, the person directing Texas Scientology Volunteer Ministers actions met with the Rockport Fire Department to let them know the team was there and to find out what needed to be done.

    "She handed us an address of a fire department volunteer who'd been living and helping at the fire station since the storm began," he said. The man, who had not yet returned home, was afraid of what he would find there. "We did an extremely thorough job of cleaning up everything we could, as he completely deserved our help." That meant hours of chainsawing—there were fallen trees and wood everywhere.

    Several houses later with a quick trip to Corpus Christi in between for supplies, it was too dark to carry on. By then it was 9 p.m. There was a trailer for the Topos to stay in. "I got the key, unloaded our luggage and we were finally able to unpack and shower."

    Continued at
    He turned people away for 4 days because it was "unsafe"

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