Hurricane season 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Aug 25, 2017.

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    As a Weary Texas Seeks Solace, Governor Says Property Damage May Exceed Katrina
    Trump is tying the relief funds to something divisive for Republicans- the federal debt ceiling. He'll try using popular flood relief to squeeze the debt ceailgng thru. When fiscal conservatives vote it down they'll look bad and Trump can get grumpy. It's a PR win but a horrible thing to do to Americans. But I suppose that can be said of everything Trump has done.
    Hurricane Irma strengthens; Florida and Puerto Rico prepare shtml/042347.shtml
  3. Twitter says she's a category 5, I can't find confirmation.
  4. "Oh my ... Hurricane #Irma just entered "beast mode" ... incredible convection flaring. Satellite estimates now > T 7.0 and Category 5."
  5. "Speaking as someone from the Houston area, I'd only find this fascinating if it were on another planet. #Irma"
  6. [IMG]
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    Maybe people should consider selling their Miami time-share condos.
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    Living in a northern wasteland I look at that and think, I should get my sailboat in the water because go fast!
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    It looks like, at the very least, the storm surge and flooding will hit southern Florida and Louisiana and Mississippi.
    Florida officials begin ordering evacuations as Hurricane Irma intensifies to a Category 5 storm
    They will evacuate people with special needs tomorrow ( I guess that means hospitalized and nursing home people)
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    You know things are bad when the military leaves.
  15. This is from a friend:
    "No flights out available. No water anywhere. No plywood. Gas stations have lines."
    She's not even in the direct path. People who usually stay during a hurricane watched Harvey happen and so are leaving.
  16. Storm Jose is close behind so when do we admit to global warning ,Donnie. Two super we need three before you stop denying?
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    Not to be picky but global warming is evident in the trend toward more severe hurricanes per year over time. We can't really say whether one or a series of three hurricanes in one season is due to planetary warming or not.

    The only reason I make this point: when you argue with deniers they immediately say, "We've had terrible storms in the past. What about storm X or Y back before we got worried about global warming? Stop being hysterical, you stupid Chicken Little."

    Unless we've entered some crazy phase of warming it is likely that we will still have colder years when the hurricanes aren't so bad.
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    I look and think .. Hurricane Hazel started as a Cat 4, and killed 81 people in the Toronto area.
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    Well I did get some sweet rides out of the tail end of Hurricane Ida. A little like dis:

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    Wednesday: Hurricane Irma's track shifts east after making landfall in Caribbean as Category 5 | Tampa Bay Times


    In Florida, people stocked up on drinking water and other supplies.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott activated 100 members of the Florida National Guard to be deployed across the state, and 7,000 National Guard members were to report for duty Friday when the storm could be approaching the area. On Monday, Scott declared a state of emergency in all of Florida's 67 counties.

    Officials in the Florida Keys geared up to get tourists and residents out of Irma's path, and the mayor of Miami-Dade county said people should be prepared to evacuate Miami Beach and most of the county's coastal areas.

    Mayor Carlos Gimenez said the voluntary evacuations could begin as soon as Wednesday evening. He activated the emergency operation center and urged residents to have three days' worth of food and water.

    The storm seemed almost certain to hit the United States by early next week.

    "You'd be hard-pressed to find any model that doesn't have some impact on Florida." said University of Miami senior hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy.

    More at
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    Yikes. Reminds me of nuclear blast scenes.
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    It would be cool to hear from Florida anons. Maybe some still stop by from time to time, like Budd and AMA and others. I'm thinking now would be a good time to GTFO. A pre-and post-hurricane check-in would be nice.

    8 ft storm surges seen with Irma. So Clearwater might look like this:

    Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 6.13.04 PM.jpg

    It would take about a 40 foot rise to sink the Ft Harrison, in case you were wondering.
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    Hurricane Irma a giant, record-breaking storm | CNN

    CNN meteorologist Tom Sater is tracking Hurricane Irma as it moves through the Caribbean and heads toward Florida.

    Follow Hurricane Irma's path: Live updates | CNN

    Hurricane Irma | The Guardian

    Wednesday: Irma tightens its aim on South Florida | Tampa Bay Times

    Forecasters say the threat of direct hurricane impacts in Florida over the weekend and early next week has increased. Hurricane watches could be issued for portions of the Florida Keys and the Florida peninsula on Thursday.

    This is only the second time since satellites started tracking storms about 40 years ago that one maintained 185 mph winds for more than 24 hours, said Colorado State University meteorology professor Phil Klotzbach. The other was the massive killer typhoon Haiyan that killed more than 6,000 people in the Philippines in 2013.

    Florida rushing to evacuate as Hurricane Irma already blamed for 2 deaths | WPEC

    With Hurricane Irma expected to make landfall as early as Saturday, those in the state of Florida are rushing to evacuate before the record-breaking storm arrives.

    With 185 mile-per-hour winds, the storm is expected to be even more devastating than Hurricane Andrew, the storm that left Florida in tatters over two decades ago.
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    I never realized you were insane. Until now.
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    Jose may get added on too.
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    Eye witnesses on the aftermath of Irma on Barbuda.
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    The latest model of Marcabian Atmospheric Vortex Inducer (MAVI) works satisfactorily. Preparations for the invasion of Earth are on-schedule.

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    Irma increasing threat to Miami as deadly hurricane heads to US | CNN


    Conditions in the Turks and Caicos deteriorated Thursday as deadly and massive Hurricane Irma moved in on the islands -- and continued tracking toward South Florida where it could slam Miami this weekend.

    "It has become more likely that Irma will make landfall in southern Florida as a dangerous major hurricane, and bring life-threatening storm surge and wind impacts to much of the state," the National Hurricane Center said Thursday.

    The hurricane center forecast moved the most likely path of the eye of the storm to the west in its 5 p.m. ET advisory.

    "It looks like it's shifting, even though it may be just 20 miles, it puts Miami right in the worst possible position," CNN meteorologist Tom Sater said.

    "Because when you look at the formidable storm, the strongest winds, the strongest storm surge, the bands of heavy rain are always in that north, northeastern quadrant.

    But Sater cautioned that some models show the storm farther west and some farther east. It is still more than 600 miles from Florida.

    Irma -- a Category 5 storm churning in the Atlantic with 175 mph sustained winds -- killed at least six people a day earlier as it devastated small northeastern Caribbean islands such as Barbuda and left hundreds of thousands of customers in Puerto Rico without power.

    "Regardless of which (Florida) coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate," Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday at a news conference, with forecasters warning the storm could reach South Florida by Sunday.

    Mandatory evacuations have been issued for the Keys and parts of Miami-Dade and Broward counties near the ocean, but Scott said others in Florida need to watch Irma's path and be ready to move.

    "This is not a storm you can sit and wait through," he said. He added later: "You don't have to drive hundreds of miles or leave the state to be safe. Go to shelters."

    Continued at

    St. Pete-Clearwater Airport closing because of Hurricane Irma | Tampa Bay Business Journal

    "As a result of Pinellas County's mandatory evacuation order of Flood Zone A, the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport will close Friday, Sept. 8 at 11:00 a.m. until further notice. Please contact airlines directly for information regarding cancellations and resumption of service. Notice will be given when the evacuation order is lifted and the airport reopens."

    Pinellas County Issues Mandatory Evacuation Order Ahead Of Irma | Clearwater Patch

    As Hurricane Irma nears Florida, Pinellas County is putting a mandatory evacuation into place starting Friday morning.


    As Hurricane Irma continues to threaten the Tampa Bay area, Pinellas County has issued a mandatory evacuation order for people in low-lying areas and mobile homes. The order goes into place at 6 a.m. Friday, Sept. 8. The county has also declared a local state of emergency ahead of the storm’s arrival in the Sunshine State.

    As of Thursday, the county’s evacuation order affected only those in the Level A evacuation zones. Those are people in coastal areas and residents who live in mobile homes. “Additional evacuations up to Level C may be ordered to start on Saturday,” an email from the county said. “Levels B and C may leave at residents’ choice prior to the order.”

    Residents in Level A zones and mobile homes have from 6 a.m. Friday through 8 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 10 to leave their homes, the county said.

    Continued at
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