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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by LarryBren, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. LarryBren Member

    Earlier this week I gave a deposition for a case in California and was deposed by the attorney for the other side.

    I cannot yet go into what this case is but I will be able to soon.

    According to the attorney deposing me, I am a member of the hate group “Anonymous” (if not in fact the leader of Anonymous). To “prove this” the attorney showed some posts I made from “whyweprotest” showing my avatar wearing a Guy Fawkes mask as well as two pictures of me: 1) one which I put on here showing me in a Volunteer SP T-shirt and a Guy Fawkes mask; 2) one with me with a bunch of Anons where I was giving a speech on the Commons in Boston during “Operation Reconnect” in April 2008. Of interest, I have almost an identical picture of that on my blog and I was the only one in that picture NOT wearing a mask.

    When questioned I explained that Anonymous is not a group and that it has no leaders. I said that in my opinion anyone who goes on the internet without identifying themselves is Anonymous. I told him that in my email and some screen names I identify myself as me and if he has ones not identifying himself then it is he who is Anonymous and not me. (I don’t think he liked finding out that it was he and not me that was part of what he considered to be a “hate group”).

    I also explained how that part of Anonymous people who helped expose and fight the horrible abuses of organized scientology is but a tiny fraction of all who are Anonymous on the internet. I said that if you had a circle with a three foot diameter that represented all of Anonymous, that part of Anonymous that spoke out about organized scientology would be but a tiny dot within the circle.

    I was asked if I attended protests where Anonymous was present on the subject of organized scientology and I said I was in fact proud to have been at the first such worldwide protest in February 2008 and in many more as well as speaking at some. I pointed out that not only were none of the people there part of a hate group but rather they were exposing crimes and/or horrible abuses carried out by and in the name of organized scientology. I said I was proud of probably being the first ex scientologist to publicly and broadly support what Anonymous was doing:

    He asked why so many of them wore masks and implied that that meant they were criminals and I pointed out how so many were afraid of fair game by organized scientology and gave examples of where they had reason to be afraid as organized scientology tries to get them prosecuted for false and trumped up charges just to get them to stop exposing organized scientology for their fraud and abuses.

    The depo was mostly about trying to attack my credibility as an expert witness for the other side and it did not go into what I really would be testifying about. That comes shortly in the hearing. Not a big deal and can be talked about shortly.

    By the way, I met and spoke with my ethics officers Tory Christman and Nancy Many this week and in order to “balance the flow” and make up for the “damage” I have committed to organized scientology I would like to do two things:

    1.Personally invite you all to the L Ron Hubbard centennial birthday celebration this weekend (masks and signs optional):[/IMG]

    And 2. As the newest informal “Flag Service Consultant”, I invite you all to “the Friendliest Place on Earth”:

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  2. 3rdMan Member

    Thanks for standing up for us, LB.
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  3. WMAnon Member

    <3 Larry!
  4. anonakatie Member

    Thanks for all you do Larry; we wear your SP shirts proudly here.
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  5. AnonLover Member

    Nicely done Larry, sounds like u had lulz in that depo! cant wait to hear more!!
  6. RightOn Member


    Thanks for posting Larry
  7. Anonymous Member

    Way to go larry.
  8. hushpuppy Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, Larry!

  10. greebly Member

    Thankyou Larry.

    I find this kind of attitude ridiculous to this day. It seems as though all forms of protesting or speaking out should be made with an ID and address badge around your neck. It is though it has never happened before over the last 200+ years.

    If people ask my name when protesting I happily give them it, all authorities of importance are fully aware of my identity. Anyone with half a brain and a spare 3 months on thier hands could figure out most peoples idenity.

    The thing that matters is the issue being protested or exposed. The person making that statement is irrelevant therefore being anonymous or not is irrelevant.

    It is fear and worry that stiffles people's voices and in some countries that has gone on for decades sadly, as current events have shown.

    The person questioning the statement can also be anonymous if they wish so as to avoid deflecting from the actual message, facts or material in question.

    If that person breaks a law then report it and the authorities that are aware can find out.

    Again the message is the key factor here, what seems to happen is people use this word "hate" so liberally when they should focus on the actual facts and event in question relating to that individual.

    Do folks really think 1000s of people spend their time and money on these issues lasting over 3 years if their wasn't something else other than just "lulz" and so called "hate". Perhaps they acutally care and it has hit a nerve close to thier hearts. Perhaps they too experienced similar stories from friends, colleagues or relatives.

    Why don't we create a disclaimer for each person that if they wish to know that person's identity then no ramfications/beatings/phonecalls/intimidation/loss of jobs etc. should happen after the fact. They sign it and if any occur with evidence, then that person is then liable:)

    You have a statement to make? back it up with evidence or documents.

    You wish to defend a counter statement? back it up with evidence or documents.

    Wether or not that person wheres a mask or not on that particular day.

    Nice to see you well Larry and apologies to folk for being away due to personal reasons, thankyou for the messages btw it means alot, as people do actually care you know, even before partying.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Well from the sound of it, it seems more or less just standard lawyer-court bullshit. Whatever the details are about the court, it sounds like this lawyer was trying to convince someone that Anonymous was a hate group, and the questioning sounded pretty standard. Talk about failure, though. Scientology tried and McKee Stovall tried; and Anonymous laughed the entire trip.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, Larry.
  13. the anti Member

    now the question is, when and where are THEY going to have their event? so it can be crashed. i think it will be next week at the shrine but i have nothing solid saying so
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Dear Glorious Interweb Lawyers,

    LarryBren is my leader. He brainwashes me with episodes of Friends and a plate of cookies. He forces me to drink Jesus "Welch's" juice and forced me to type non-sensetical letters to the AARP in regards to Snoopy Snoopy Poop Dog and backwards hats. Please, for the love of Xenu, persecute this man to the fullest extend of the law.


    Billy the Troll
  15. Irate Member

    This is the first thread today that i read that actually meant something.
    Keep up the good work.

    Also if possible more info on how or why they traced you.
  16. Kilia Member

    Hiya Larry..great job defending Anons..however I don't understand this. Isn't Tory Christman out of the cult??
    (color me confused)
  17. Anonymous Member

    <Green, Yellow, hues of Violet>
  18. anonamus Member

    Kilia, I would think there's a good portion of sarcasm in that statement.
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  19. Orson Member

    Well done.
  20. Kilia Member

    Slow on the uptake here today.
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  21. LarryBren Member

    Tory is definitely way out of the cult. I refer to Tory and Nancy as my "ethics officers" in humor. I consider them my dear sisters just as I consider a few femanons with whom I have worked as my dear daughters:)

    I have pictures of Tory and I doing raids at different scientology locations and have them up on photobucket but for the life of me I cannot get them to show on here like I could before. I even have one showing Tory the old "secret" special unit building and was pointing to Marty Rathbun's old office when he worked for me as Special Unit Litigation IC. I just can't figure out how to show it. I know I am a technical retard as others show theirs here but oh well.

    So here is a link to Tory and I chatting just after out little mini raid:
    As you can see, she is definitely out:)
  22. DeathHamster Member

  23. LarryBren Member

    Thank you all for the good wishes and kind words!!!w/<3!!! And welcome back greebly, I'm glad you are OK. I'll report in on this after the hearings within a few weeks.
  24. the anti Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    <3 and thanks Larry!

    But have to ask - "He asked why so many of them wore masks and implied that that meant they were criminals" - What fucking century is he from?! Fucking LOL!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Why are you posting a pic of the Mods ITT?! I'm confused!
  27. Linxis° Member

    Out smarting people = pro.
    Larry = pro.
    Great job Larry :)
  28. Sponge Member

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  29. the anti Member

  30. Kilia Member

    Thank you for clarifying my senility here. Love ya! ;-)
  31. LarryBren Member

    Awww shucks, thanks:) BTW I love your faery avatar! I write faery poetry for children and anyone who likes it. Here is a link to a simple blog I have where one of my early poems "Birth of a Faery" is listed. It was written from the perspective of the mother faery to celebrate and rejoice in the birth of my daughter in 1983:

    The blog then goes on to list ten of my favorite things in life, each represented by one or more pictures of my daughter. A couple of them even have me wearing my old "Commander's" uniform in scientology's pretend navy while being with my daughter.

    So that is some faery love right back at you:)
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  32. Linxis° Member

    Your daughter is very cute and good thing you are grateful to have her.
    These pictures were taken some time ago.... those were good times :)
  33. Kilia Member

    Thanks for the link..will go read momentarily. The faery you see in my Avatar was made by me using a 3D graphics program called "Poser". I have others as well..but most of my poser art can be seen at, under my artist name of "Ardiva".
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  34. LocalSP Member

  35. Kilia Member

    Thank you LocalISP.
  36. LarryBren Member

  37. Smurf Member

  38. LarryBren Member

    Thanks, yes she was a beautiful child and is now a beautiful woman both inside and out. The poem respresents how I felt at her birth (a home birth with a midwife and it was actually in our room at the Complex - the big blue scientology building). And to think I was threatened by organized scientology to disconnect from her and leave her homeless when she fled staff some 10 years ago. I of course did not and that is the hardest thing for me to forgive them for trying to hurt her.
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  39. Kilia Member

    Thank you Larry. Most of my art is created for hitting the "next" button on the link I gave, you will see more.
    Anyways..back on topic! ;-)

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