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  1. I really do, prove me wrong, I am a leftist socialist not a right wing gun owner.

    Wokeness has destroyed my favorite things: The Witcher, Lord Of The Rings, Marvel and DC Comics
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  2. There have been too many people killed all over world with mass killings . USA second right bare arms does mean kill children and old people or if you have different skin because far right neo Nazis .
    March for lives are correct when you have far right trying say sandy hook never happened . Like Alex Jones and other Dangerous nut cases General Michael Flinn and Qanons . 2023 is year 20 years of Anonymous but many of us have been around alot longer then 2003 we All use name Anonymous now sisters Ladies used Anonymiss 2003 many bigger world networks where involved Protests and Demonstrations against Iraq war Also Apartheid Movement against Palestine people also many Hacker groups where all part off Anonymous as some younger people joined Anonymous not everyone around world was on 4 Chan's . In 2023 what #ops will happen maybe ,#op Russia , op corruption in Ukraine , Op Myanmar , Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Kuwaiti, Qatar, Peru #op FIFA and have worldwide Raids against Scientology and other Cults I sure many off you think alot more let's make Anonymous year too Remember let's all try help organise Million Masks March, # op safe winter which can be heard get correct people in . Happy late new year
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