I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it's annoying. What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BlackRob, Sep 9, 2012.

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    What the fuck? You came to LA without having proper accommodations for your 6 year old! FUCK YOU. Your child should be taken away from you. Taking her from stranger's house to stranger's house is no way of treating her. You're a fucking horrible mother. That poor girl that you're dragging around and putting in harm's way. She needs real parents. You opted to waste all that fucking money on 'going clear' instead of taking care of your baby you awful, horrible parent.
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    ^^^ Yup, pretty frikken sad, seems like the kids of those who struggling through the Hubbard mindfuck nearly always end up with some level of neglect. Considering the selfishness of cult in general, their never-ending quest to part people from their evil lucre while delivering nothing of value..... GAH!


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  3. Here's a win *I* want to share with all you blind scientologists:
    One day, I went to the internet and read a lot of stuff I wasn't supposed to read and know about. Little after little the puzzlepieces fell into place, and I could see clearly how I was belured and tricked into believing the Hubbard scam.
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    LOL ^

    Just plain creepy. :p
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  16. hica Dowrey Member

    just follow these simple steps:
    1. stop being a faggot who believes in thetans
    2. enjoy life
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    Free Black Rob. Where has he gone.
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  18. What did I just read? Sorry folks I'm playing catch up. I'm watching Leah's show and came across a sea org member who was shunned by being a lesbian. Grrr.

    This thread is.... ‍♀️ Are all these Scientology people having hallucinations! Why aren't the authorities looking into that alone? Good grief, it sounds psychotic.
  19. This thread is a must-read staple to this forum. I hope BR is OK.

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