I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it's annoying. What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BlackRob, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. "I heard Farrakhan is almost clear."

    "Yeah. Someone kicked the shit out of him."

    This isn't racist, by the way. I have had it certified to that effect.
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  2. I said it before but actors reading these success stories would highlight the insanity of it all a la CELEBRITY AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

  3. RightOn Member

    any mention of The Master?
  4. BlackRob Member

    Nope... Not yet... But i doubt they will talk about it... It would be considered "enthetha", and i am sure nobody is waiting to be sec-checked...
  5. BlackRob Member

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  7. BlackRob Member

    Ponzi alert:

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  8. Internetzin Member

    What a bee-atch, everytime I drive by someone whos been pulled over by popo I feel sorry for them.
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  9. BlackRob Member

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  10. BlackRob Member

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  11. Internetzin Member

    What ya know when life gives her lemons, shes an asshole
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  12. BlackRob Member

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  16. BlackRob Member

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  21. BlackRob Member

  22. anonysamvines Member

    oh oh someone needs a KR and sec check done. Tut tut tut trying to get tech for FREE. Robbing slappy of his hard regged cash indeed Disgraceful!! (we know the one appearing to offer something free is just gonna reg them for something)
    And to think if they weren't such pussies hiding behind net nanny they would know it is out there for free anyway
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  23. anonysamvines Member

    aint it a bitch when that happens? I know exactly what you mean!
    Every time you say church I hear business, when slappy does his sermons I see sales conference
  24. Anonymous Member

    ITT: a lot of fap, but no spoo
  25. BlackRob Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    See those people walking back from the exit? Well, they came to the COS in a car...
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  27. BlackRob Member

  28. BlackRob Member

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  31. Tourniquet Member

    ^Cognitive dissonance, anyone?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    These people have no discerning function available to them. They got brainwashed by the "Learning Drill" and have gone downhill ever since.
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  33. And Hubbard obeyed who?

    Not his teachers.

    Certainly not his naval commanders.

    Or even the Great Beast Aleister himself who told Parsons and his red-headed imp to knock it off with the Babylon stuff.

    Hubbard never submitted to discipline of any kind, I can't imagine why his followers are so hot on giving away their own control to a system created by a lazy dilettante.
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  34. BlackRob Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Well, if you're asking, there are 2 main reasons:
    1. Narcissism + promises of unlimited power = Scientologist
    2. Scientologists ultimately don't care what Hubbard's means were, providing he obtained the ends
  36. I bet he "plays with his pet" a lot.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    The wack is strong in this one^
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  38. grebe Member

    "Three ducks or geese." Maybe her eyes are bad. Or maybe being "aligned with nature" is one of those move-the-furniture-around-in-your-head New Age tricks. MEST details don't come into it.

    And these people want to take over the practice of medicine.
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  39. BlackRob Member

  40. BlackRob Member

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