I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it's annoying. What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BlackRob, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. BlackRob Member

  2. YouSeeNothing Member

    Field reps = internet referral services?

    EDIT: I think this may be important in that it shows the referral services are Scientology and that 85% of the new "students" come from them.

    EDIT: BTW, the translates to roughly $14.5M in wog wampum.
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  3. BlackRob Member

    L. Ron Hubbard on sex:

  4. BlackRob Member

  5. YouSeeNothing Member

    BlackRob, these are great! It's a great view into their day-to-day nuttiness. I still can't get over their infatuation with dictionaries. I wonder if scilons are excellent Scrabble players--though I highly doubt it, since they can rarely string two words together without a typo.
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  6. BlackRob Member

    Oops.... Fixed :). Thx :)
  7. YouSeeNothing Member

    YW. Deleted my reply with it too.
  8. BlackRob Member

    I've posted this one in another thread too, but oh well:

  9. YouSeeNothing Member

    BlackRock, keep an eye out for posts warning scilons to avoid seeing the Master. :)
  10. BlackRob Member

    LOL! Will do! They are not talking about it, but if they do, i will post it up here :)
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  11. Strixcoil Moderator

    I'm sure they cover the sun with a hand and believe there is an eclipse sometimes...
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  12. YouSeeNothing Member

    Are they conditioned to accept happenstance as magic OT powers?
  13. BlackRob Member

    Spamming the internet... Why not? And while you at it, let's flag the 1 star reviews as inappropriate
  14. Strixcoil Moderator

    That would explain the serious amount of shit they post.
    "I was thinking of having a bobby pin, and I found one" or "my mirror is scratched, must be a thetan!"... I mean, good heavens.
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  15. Ersatz Global Moderator

  16. BlackRob Member

    I know most of you don't agree with me posting this, but it's interesting that someone is saying : "Putting out my comm lines to find the ideal man"... That sounds crazy.

    Anyway, if you are around 30 and want to date her and un-brainwash her, just let me know...
    She has a thing for mirrors tho...

    (I Keed, I Keed!)

  17. Yep. And that is one sticky wicket right there. Becausae without the means, the ends are illusory at best.
  18. Eudae Member

    Considering she has a forehead like Rocky Dennis, I might pass.

    What's the name of this group anyway? Can we view them ourselves or do you need to go through paperwork to be accepted?
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. BlackRob Member


    And a month later:


    2 months later (nobody still bought it, so she put it on ebay)


    Guess what? She had to remove it from Ebay LOL. That wasn't very tetha of her!

    So she thought it would stop here? Everyone wants the Basics, right?

    A month later:


    Well, after that she gave up. She even tried to sell her e-meter after that. No luck either.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. BlackRob Member

    It's a closed group, unfortunately :(. You have to be invited by a Scientologist.
  23. Strixcoil Moderator

    It's like the mating call of a bird.
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  24. BlackRob Member

    She is selling her house for a lifetime membership? WTF???

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  25. BlackRob Member

    Selling his house for the Sea Org... Why not?
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  26. YouSeeNothing Member

    OMG. If that's her and her baby in the avatar, this is just sick. The lack of anything resembling the love, caring or wellfare of children in CoS or LRH scripture is destroying the lives of their children. What you've been posting really shows how scilons are the most selfish people in the world. Bridge>Baby. This woman is giving up a home for her family to pay the cult for its BS. Sad.
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  27. BlackRob Member

    Well... Seems like everyone is trying to get rid of their LRH crap... Without luck :(




    Selling bath salts... Why not?



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  28. BlackRob Member

    I know you are trying for 3,5 years... But keep holding on... THE TECH DOES WORK!
  29. Eudae Member

    Can we do anything to actually help these people, or at least their kids? What would even happen to that woman's baby were she to join the Church full time? Scilon day care?

    The 'entheta enturbulates theta' bit earlier, and the numerous "I saw things that made me doubt so I shut it off" posts makes it seem there's no chance, but can any ex members shed some light on this?
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  30. BlackRob Member

    I like. If anyone thinks he/she can help anyone.... Or if someone has an idea, just post it up and i'll see what i can do.
  31. BlackRob Member

  32. BlackRob Member

    Makes perfect sense:
  33. BlackRob Member

  34. Eudae Member

    I can only think of PM'ng them, including a peaceable message you believe is suitable, and linking this: , which might cause them to read the rest of the site, or it might plant a seed of doubt, or they might just close out of it immediately, but anything is better than nothing at this point.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Don't drive angry
  36. BlackRob Member

    I have an better idea: If anyone wants me to write an email to one of the people in the screenshots, just write the message with the screenshot and i'll send it to that person. Cool?
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Sad group of people. Brainwashing at its finest.
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