I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it's annoying. What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by BlackRob, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    I find it hard to believe that hard-core Applied Scholastics schools like Delphian don't slip all that in and call it secular. There was one cookie cutter page where the kid described how she liked to go into session at school.
  2. BlackRob Member

    Good observation about the COB praises. He is indeed becoming the second LRH.
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  3. BlackRob Member

    She is searching for a non-100% Scientology school, but she wants her kids to learn about ARC, the Tone Scale and TRs.
    Well bitch, I've got a surprise for you. That's called a 100% Scientology school.
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  4. Anonymous Member


    Already exists. Scientology Academy. In Orgs.
  5. John P. Member

    It might be useful for you to consider interspersing actual fact and evidence betwixt and between the bombast and unsupported generalities.

    I don't like insurance companies any more than you do; I get pissed off every time I get nickel-and-dimed on a dental insurance claim. But how, exactly are they committing fraud by any specific legal or generally agreed upon moral definition of the term? And if you don't like them, what would you suggest to replace them? What evidence is there that your alternative would be a superior one in terms of either absolute health outcomes or in health outcomes per dollar spent? Please detail how you plan to prevent unintended consequences in your replacement solution. If you can't speak to these questions, you're merely bloviating.

    You might also consider looking at operating margins, return on equity and other financial metrics for health insurers in comparison to other industries. Not a bad business, but not exactly the one I would go into if I had some money and were looking to start a company. So what is it, exactly, that makes the insurance industry uniquely a "money-go-round" versus other industries?

    Incidentally, as far as the insurance companies being "a money-go-round for the 1%," you might be interested to know that the ten largest holders of UNC stock (your example), with just over 38% of the total, are all public mutual fund companies like Fidelity, Vanguard, Wellington, etc. That is typically true of most large-cap stocks in the US, by the way. Public fund operators hold more assets in publicly traded equities than hedge funds. And they service principally corporate pension plans and 401(k)s, which means they are hardly the tool of the 1%. Hedge funds, and even more so, private equity, are the real 1%'ers. But the majority of insurance company market value is owned by public pension funds (i.e., funds you can invest in without being an "accredited investor") whose capital is ultimately supplied by people outside the 1%.

    You will not find me to be a blindly obedient slave of the capitalist system. How many crooked hedge fund operators and crooked CEOs have you helped to put in jail over the course of your career, including either interviewing with the FBI, testifying in court, or both? I have done both. I have also happily turned in crooked traders to the SEC on multiple occasions, resulting in numerous fines and more than a few suspensions. I don't just rail and complain about the system, I actually try to fix it where I can. I'm not arrogant enough to claim I make much of a difference, but I'm not just sitting there complaining about it.
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  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "Look! We're finally 3 feet back of our own heads! IT'S SO THETA!!!"
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  7. Your knowledge and eloquence will no doubt upset many of the 'tards on here.
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  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    As an anarchist, let me just say that you'd better take that back right now, you gay nigger. :mad: :mad:
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  9. s0kpupit Member

    This is a phenomenally true statement.

    Nuance is lost on people looking for 2 party answers, but as I've been guilty of it myself I can't really fault them, because 21st century globalized culture is not biased towards nuance.
  10. Anonymous Member

    It's easier to comprehend a conspiracy than the complex interaction of a variety of systems.
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    She's been wanting an answer since 1987. Just let that sink in for a minute.
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  12. CarterUSP Member

    In that case, how long until COB declares himself to be 'source'? Then he can write all the OT levels and special rundowns he wants in his desperate attempt to squeeze mor money out of the whales?
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  13. Anonymous Member

    He doesn't need to be Source when he can make Source say anything he wants, even if it contradicts what Source previously said.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    DM having his hand up Hubbard's bum would be a turn-about.
  15. Anonymous Member

    You only think Hubbard was cremated.
  16. Ironically she had the answer right then and there. It was Rick Astley time
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  17. BlackRob Member

    You keep telling yourself that each and every year.... But hey, knock yourself out i guess...

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  18. BlackRob Member

    The purif to fight bacteria? Mmmkay...

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  19. BlackRob Member

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  20. Jael Lyne Member

    Someone needs to get in there and use the oiliness table - and film themselves using it!!!
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. BlackRob Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    that makes me ill :(
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  24. BlackRob Member

    This is the time to get your children, especially Tweens and Teens on the road to Clear! Often when I talk to parents about starting their children they say, "But they aren't having any troubles, they are fine." And I say, "Fine is great! But 'fine' is not Clear or OT." If they are fine can you imagine how incredible they would be with a Cleared mind.

    Let that sink in...
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  25. Anonymous Member

    BR, Curious to know how long you were in.
  26. BlackRob Member

    I was never in ;)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I suspected as much. Keep up the good work! This shit is amazing. Thank you.
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  28. Only his socks were in. And quite frankly, a few of them sound a little unhappy with the current state of the COS
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  29. RightOn Member

    how the fuck is it legal for those a-holes at Mace to give kids the Purif?
    Yeah I know there has been plenty of pictures of kids in saunas before.
    They have to be reported and this has to stop
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  30. Nancy Beazley Member

    John P., this isn't a dis of you generally but, seriously dude, UnitedHealth has a terrible record of fiduciary responsibility. I remember when the BoD approved a $1.1 billion exit compensation package to the founder. WTF?! Where in hell did that money come from OTHER than in the form of insurance premiums paid by regular folks like you and me? (And yes, I know that insurance companies are financial investment companies. But seriously ...!)

    At the time I was a UnitedHealth customer in my early 60s (am self-employed) and was paying insurance premiums of $8K a year (in addition to health savings plan). FTR, I have never even been admitted to a hospital, have no organ diseases and all vitals in normal or low ranges. You can imagine my reaction to the $1.1 billion comp news. Needless to say, I immediately sought to change healthcare insurance providers. But, as everyone here knows, you cannot change healthcare providers in your 60s without agreeing to except any prior health conditions -- I do have osteoarthritis in knees. Long story short, I was stuck.

    So no, I don't have ANY affection for UnitedHealth or, frankly, any other healthcare insurance providers.

    tl;dr fuck all healthcare insurance companies
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  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Nancy Beazley Member

    P.S. Couple more thoughts ....

    1. When every citizen is required by law to have insurance, i.e., car insurance, healthcare insurance, etc., it seems to me that the insurance industry should then become the target of a helluva lot more oversight, since it is now serving the "public good" as well as providing "investor return."

    2. As everyone knows, just because the insurance industry operates "legally" that means only that the industry's lobby has protected the industry by getting laws passed that benefit the industry, not their customers.

    3. I have great confidence in the power of market disruptions in the presence of uncontrolled greed. That's one of the lovely things about greed that can't or won't control itself -- it invites its own correction. :)
  33. Anonymous Member

    /r/ stop to posts about insurance companies and whatever, and back to lulzy pix.
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  34. Nancy Beazley Member

    Fair enough. :)
  35. RightOn Member

    Isn't there any kind of child welfare agency that would give a shit about them giving the Purif to kids?
    The staff are untrained and they are non medical personnel, there are no nurses or doctors on hand, the program has never been proven to work or what it actually does, AND it is the same one offered to drug addicts
    fucking ridiculous
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  36. Anonymous Member

    I think the biggest hinderance is that people do not know what the "purif" is. We may need to do an educational campaign to show that there is no science behind it, that it is simply a religious right that is very dangerous. The ubi project is doing some research into it now. We are compiling evidence that the purif is solely based on the nut job religion, and it does not have any positive effects on the addicts. One "problem" we are facing, is that there aren't any recent medical reports debunking it. There are some older ones, which are very damning when we demonstrate that narCONon(or CON!!!! for short), has not innovated or done any research in the past 40 years. This is extremely damning when compared with real rehabs like bettyford or the gateway foundation.

    But year, CON!! openly states on some of its tax forms that it is using hubard based "tech" for the treatment of addicts. The reason why they have not been called out on this, is because that CON!! has been a non-profit since 1973, and thus is completely under the radar. But the funny thing is, the laws have changed since then. CON!! has no mention of financial aid, other non-profit rehabs do. Why, because apparently the law changed years ago, and if you want to remain a non-profit rehab, you have to spend a considerable amount of money on financial aid.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    They assert that drug residue is stored in the body for years (which it is not).
    They assert that megadoses of niacin (which can damage the liver - likely already stressed in addicts) and sitting in the sauna for hours will release those toxins. You don't need to do a study. It's already obvious BS.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    If an intent is to convince the IRS and Law Enforcement, then ya gotta have scientific cred. Otherwise, it's just their (Cult's/NN's/CCHR's) word against yours. It just won't fly like that.

    Granted, it is obvious Bravo Sierra to most sane, literate human beings, but unfortunately, those beings are far from being the majority in this world.
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  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. RightOn Member

    isn't it enough that there aren't any scientific studies to support that this stupid program works to begin win? They have squat! Not having that is very telling itself.
    It's not FDA approved for them to be administering mega vitamin bombs of niacin to these kids and having them drink oil. There are studies of the dangers of niacin in high doses that can be presented though. amirite?
    Not to mention the hours in the sauna.
    My point is, you can present the entire Purif in detail (what is done, what is ingested and for how long ) and that should be enough to raise some eyebrows since they are putting CHILDREN through this AND they are under the age of 18.
    Also find out who is on staff at Mace. Any registered doctors or nurses and when they are there? I doubt it!
    Time to start asking some serious questions and lift the veil off these a-holes putting kids through this.
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