"I Just Got Back From Iran"

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, Jul 15, 2010.

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  2. ManBearPig Member

    That picture in the article is... distracting. Why are Iranian women so lovely?

    And that was a cool story. Always love reading reactions of Americans that go over there.
  3. WantFreedom Member

    "The second thing I learned in Iran is that last year's explosion of anti-government protest is finished, at least for the moment. Governments use repression against protesters for the simple reason that it usually works. It has worked in Iran. Many people are unhappy -- it is impossible to estimate how many -- but no one I met predicted more upheaval soon. Life is reasonably good for most Iranians, and a possibly stolen election is not enough to force them from their homes to face beatings and arrest."

    Sad news, if true. If the Iranian people leave this regime intact there is little chance that the US or other western nations may be able to have a peaceful coexistence. As long as Iran poses a potential nuclear threat from a government friendly to terrorist organizations there can be no cooperative relationship. I am disheartened.
  4. JohnDoe Moderator

    Iraniam I would love you to comment on that paragraph.

    It doesn't really match what I hear from other much more reliable sources, and I think shows a complete misunderstanding of how deep the desire for change actually is. (The price of meat and bread alone would make me question that people feel comfortable under the regime. Meat is twice the price it is in Europe for example, but wages certainly don't match our salaries, by a long stretch)

    I can't help but wonder if Iranians would be open enough to talk to complete strangers about their view on the green movement and the regime! And I personally think it's quite naive of foreigners to expect to be given anything other than very superficial answers to something so dangerous and serious.
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    Disagree 100%. He has not met real iranian yet to hear about their daily life. By making a trip to any country and meeting them for the first time does not entitled you to be expert about that country. Iranians at least 90% of them are very unhappy about their everyday life and the regime. They have no choice but to make the best of it. Every time I called home and talk to someone, they would say: "I can't really talk on the phone, they hear everything we say"
    The only reason I post this article was for everyone who come this forum everyday to understand the ideas and thought process of a non-iranian visiting Iran. He is not 100% wrong and he has some ideas of whats going on there but for you to understand the lives of most Iranians who lives in the country is to really know them and talk to them in details and let them to trust you and then they would open up to you. I hope to make it a little bit clear. The movement is ALIVE and WELL. They are working much harder than before but most of them are underground. They would never give up what they have achived so far.
  6. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thanks Iraniam,

    That paragraph annoyed me no end, and my gut feeling was he had got that 100% wrong - so I'm glad you've clarified it.:D
  7. Don't believe it

    When a friend told me of visit to Tehran the word "fear" for personal safety was used. Also
    there was distress about the endemic prostitution of young girls.

    *off topic link* <- please don't do that.

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