I support Anonymous campaign

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Beats, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Beats Member

    I support Anonymous campaign

    As a member of anonymous I feel privileged to use my freedom of speech rights to express my support for this movement.

    However there are people who do not feel obliged to go out and publicly protest against the crimes of CoS.

    Takings this into consideration does anybody else think that we should start “I support Anonymous” campaign for those who agree with what we are trying to achieve but cant join us for whatever reason.

    This way as our numbers grow so will the support for what we are working to accomplish.

  2. Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    That is not a bad idea. I'd suggest offering bumper stickers however that only makes any car sporting one fair game :evil:
  3. Beats Member

    Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    I will move this to the Think tank sections as its probably a better place to discuss it:

  4. AnonymousYKF Member

    Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    I thought about going around to businesses and asking them to put up a "I support Anonymous" paper in their front window or something. Doing so anonymously could be difficult, so maybe it would have to be a little covert. Say, go in there as a customer and leave behind a note explaining what the paper is and asking them politely to put it up in their window.

    This could be pretty dangerous for the business if the scilons decide to attack them for it, but if ENOUGH do it, can the scilons start attacking all of them?
  5. saerat Member

    Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    good idea... anyone able to make one of those banners for the top right of websites? Like those ones they had for the "Make Poverty History" campaign... those would be good too to hand around =F
  6. Beats Member

    Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    We will need to come up with a slogan that would help us but at the same time will not put our supporters in any danger.
  7. saerat Member

    Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    Though I by no means suggest we stop watching our back I think they have bigger fish to fry now than to try and DOS any site that supports us at all =F
  8. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    My thoughts as soon as I saw the thread.
    How about "Anonymous is interesting, where can I learn more?"
    or "Anonymous is fine by us" :anon:
    The important thing regardless is to leverage this for spreading info on Co$.
  9. Re: I support Anonymous campaign

    A good way to show your support and retain your anonymity would be to make a poster that says "A person in this (town, city, w/e) supports Anonymous!"

    And then post it somewhere away from your residence. That way, you get the message across with no risk of identification. And possibly, other Anons and non-anons will put up their own posters!

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