"I thmell Puthy" Carmichael transcript thread

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    "I thmell Puthy" Carmichael transcript thread


    Steve Maraboli (M) interviewing John Carmichael (C) on blogtalkradio
    Free Online Radio - Internet Talk Radio | BlogTalkRadio

    Show: Empowered Living

    Date / Time: 10.10.2008

    Description (as by host):

    Understanding Scientology: Rev. John Carmichael
    We take an isnide look at Scientology as Steve is joined by Rev. John Carmichael, President of the NY Church of Scientology. Do not miss this informative show.

    [Welcome 00:00- 3:30] [not transcripted yet, as not relevant]

    [Intro 3:30 – 5:30 ]

    M: We will be talking about Scientology today, now Scientology, which means “Knowing how to know”. It’s a religion based on works of L. Ron Hubbard. The first church was established in Los Angeles in 1954 and today there are more than 4000 Scientology Churches, Missions and Groups around the World. Scientology teaches that a person is an immortal spiritual being called a Thetan. From the Greek letter theta, meaning spirit, who has a body and mind and lives on from one lifetime to lifetime. Scientologists believe that the Reactive Mind, portion that works on a totally stimulus response basis’s, not on the control of th individual. Commands, ones awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and action. Through spiritual counselling, called “Auditing”, scientologists believe that they can reduce and ultimately erase the power of the Reactive mind a source of irrationality, fears and nightmares.
    It’s the [eradication] achieves the state of clear and [being] brings to view the individual.
    Scientologists think that this is a landmark step in the full discovery of ones true nature and in ultimately achieving full spiritual awareness and freedom.
    Today we are joined by Reverent John Carmichael. He is a head of the Church of Scientology in New York. He is here to share information and take your questions about Scientology. Reverent Carmichael, welcome to the program.

    C: Steve it’s a pleasure. Your basic message that people have to control their lives, that they have to decide for themselves, they have to see for themselves, that they have to be responsible for their own destinies. That’s something that the Church of Scientology very much agrees with and I think that’s the basic… that’s the true message of all religions. Scientology provides methods to help people [to] actually achieve that. So...

    [Actual Interview 5:30- 59:37 ]

    M: So, so, basically, and thanks for coming on the show, basically for those people who aren’t familiar with Scientology, can you just give us a quick overview of what, [I mean] the basics of Scientology is?

    C: Well, you know, the, the script you read was very good. Maybe the one, the thing that people should understand is that rather than being a religion of belief… Its not about believing in things, its not about blind faith, it’s a study of knowing how to be certain. Scientologists don’t believe that they are spiritual, they know who they are, they know that they have a spiritual existence and that that’s who they are. If you […] you know I talked to people, I talked to people actually from [sic!] the street, that have been hammered and hammered and hammered with the propaganda that’s going around, materialistic propaganda. They think that they are just a collection of chemicals, or that they are just neurons or something. All that propaganda is designed to be able to control you.
    Scientology and, [and] as I say any real religion, says you are a spirit, you are something special, you make things happen, you can make good things happen, you can make bad things happen. But, it starts with you. You are responsible and in Scientology a person learns how to get rid of all the junk, as you said in this beginning , the Reactive Mind, gets rid of all that junk, that is not you, so that you can, [you can] be who you are, so you can have better relationships. People who get rid of the, quote, junk, the Reactive Mind, find that they are happier, that they are healthier, that they like each other more, that they respect one another, that they can have lasting relationships, and that they can achieve the things that they are trying to achieve. Scientology, you know, Scientology the fastest growing religion in the world today and [and] in fact you said 4000 Churches, Missions and Groups, […] but that must have been given to you some years ago, because there are now over 8000 Churches, Missions and Groups in a 196 countries around the world. We are, [we are] expanding it all kinds of ways. More than a 1000 people walk into the Church of Scientology just here in New York every week, to find out what Scientology is, and its growing that fast because people are looking for answers. And they are looking for real answers, they are looking for answers that work.

    M: Now the process that’s called “Auditing” is that like [is that like] therapy? [is it, you go into] [with the], as a Scientologist though a therapy? Is that how that works?

    C: You know [that] that’s, actually a great question, Auditing is called that, sometimes people will say “spiritual counselling”, but auditing is different, auditing comes from the Latin “audire”, meaning to listen. So, instead of somebody telling you, “Here’s what’s the matter with you” or “Here’s what you should do” or “Your problem is this” and “Your problem that”. Scientology has a different approach. And its an approach that’s based on this idea of, really enabling you to be in the driver seat. The auditor, it’s the scientology minister, the auditor asks few questions. And, you inspect and look for the answers to them [[questions]] and because the nature of these questions, in the way they are asked, and because the communication that goes on in these [in these] sessions, the person looks and discovers the things that have been holding them back. The things that have been keeping them from being able to see the truth, themselves. In [in] Scientology, it’s a basic part of the religion, that you only do better if you yourself discover the answers to what’s holding you back and in how you can be, how you can do better. So, an auditor helps the individual look and find out what it is, they get rid of these things and they become more themselves, saner happier, more able to, [to] survive.

    M: But now, how does the auditor become [… ah… like] certified to do this? Is that through something? Through Scientology?

    C: Yes we have [ahm… we have ]courses, we have an academy [ahm…] and any church of Scientology, and most missions of Scientology. There is [sic!] specific courses that are designed to teach people how to be able to do this and [aaa…] one of the things about Scientology which is [is] different from some other things, is that its [its] very [aat…] that people highly trained and very [???] trained. So that if you walk into a church of Scientology in [ah…] San Francisco, or in New York or in Taiwan and you say :“I want some Scientology auditing.”, you know that you are going to get, you gonna get Scientology auditing delivered the way L. Ron Hubbard laid it down and you know that you will get real results. You not gonna go 25 years trying to [???] around with some problem you had when you were a kid, you are going to go in, you are going to say “This is what I want to deal with” and its going to get handled. So, [ahm] so these people are highly trained. Scientology is not about belief, [people are, to people, its, its,] you have to come to your own decisions about things, you have to see that Scientology works for yourself. But the way you do that is you take it, you apply it the way L. Ron Hubbard said, and you say : “Hey! That works!”.

    M: So

    C: [ääh]

    M: And if you say there is a Scien..

    C:There was this


    C:No you, wait a minute, you are the host.

    M:You say that Scientology is a think of belief. Is there a concept of god in Scientology?

    C: There is indeed. L. Ron Hubbard said in 1951 in a book called “Science of Survival”, he said, it goes without question that there is a supreme being. He said, no civilisations except the most depraved and expiring ones have thought to deny the existence of a supreme being. And [and] [you se..] [and] the point [???] that first he destroyed the belief in the supreme being and then in men as the spirit and then in the dignity of men and from then on he started degrading the individual from [aah.. from] a person who is in charge of self [sic! =own?] destiny, who is responsible for treating others right and you bring him down the ladder till [till] he is just regarded as [???] in sweat, to be abused, so [so] in religion , in good religion the individual is put on the spot. You [he] say: “All right, you are responsible for things” [aah…] now, you must decide between right and wrong, you must decide what is [the, what is] correct way to treat people and what is the wrong way to treat people. So [ahm..] . So [that’s right [???]]

    M: Folks [we got ahm] we got feedback, I see that there are a bunch of callers on the line. I very rarely take calls in the show, If you wanna call online the best way to participate with this show is through AOL Instant Messenger, the screen name is ABTRadioshow, participate.
    What I didn’t know [ah], reverent Carmichael, when we did our first show, again we were a brand new radio, I didn’t know anything about Scientology. I still really don’t know much, but [ahm] what I didn’t know, is that there is a lot of controversy around it! [I, I…] You know I watched TV and I see they all [they‘ll] talk about Tom Cruise and [ah] he doesn’t believe [ah] in taking [ah] I guess, psychiatric medicine and [and] I get that, so feedback. We take feedback, the positive, negative, whatever you got just use AOL Instant Messenger the screen name is ABTRadioshow, just tell us who you are, where are you from and ask your question. I have got a lot of feedback already so I’m just gonna star going down the list [ah..] Reverent Carmichael. We’ll star with Darcy [???] in [???] Arizona: “What does the scientology cross represent?”

    C: The Scientology cross [aah] really has its origins in the cross, the [the] early crosses, you probably know Steve, the cross is, was a symbol of spirituality even before Christianity. In scientology [the s..] the cross represents, its an 8-pointed cross, and it represents the 8 dynamic, the 8 urges to survive. People are trying to survive, not just as, for themselves, this is not a “Me me me”-World, [ahm], people are trying to survive for themselves, they are trying to survive as part of a family, through their family which is a second dynaic urge to survive, people are trying to survive [ahm] as part of a group, which is to say they are trying to survive [ah] [ah] whether it’s a nation or a club or whatever, they try to survive as part of mankind, they are trying to survive as part of all living things and [and] you can see as I am going up this list, these are various urges to survive, and they got warped in sometimes in [ahm] modern community, [ahm] but a person also is trying to survive through all living things, through the physical universe, through things that are spiritual and ultimately through that which is [ah] infinite. So, [so] taking a look at those 8 dynamics which are represented in the cross [ahm] if an individual looks at what’s the best thing to do, what’s the moral thing to do it’s the thing that helps the most of dynamics to survive, [it] if a person is doing something that’s destructive to himself, just to help his group, that’s not the way it should be. These things should be lined up and similarly though, lets take a person who [ahm] who’s destroying his body with drugs, cheating on his wife, stealing from [ahm] from people at work, who’s polluting the [ah] atmosphere and then he tells you that he is in touch with god, naaaah you know that there is something wrong there. So, you are understanding the people go [ahm] they start out with their own survival, but as they get greater and greater responsibility, come off the line, and only if they can really understand responsibility [to] all the other urges to survive can they really understand the 8th dynamic which is the say the infinite.

    M: Okay we will continue on with Marty Robertson, Chula Vista, California.
    “How does Scientology… [ah] how is Scientology similar to other religions and how is it different from other religions?”

    C: Scientology shares [ahh], Scientology shares the basic idea [that] that man is spiritual and that he should be free and that there is something beyond the material world. That its not all concrete and steel, [and] and neurons and electrons [ahm]. [It] It’a more like the, more like Buddhism, in the sense that, [ah] we see man as being responsible for his own salvation, man has to work out his own salvation. [Ah] And its not something that is going to be visited upon you. Now, I should say right off that [ah] anybody of any religion is welcome to the Church of Scientology, that people come in, who are Christians and Jews or Muslims, that become part of the Church of Scientology. And we don’t try to, we don’t try to change their beliefs or their religion in any way. But we provide tools, so they can live a better life. And that they can come to better understanding of everything around them including their own religious beliefs. But, [ehah..] what what we do share with them is some of the important things about, some of the
    basic moral values. [About.. ah] Certainly religion has been twisted to run along the lines of politics sometimes and [ahm] there was a time when religion was twisted by the rulers of Europe [and] and so on, to do bad things. But the basic message, basic message of religion, that [ah] that we can be better than we are, that we must treat eachother well, that we, we have a common spirit, that we have something in common and [and and] need to nurture that. That’s, that I think is a basic thing of religion and that’s what Scientology shares with other faith(s). Let me say, no now talking about how its different. It is religion with a difference, because it doesn’t say: “You must believe in this” [if] if I am a Christian and I say [ah] what does, [what does] Christianity believe, I believe in God almighty, make of heaven and Jesus Christ and so forth, there is a creed, there is a list of things that a person believes. A scientologist has instead certain tools and a person takes these tools. Like tool(s) for instance, to [ahm] to be able to improve communication. What do you do when a relationship breaks down? What do you do when your most [the most] valuable thing in your life is coming apart? What can you do? Well, Scientology provides tools to do that and put it to[??????]. What do you do when you feel like [ah] that your life is not what it should be? That you somehow have gone in the wrong direction and now you don’t trust yourself and other people don’t trust you? What do you do about that? Well Scientology provides tool to restore integrity and honesty. What do you do if the thing you most wanted accomplished constantly alludes you? Well Scientology provides you tools to enable you to get to those, to your goals. So, rather than [ah] [than than ] emphasize what one would believe, Scientology provides tools, so you can use and in using those tools accomplish what you want to.

    M: Got it. You know. [Eh] As I am looking through the feedback, and you know there [there] is a lot of [uhm] [ah] I don’t know, questions or protests against the Church of Scientology. [Ah] W-What does it stand from and how do you feel about the current protests [ah-ah] against the church?

    C: Well you know [there] there are two things that are, one is just the matter of cultural [???]. Scientology is new, its different. Scientology has [ahm] has ideas that [ahh] are [ahm] ahead of its time. You know? We have gone through a period where people have heard more and more of it in order to solve your problems you should take a drug, [ahh] that you should [ahm] you should listen to Authorities with a capital A, that you should [ahm], stop thinking and buy a new car. [Ah] Or, if you don’t have, if your body is not shaped in a certain way, you should get a plastic surgery, so that you, would be acceptable. Scientology is different. Scientology says [ahm] t-that you should take responsibility for these things and you can’t, and that you can succeed. [Ahm so] So I would say, there is a little cultural [???], but you know Steve the [the] thing about [ahh]. I get asked now and then about [ah] and we do surveys and so forth upon what people think. [I am] The main survey point is [ahm] that Scientology is the fastest growing religion in the world. That it is growing [ah] that if you compare it to the other religions in the past, if you compare it with [ahm] these various philosophies, it hasn’t, it not only stayed growing with Dianetincs along the time [???] written by L. Ron Hubbard. Not only became an overnight sensation, it just keeps growing. It just keeps growing year after year. And we have experienced more in the past 5 years, than in the previous 50. And that’s the survey point, [that’s that’s that’s] that shows you what people really think about it. If [ahm] if I were to, if I talked to people who would rather, [ah] get their [ahm] philosophy and their religious viewpoint from a gossip column, then, I am gonna push out [?] Scientology, frankly, Scientology puts it on you.
    It says: “All right not you have to look for yourself, you have to see [???], you have to decide”, it says “Come in! Check it out! Read a book!! Read a book by L. Ron Hubbard, see if it works.” And see if I get to cause nothing else in this in this interview, that’s the one point I want to get a cause (?) and that is that people must check out things for themselves and Scientology is one that they should inspect for themselves, get a book [the..] by a book [e]. You can buy it in almost any bookstore, the books are [???] bestsellers, because people love them and they find out they work. But [???] pick it out in a library we have made a point by putting them in libraries so people can read them for free. So…

    RAW by Ann O'Nymous:
    Q: I wanted to ask... I had watched... I told you my knowledge of scientology is limited... But I watched TV and they were doing a show about Tom Cruise talking about how difficult it is for people who... I guess are deep in scientology… to associate with people who aren't in scientology... Is it something that has been dramatized by the TV or...? Because I know other religions that are like this also... is there something, if you are deep in scientology... the connection to other people in your family that might not be scientologist... that might be severed?
    A: Oh, come on! That’s the sort of thing that is easy to say. But if you think about the amount of... it does not make any sense. Why not? Scientology is about better communication with the people around them... generally... They are more successful in their business, such like... You know... Frankly... We hear about the celebrities all the time... involved in scientology. These are people who are constantly involved with the world understanding... They are under stress even you and I don’t even worry about... They have... They are just very much involved. They are...
    Q: Isolated?
    A: Absolutely not! It is not! They are intruded upon by the outside world in a way that you and I… They are celebrities, but the people using scientology are businessmen, lawyers, doctors, students, housewives… Just nobody… When a housewife picks scientology… the tools provided by L. Ron Hubbard… they make their household run better… They make it an happier place… They make it more organized… They make it a … place for their husband perhaps… and husband is now a better earner… so he can help… so he can take the stress out of the family, you know… These things happen. This is not big news! No. But it is big news to them… It is big news for all the people living with them and for those coming to… to walk into a scientology church… You can walk into the church here in New York from 9 o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock in the evening… about it… A huge number of people d. So, what is scientology about? It is about what you can see and what you can apply. And, that includes… very much communication with the people around you… And, one of the first thing that happens is people… start looking around and say: “Hey, I haven’t been in communication with some of the people I should have been… Getting back in touch with them again and expanding the communication lines”… Scientology is about communication. Absolutely.


    Still doing it.
    any suggestions? feel free
    found any mistakes? feel free

    there are actually some parts that i could not hear properly.

    from the "motherthread":
    The Motherthread
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    Thank You for the Transcript. scientology=nonsenseology. i saw that word on someone Else's post and it fits scientology so well
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    lolwut? the amount of lies in that one sentence is astounding

    I thmell lies
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    you will love then what will come next.
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    I take the question at 50:51 and will post the result here.
    Ends at about 54:04. Sorry, I cannot do better for the time being.
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    Thanks a bunch.
    Updated with raw. I didnt format it yet.
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    Thank you for your hard work, guys!
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    ROFL "Reverend" Carmichael? If he's a Reverend then I am Empress ChaCha Lolita Burkenstein. Bow down before me and kiss my little toe . . . it smells like puthy!:p

    And how dare he compare Scamotology to Buddhism. I know the Dahli Lama (sp?) is a peaceful man, but he might want to order just one hit. :cool:
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    Anymore work being done on this?
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