I was a Victim of Narconon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Narconon Sucks!, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    You doing great CG9!! Don't rush anything as you write. Write with your heart ....I am so proud of you!!!!
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  2. SOJOA Member

    My post was rated a dislike by someone named Snippy who I see didnt post here.

    Might I add its alittle late in the game to cry boohoo cause you were a drug addict and went to treatment?

    Dont get me wrong, there should be no abuse and there should be proper treatment but dont you think all of this could have been avoided if you didnt take drugs?

    What if you ended up on the streets with your habit instead of Narc....would it have been worse or better?!?!?

    Maybe next time dont use the boogersugar before you cry something in retrospect....that was my point "snippy"
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. snippy Member

    Yes, this is sexual harassment. It is against the law because it is a form of unjust discrimination. It is very painful for the target. Your comment was insensitive and uncalled for.

    You're not alone in your thinking here, but this opinion is naive. Addiction is the 11th leading cause of death in the U.S. Two million people enter treatment every year. The reasons that so many people end up in this place they never planned on goes a little beyond the fact that they didn't "just say no." But I don't think this is the thread to explore those issues, simply because they really are so complex.

    What few studies there are on Narconon's effectiveness actually show the control group (cold turkey) has about twice the success rate as Narconon "graduates" ...

    This I would disagree with, but it is not quite so rude.
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  5. SOJOA Member

    First just because this individual had an addiction problem just not mean that me or others have not dealt with the samething with ourselves or others, so that is naive. One yes it is terrible that it was "sexual harassment", thats like my whiny ass step sister in law who is actually my wifes first cousin but they adopted her so she would be with the family. Now she cries about how she never knew her mother and was treated different, which is complete garbage, but to her I say ok.....then what would your chances of a positive lifestyle and upbringing have been if you were raised and gambled into the foster care system?!?!? How about she didnt have Narconon to atleast KEEP her off the streets and she wasnt sucking dick for coke or worse?!?!? Hows that for your sexual harassment....... Maybe if fucktard sought help or pulled herself up from her own bootstraps she could have atleast helped wasnt there or friends....then how come Narconon......

    This post isnt nessasary and its more a shoulder to cry on. Her/his, pretty sure its a woman, didnt release a name, didnt release the place or state or anything, and now we are all suppose to go OH HERE HERE. TELL US YOUR STORY. For what purpose? Does she have names and documents to press charges? If not then why cry here?

    We are not shrinks, we are the fucking Anons.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    What probably gets screwed up is the liver. The damage makes one more sensitive to certain things, Off the top of my head- alcohol, opiates, and scrip opiates laced with tylenol.

    We've thought about liver-damaged addicts going in. What about them coming out?
  7. jensting Member

    CG9, I have to admit that sticking your neck out increases your risk of getting these notes. Chatting with David Love, Colin, Magoo and others are probably a far better idea than paying any intention to this poster who pretends to be a simpleton victim-blaming jerk. Blaming the victims of narCONon's crimes is quite a popular activity on the Internet. One day, the office of people who do this for a (meager) living will be shut down and no-one will miss them.

    Please continue what you're doing (getting help, writing this up for your own sake) and see what you can comfortably do beyond that.

    The poster above is indeed shy about giving out their name, but they're not part of the Anonymous initiative - IMHO.

    Best Regards


    PS: The ignore button works and it helps people
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  8. Well said Jens, but I think that SOJOA is right on one thing only, he is deffo not a shrink!
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  9. Sneak Moderator

    Yes, we're Anons. But we're also in the Narconon section of the site. Her experiences detail exactly what goes on in Narconon, which is the purpose of this subsection. If discussing personal experiences about Narconon or any other aspect of Scientology in some way bothers you, avoid those areas of the website. Simple.
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  10. eddieVroom Member

    "Tolerance" may be an errant assumption. Perhaps it has more to do with the effect of the niacin on the liver.
  11. Anonymous Member

    exactly. It isn't "The Purif" that damages people, it is taking outrageous dosages of niacin that can cause physical damage. Take away the niacin and the purif is just an extreme sauna (well, ignoring the mind fuckery)
  12. eddieVroom Member

    Arguably I'm OG, but I did work for the Army Medical Corp as a Behavioral Science Specialist. And I'm pretty sure AnonMSW qualifies as a "shrink". And I'm reasonably certain we are not that unique amongst ovar 9000 Anon.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    The views of SOJOA were probably mainstream about 40 years ago, i.e., drug problem?....just quit on your own, you succumbed to sexual advances of a doctor or professional in your life? was your fault, have depression?...pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

    We've advanced way beyond those ideas as a society, but apparently not everyone has.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    so true, SOJOA. I am getting sick and fucking tired of whinny bitching. Take responsibility for your own shit people.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    sneak, change your name or change thesneakster, I thought you were fat-Hobson spewing shit lol
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. first of all, to the girl who started this topic, WELCOME and you're awesome.

    Now, it's interesting to see that we have different kinds of opinions on this thread, and yes, people should take responsability for their own actions.
    And trying narconon WAS taking responsability. And it didnt work out, but thats not her fault, its narconons.
    And no, we're not therapists, but this thread wasnt started as crying/whining etc it was about exposing their methods and abuse.
    And since this section is about scientology, this is EXACTLY the right place to tell that story!

    If we want to make a change, we'll have to know about the enemy right?

    (I've been referring to you as a girl, you're a girl right??)
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  18. vaLLarrr Member

    Another voice of "welcome" right here.

    I'm sorry that you got suckered in by a cult network that is less effective than no treatment at all.

    With your help we will shut down Narconon and jail its executives very soon.

    Welcome indeed. You'll get used to Anonymous' sick sense of humor if you stick around & take nothing too seriously.
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  19. Sneak Moderator

    But but but. :(
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  20. I know the staff members you speak of, I was a student at Narconon Colorado for 5 months and graduated . never in my life have i seen staff members so degenerate and sadistic!! and to a student working to better himself while they were drinking or getting high--and trying to put on airs of supremecy. I can not say All of them were like this, there were caring and helpful staff members working there that spoke and treated me like a human being, and risked alott by helping me and speaking not in term with what they were indocterned-wich would end with them being terminated. Staff members there would dissapear in the night never to be seen,or spoken of wich is erie in it'self. i took down day by day notes and occurences and sewed them in to my matress because of prying staff members and room searches. I have compiled quite a lot of info. Some of my own room mates were smuggling drugs in and getting high and it was a shame that my life was made into a living hell by doing what was right while others weren't. I refused to be broken while there, but i will tell you true, i came close,--and the sadistic staff thought it was quite enjoyable. Narconon Colorado was a complete circus to me, What they did to me was cruel and an execution to my being and soul. I would like nothing better than to turn in a report of what i took down..... but what of the few staff members that had REAL courage and really care, what happens to them?? what if they lose their jobs from all the bad actions of fools? I stand up for the good ones because they stood up for me........
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  21. broomstick Global Moderator

    Welcome second guest!

    Please consider registering as a user. No personal information is needed, just any email address.

    As a user you can more easily keep track of your posts, and send and receive private messages.

    Moderators are here to facilitate and offer new users assistance.
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  22. wolfbane Member

    The good ones will survive. The victims of the sadistic ones may not. Sometimes a few bad apples can spoil the entire barrel and the rot will not stop until the barrel itself is gotten rid of.
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  23. Welcome B.K.P. and I am very glad that you decided to post here, stay around and please ignore any unsympathetic posters, (it sadly gives their life some meaning if they can vent their frustrations on others)
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  24. Please tell your story, B K P. Document the truth, both good and ill. It will make you stronger, and it will help stop nazi sadists from perpetrating more 'rehab' scams.

    Oh, and welcome!
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  25. Random guy Member

    Oh, another one! Welcome B.K.P.!

    It seems Narconon is leaking ex staff and patients to an unusually high degree lately. Nice, nice, nice!
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  26. B.K.P. Member

    Thank you,
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  27. B.K.P. Member

    Indeed, in talking to some staff members they explained the oddest responses: " i'm afraid to return home i know i'll just relapse" or " the outside world is a scary place "--if this facility is so great in sccessfull turn out, then there should be no fear of relapse, if what is taught at the facility is so powerful why can't one live a clean/ sober life??--the answer is simple, they have DOUBT and obviously coersed into thinking that the facilities are their only safehaven...and that is what i expressed. Staff are used, abused and their own souls tampered with. Obligations to Narconon??!! After paying ALL that $$? I never feel obligated to help a grocery store when i pay for their services, Narconon is a comune, it survives partly by student labor and under paid staff. From the moment i left withdraw i was working for that place till the very day i left!!--very unsanitary as well, do you think for a moment that an alcoholic/junkie is going to care about cleaning bathrooms or cleaning the kitchen properly?? No, and that's what made the place filthy and germ infested. The day before State Inspection of the kitchen & Dining hall Staff were made to scrub the entire kitchen till 3:00am after working a 12 hr shift and i witnessed it. There was one outsider whom worked there, the chef, take away the students out of that equation and that building would litteraly fall apart. What better way to keep people there by giving them the silly notions that returning home results in failure??? Quite Sad.
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  28. B.K.P. Member

    What would you like to know?? ask and you will recieve.--Funny though, i have not read or heard any 'Drug bomb'-Cal-mag storys. horrendous drink,!!
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  29. wolfbane Member

    This is one of the reasons why so many people speculate that they are not really curing the drug/alcohol addiction, but merely replacing it with a Scientology addiction.
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  30. B.K.P. Member

    i am registered, and Thank you.
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  31. eddieVroom Member

    NarCONon needs to be shut down for the same reason that true and ethical professionals will never again conduct the Stanford Prison Experiment -- which NarCONon resembles way too much to be ignored.

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  32. rickybobby Member

    As you take drugs or drink, your body upregulates enzymes necessary to process these and thus becomes more efficient at detoxification. This means it takes increasing amounts for the same "high." When you get clean, your body resets/downregulates, so if you start using again you will be more sensitive to the drug.
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  33. eddieVroom Member

    I'm thinking that in addition to this, with the liver impaired by the niacin and thus less able to process toxins, the levels at which drugs become dangerously toxic are lowered.
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  34. patriot75 Member

    Welcome BKP and a big heartfelt tank you for sharing you personal accounts. I am so sorry you had to endure Narcotraz. More and more victims are sharing their stories because of people like you. Victims are realizing that they are not alone; I say this because back in 2007 after my 2 week stay at NN AH I felt alone, but I knew I couldn't be the only one. My heart goes out to you and I sure many others do to. If there is anything I can do for you feel free to PM me.
    Much Love
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I have a felling this is going to be an EPIC thread
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Oh but it is! :D
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Do you have any DOX? No offense, but we heard a lot of cool stories, bro, and some of them do not pan out. Dox would help.
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  38. I wish these kids would share more of their experiences, everyone has a voice--use it!-There should be no fear in sharing their storys. They should live standing, not on their knees in fear of some retaliation for speaking out. what happened to me at Narconon has made my will stronger, the facilities are dealing with Human Beings not animals, stop using them as test subjects for a phony project!--I have been drug/alcohol free for a year now and I still have cravings and temptations, I didn't learn a D--n thing there except pain and dissapointment. There is no way feeling walls and doing 'conditions' teaches one to fight addiction. It's an everyday uphill battle. I can say, Narconon does have one fear that i can tell you as an insider,--- it's investigations-- I went through many interviews and asked constantly " are you here to investigate Narconon, Have you ever been to Narconon before"?? " Will you write a report of Narconon"??--why the questions and mistrust?--unless there are internal problems with the establishment. I quess Narconon figures "students" will keep silent,.... I want to disprove that
  39. No offense taken, what is Dox?? I'm afraid i am ignorant of that

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