I was a Victim of Narconon

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    congrats on one year clean and sober!!! Onward!
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  3. I'm not 100% sure of the content of the 'drug-bomb' - though it will be here on WWP if you search for it. I think it refers to the megadoses of vttamins etc they give you.

    I'd like to know your story, told in your way, just as it suits you. Details would be good, such as what you paid, how long you stuck it out, what you thought of the regime, with enough detail to make it real to others.

    It's not (just) for me - it's for others who might fall prey to the same vampires. Narconon needs to be shut down, and your experiences and recollections can help to do that.
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  5. Would these processes be mutually exclusive? I could see where both factors working at once might make a dangerous situation more dangerous...
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    I share your wishes. I believe it takes a little time and a lot of courage to speak out. Most addicts have several underlying issues; I know I did, and do. As the weight of our underlying issues continue to push us down, with council, wisdom is gained and strength builds. The chains of our past strengthen our future, but this happens in due course per individual.

    NN is counting on "students" to keep silent, but it is not working for them anymore.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Narconon Drug Bomb .
  8. B.K.P. Member

    This is my personal experience of my stay at Narconon. Fort Collins, Colorado Facility.
    To begin with i ask the reader to understand i write this not in anger or personal grudge for what was inflicted on me, it is a warning to parents or to those looking for rehabilitation.
    I willngly turned myself into Narconon Colorado on what was presented to me by Dan Carmichael as a top notch facility with withdrawl assistance, a doctor and drug counselors and also were compassionate to patients in the withdrawl process--i did not want to suffer as i did in other programs from alcohol withdrawl--
    But i did, to my horror, THERE WAS NO COMPASSION or COMFORT only suffering. When arriving i couldn't even find a sign, and the facility was not what i expected it to look like for 30$grand, maybe the detox center i thought-- but not what i was described with mountain views, only houses and depressing landscape. I was taken in by the withdrawl admin-- one of the few staff members who actually cared and she was dedicated-also responsible-i then filled out mass paper work, mainly obedience to rules, no slander of Narconon sueing and otherwise many times, which i thought odd. At times withdrawl was run by inexperienced staff--which depending on who pulled nightshift never did their check rounds ( and i know because i rarely slept) One time on my third night my heart pulse went nuts i felt like dying and i had breathing probs i went to the 2 young staff -Chris, and Ashley and told them something serious was wrong with my heart and was there asprin and i was told i couldn't have any, it wasn't allowed-i said "i need help" and a look of worry and panick was on their faces--But NOTHING was done about it. i went to my room and assumed i'd die in this Hell hole alone. i prayed hard that night,-and i survived. Nothing was ever mentioned about it, and from that time on i seriously questioned the facilities practices. i was made to do light TR's all day long, you weren't allowed to rest or sleep just repeditive silly TR's and questions. The withdrawl bathroom didn't work ( and it stayed that way till near my departure) and one had to walk down the hall to other bathrooms, which is wrong, especially when your dope sick and need to vomit- or have a bowel-movement of terrible diahrea brought on by vitamins and what i called the 'douche' drink, Cal-mag, "Drug Bomb" you were made to ingest--it was terrible, with the diahrea came dehydration and weakness, sleep constantly interupted by going to and from the bathroom at night, and throw in withdrawl symptoms of alcohol with no meds, i was in such torment!!-And i started to resent the place with a passion. There were no showers in withdrawl so a shower in a staff's quaters was used, it was at that point i was introduced to what i had to live in for months- filthy, unkept rooms and small shower stalls with black mold and scuzzy sinks, certainly not worth all the money payed,--it was disgusting- In the morning when i sat down for an interview with withdrawl admin ( i'll call Molly)- i told her flat out i wanted to leave, "today"- i told her the place sucked and the care was neglectful and i was miserable -Molly asked me to" please stay", " just hang in there, promise you won't leave? i'll help you through anything"-so i gave it another chance, i kept that promise for 5 long months. a promise i regret. My wallet, and I.D. were confiscated at admittance but i had 600$ sewed into my Bible,incase i had to escape,they try their best to keep you there, i know the police were called by students just to get out, many simply ran away it was so bad. Another tactic that outraged me was staff telling my parents i wanted to drink and i was negative, my plees for help to my parents fell on deaf ears, i told them about the scientology-- but Narconon convinced them they weren't. When released into population you are given work to do 'and chits,and MEST meeted out if one never did his/ her work, 'students' as we're called were charged with cleaning ,outside maintenance and dishwashing,it's a heart breakin' job to do, especially alone, as i did. Between 8hrs of classes, work, and stress i was worn thin, and litterally, i was so at my limit with sress and sleep depravation i started breaking down, i lost extreme amount of weight, i came in at 276 lbs and came home weighing 186lbs!! During my stay there were staff that were getting high or drunk--Tristen (or Chris) came in very drunk after New years celebration-( You can see Narconon worked for him) Blake H. who worked in 'Ethics' was using drugs at the time, ( how unethical is that!!) and finally fired, Dave H, was using drugs as well ,while preaching the glorys of Narconon. In one incident while on a walk with Chris and Dave H, Dave ran off with a female student for over 40 minutes!! and these people are intrusted with your daughters?? Absolutely indecent and unproffesional!! Dave H. was finally terminated for having relations with female students and failing his UA after someone leaked info on him--I knew for myself then that this program was a joke!! I will not speak much about Sauna there are many horror storys out there, mine was of torture, in order to EP effectivley you had to give them what they wanted to hear, like "sauna has helped me alot and i feel better and brighter" but i refused to do even this, i never gave them what they wanted, even a success story on the miracles of Sauna which they reprint for their propoganda. And so my time was made longer, 34 hellish days. any complaints of discomfort or stomache pains were ignored or were called 'somatics', 'misemotion', and 'originations' trying to convince me it was all in my mind , or i was at fault for it. The intense heat wasn't an issue with me it was how it messed with my lung disease and the high amounts of Niacin that played havoc on my diabetes!! i suffered Keto-acidosis for months after from high blood glucose-- day after day feeling nauseated, thirsty and extreme faint spells is inhumane to let a diabetic go through!!-and noone in the facility did anything about it-- except for Molly and "Jersey" if it weren't those 2 i'd have to wait for hours before someone opened HLO so i could get insulin!!! But Narconon wasn't done with trying to drive me to break, Brad Petit showed up from Narconon State (California) and drove me to a point of Suicide, i was put on hold for voicing my opinions on just how foolish the reading material was, that my life long struggle with anxiety and depression was coming from "Supressive people"-we had many chats together in his office (all bad)-Never met a staunch Scientologist like him, he even admitted it. He decided to make an example of me, ex students will say objectives "breaks a person's will" He made Objectives try to break me, when i EP'd Objetives All-12, Petit had me do book 4A over again and told the Supervisor to "give him extra objectives to do"!! The Supervisor in privacy said "this isn't right B, i'm sorry..i really am"-but she was kind to me in my disress and i have the greatest respect for her. After Objective Ep your presented a diploma, i refused to stand and take it or write a successs story. Brad Petit did the most retched deed to me finaly on Valentine's Day, i was called to his office and asked had i spoken to my best friend Adam, i said "no, hasn't returned my phone calls...want me to 'disconect' with my friend Brad"?? He turned to me and said, "i'm afraid you can't, he's been dead for months now we've kept it from you till now, yes, he's DEAD B, want to talk about how you feel"?? That snapped me, what a degenerate, sadistic old man!! for one month i worked in mental pain, i was expected to do my work, classes, all that with the loss of my best friend on my mind always and being told that was supressing me! But Petit's act backfired on him, some staff dissagreed, stood up for me and one in particular helped me get through it all and those few i have so much respect for. At my graduation i refused to be present, i did not want to give them the satisfaction of a successfull Narconon Graduate speech. In the end a lot of staff quit Narconon, in speaking with some they said " i couldn't take that Scientology stuff any longer" For me i can say i'm still sober and drug free, and not because of Narconon, but from other students and x-staff members we help each other.... I Survived Narconon
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    Dox = documents. But what you have is an eyewitness account. That's all you need right now.
    As you go along, write down the details of your experience with names and dates for your own records. Then at some point if you testify in court, under oath, the court record will be a legal document. Your personal records will help you recall the events accurately. At this point though, your first hand eyewitness account is the first step.

    [Of course, protect the privacy of other "students" by not giving their real names.]
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    B.K.P. - you are a very strong person. I hope you know that.
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    Suggest: you get an account here (simple, can be done without giving up anonymity) and send a Private Message to "Intelligence" aka David Love. He knows all about dox :D . I suggest you read a few of the threads in the narCONon sub-forum. Also, of course, the web site

    Telling your story is important. Nice work :).

    Further down the road, the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology will offer you money (after all, their "treatment" should never have happened to you - not to speak of costing you money - so there's nothing wrong with you getting a monetary compensation) AND they're going to suggest that you can only get compensation if you sign a non-disclosure agreement. You do not, in fact, have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (look at David Love, he's already been compensated for one thing and he has not been quiet :D ).
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  12. BigBeard Member

    Jeez! The state needs to be all over this place with unannounced inspections and search warrants for illicit drugs. And making a diabetic go through hell to get required insulin, if given at all, should get this place shut down for practicing medicine without a license.

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  13. Anonymous Member

    What a horror movie.

    NN is run by sadists who train their victims in how to become sadists.
  14. RightOn Member

    pro tip: when you make paragraphs, it makes it easier to read.
    Thank you for telling your story
  15. Anonymous Member

    a copy of this should be sent to the DA and other authorities in Colorado along with info on the current deaths in OK, the closing of the facility in Canada and other info coming out about other Narconons.
    this is ridiculous
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  16. Anonymous Member

    A Speculation:

    Disconnection serves another rotten purpose, other than cutting off communication with a loved one who might convince the homo novis to abandon Scientology. It has a profound psychological impact on some of the homo novis' and places them much more strongly under Scientology's thumb.

    Cutting off all communication with someone you love is like deleting the person out of your mind, almost like pretending they are dead, and it is the homo novis that did the virtual "killing" since it was their choice.

    Purposely "killing" someone you love produces a devastating psychological effect, and must lead to enormous guilt and shame (which the homo novis keeps bottled up) as well as feeling like they're now a criminal and don't belong and can never be accepted by society because of the "crime" they committed. This means that the homo novis feels they must exclude themselves from the normal world, and hide yet more deeply in the folds of Scientology, since this is the only group that now understands them.

    The homo novis will now put up with no end of abuse from Scientology because they feel like they deserve punishment for their "crime", and because they feel that whatever Scientology throws at them is better than being completely abandoned and alone in the world. They feel as though there is no going back to the people they loved because how could they ever be forgiven for "murdering" them.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Congrats BKP. I wish you well in your sobriety. <3
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  18. eddieVroom Member

    Documentation -- paperwork, files, audio/video recordings.

    Special points are awarded for "Red Box" documents:
    A similar award might be in order for inpiring a premature Red Box drill:

    edit: please note that G.O. is superceded by OSA. otherwise, nothing has changed.
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  19. B.K.P. Member

    How can i disclose my written article to David Love?? And thank you for the advice.
  20. Anonymous Member

    PM him,

    wait patiently and David Love delivers,

    He is the god of docs! And yea we shall bow down before him!
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  21. Pique Member

    He posts on wwp under the nick Intelligence. You can send him a PM. Instructions: Hover your cursor over Inbox located upper right, click 'Start a new Conversation,' put Intelligence into the field 'Participants.' You can then put a link to the post containing your article (I would suggest using the one that has been sectioned into paragraphs, it's easier to read.)
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  22. B.K.P. Member

    What gets me is if everybody that goes through that program is treated in that fashion you have to hate it yourself, so how can one turn around and perpetrate the same cruelty on others ?? i know alot of staff had probation or long jail sentences over them and these almost always stay on, i quess some become( or forced) to act like that to save themselves.
    i know one 'student ' who, doing his program along with me, signed on as an' intern'- and part of joining the 'group' (as you are to have complete aliegence to) had to inform on all his roomates during his initiation, anything from complaining, tearing the program apart, and using drugs ( which he admitted to doing but
    was 'untouchable'--if you admit, your cleared,) Some staff get off on a Power Trip or are naturely cruel or insensitive..."To be insensitive to recovering addicts IS what we are taught to do, no compassion or befriending any students... and it's wrong"...that is what an 'intern' told me.
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  23. B.K.P. Member

    Thanks for the help...
  24. B.K.P. Member

    Nice, Thank you Pique!!
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  25. I am very glad that you survived B.K.P. It is something of a miracle that you stayed alive. It would seem that they did little to support your medical condition, and I would suggest that taking saunas can be dangerous for diabetics, as is the other "treatment" you endured. No one should have to go through this EVER AGAIN.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Ah... Apologies, It's easy to forget that it take a while to work out who is who here. You are doing a good thing here and you could not be in more capable hands than those of Intelligence (David Love).
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  27. eddieVroom Member

    That's basically what happened in the Stanford Prison Experiment and, more notably, in the Milgram Experiment.
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  28. anon4eva Member

    BKP-I am so sorry, hope sharing it all can give you some release.
    Such trauma inflicted at such a weak state IS SCIENTOLOGY!

    AND exactly why it needs to be stopped

    This is why....we protest
    send letters
    use our contacts in high places
    seek concrete proof of the crimes committed

    DUCKS in A ROW now! PROceed
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  29. jensting Member

    Quite right. And since narCONon is entirely incapable of change, it' up to the authorities to step in. And the authorities can only step in if victims (and their families...) do not remain silent.
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  30. BigBeard Member

    I suspect the Colorado Department of Human Services would be a good place to start with a complaint about the facilities (e.g., mold and nonfunctional bathrooms) and operations (withholding insulin from a diabetic) of this particular narCONon.

    It might not hurt to drop a dime on the Sherriff's Dept regarding the illicit drugs either.

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  31. Anonymous Member

    This Petit guy is a sadistic son of a bitch, what do we know about him, his dox etc?
  32. Woo Hah Member


    Brad Pettit's Overview

    • Qualifications Supervisor at Narconon Colorado
    • Counselor at Personal Improvement Center
    • Qualifications Supervisor at Narconon Colorado
    • Kenyon College
    91 connections
    Brad Pettit's Experience
    Qualifications Supervisor

    Narconon Colorado

    December 2011 – Present (1 year) Fort Collins, Colorado

    Personal Improvement Center

    May 2010 – February 2012 (1 year 10 months)
    Individual and family counseling. Overcome barriers to reaching your goals.
    Qualifications Supervisor

    Narconon Colorado

    September 2008 – February 2010 (1 year 6 months) Fort Collins, Colorado


    Brad Petit in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 4 individual completions for Brad Petit appear in official Scientology publications:

    Brad Petit SHSBC LEVEL D Auditor 246 1993-06-01
    Brad S. Petit SHSBC LEVEL E Auditor 246 1993-06-01
    Brad Petit OT IIIX Advance 122 1994-12-01
    Bradford Petit SHSBC LEVEL M Auditor 254 1995-09-01


    His scientology cookie-cutter website

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  33. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, what's up with that? There is more than enough eyewitness testimony to drug pushers within Narconon staff to meet even the most conservative of standards on Probable Cause. What the hell is Law Enforcement waiting for?
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  34. eddieVroom Member

    Come to think of it, I have to wonder if Scientology is willfully turning a blind eye to dope dealing (if not facilitating it) in Narconon because the Perps are using the proceeds to pay for their "Bridge".
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  35. Anonymous Member

    The Freewinds makes stops in Cartegena, Columbia now, coincidence?
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  36. Anonymous Member

    lol tinfoil much?
  37. B.K.P. Member

  38. B.K.P. Member

    Yep, that's the old goat's profile. nice work Woo Hah
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  39. B.K.P. Member

    i would believe by this time Narconon facilities across the U.S. are doing major house cleaning of staff and buildings. i have no doubt about that. Before they could be lax on staff and interns when it came to Ua's but i'm sure there are ways around that by simply fixing tests or sharing of clean urine. They do protect one another, it is a code to 'survival' of the group.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Do you have direct knowledge of this happening? Were NN staff or executives directing patients to falsify urine tests?

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