IAS event, Saint Hill, 17/18 Oct 2014 - some people have too much fun

Discussion in 'Europe' started by jensting, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. jensting Member

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  2. pedrofcuk Member

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  3. afternon Member

    Well done - you were clearly having more fun than the scilons going in to get fleeced. Sorry I didn't make the raid. :)
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  4. RightOn Member

    planting seeds of doubt, you glorious farmers
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  5. pedrofcuk Member

    IAS 30 - the event that keeps on delivering the lulz :D

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  6. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Epic Lulz! :D
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  7. Quentinanon Member

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  8. Quentinanon Member

    "We're getting the dog unit."
    "We need the dog unit right now."


    Where have we heard that before?
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  9. ^^^^^^^''Isn't that Ethics Officer Sgt. Schultz bringing up the rear?'' ^^^^^^^
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  10. RightOn Member

    "Andy don't get run over, you're very easy to miss"
    Love it.
    Fantastic guise
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  11. pedrofcuk Member

    I just got banned from Facebook for 24 hours so i pointed out that none of my posts violates any guidelines and we'll see what happens now. Way to go OSA!
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  12. WTF. What was the reason for the ban?!
  13. pedrofcuk Member

    Violating guidelines, but as none were actually violated the apology ought to be winging my way pretty soon :) OSA :confused:
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  14. i-Betty Member

    First of several videos from the dawn raid. Janet Laveau (OSA Chief in the UK) slaps John McGhee across the face at 2:38.

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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Evidently OSA UK thinks protestors are terrified of their dogs, one of whom is Janet Laveau.
    Slapping a protestor in the face. My, my Janet, you have OT confront and super powerz.
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  16. i-Betty Member

    They had real dog teams - bloody great Alsatians - up by the front gates and in other places around the perimeter, so we couldn't understand it when they called 'Maverick' (that's right) over the radio and asked for a dog team to be sent down only to have the world's most cheerful Weimaraner turn up and lick us all. We wondered whether the Alsatians were just a deterrent and that they weren't actually licenced to use them to round up protesters.
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  17. i-Betty Member

    Axion142's trailer for the 'IAS 2014' footage. Call in the hounds!

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  18. i-Betty Member

    Axiom 142's 'IAS 2014 - Day 1'. Our plan was to get the Anon mask into the grounds and mingle with the guests but they managed to cut us off at the pass.

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  19. You went on to their property? You behaved as if you were insane? What exactly did you think that would accomplish other than to prove every fucking thing they say about us? Morons broke the first rule of protesting. Don't go on their property.

    I'm sure they are sitting around watching their videos of this incident in much the same way we are watching Marty's airport video and laughing their asses off at you.

    This wasn't a protest, it was a display of extreme arrogance and lack of judgement.
    Douchebags on parade
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  20. i-Betty Member

    Pete Griffiths' 'IAS Event 2014 protest' covering the Friday evening.

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  21. TorontosRoot Member

    Seems Mr sit on his/her arse didn't want to have fun. Boredom kills.
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  22. TorontosRoot Member

    Great videos, can't wait for more to arrive. Wish I could be there, but toronto is a LOOOOONG way from there. The dogs would've loved me.. :)
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  23. i-Betty Member

    I've corrected your typo. No need to thank me.
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  24. Depends on how far this got. 2 years ago I would have also said this was a stupid idea. However there seemed to be an ex Scientologist who wanted to get back her money upon she learned her IAS membership was cancelled. I think it is ok to ask friends to help and go with her to the place to talk about these things.
    This action probably was good for the ones wanting to leave and still in doubt.
    And it was proof the cult is not even able to protect holy places from protesting any more.
  25. i-Betty Member

    Part 2 of my videos. This is just a short one and covers the police persuading us to leave.

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  26. Axiom142 Member

    Day 2 by Ax - er, that's me!

    And, since I helped pay for the St Hill buildings and I'm a Lifetime member of the IAS, I consider that I have a perfect right to visit the place.

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  27. Oh shut the fuck up, Douchebags. We were hardly going to come into contact with any scilons if we stood on the country road outside. Rules? whose rules? There were no Anons on this protest, 3 exes and 3 never-ins. You stick to your keyboard.
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  28. Idiots. They went into the property. Idiots.

    The cult will use that against ex's and to fleece cultist of more money. Idiots.

    U don't know how to protest.
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    You are doing OSA's work, asshole. You are hurting the cause. Go fuck yourself and get Pete to audit your BTs
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  30. lol, go back to Facebook, moron.
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  31. another self righteous keyboard warrior
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  32. hahahahaha
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  33. pedrofcuk Member

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  34. Long time protester here. Protested in 5 states and more times than I can count in my own state.
    The only thing missing from this abortion of a protest is Vaseline and pubic hair. The idea behind protesting isn't to make the scilons think we're retarded. What did you accomplish here? Anyone gonna blow? Anyone want to find out why they should leave the cult? Did you leave the contact information for scilons who do blow?

    Bright light is assault, lol. Pete you giant attention whore just stfu please. Nothing about this raid was intended to do anything other than draw attention to the idiots who did it. Pete, you are the biggest fucktard of them all.

    Who paid for you to do this one? I didn't see a Gofundme link. It is bad enough your way was paid to come to the trainwreck you made of Flagdown. Now you do this? Whose side are you on Pete? Obviously not anons.
    Max Sterling
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  35. Axiom142 Member

    Funny how there is always someone who knows you are 'doin it wrong'?
    You do your thing and we will do ours, alright? When we are stuck outside the gates, the staff see virtually nothing of us and can stay in their bubble. We showed them that there are no OTs to make us go away just with a thought and we communicated directly to them. Who knows what will come of that?
    Or perhaps you want to come over to Stain Hill and show us how it should be done?
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  36. Pete was not part of the protest, if you'd bothered to look
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  37. DeathHamster Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Saint Hill Castle itself was built to accommodate for the continually growing number of students from all over the world who study the works of L.Ron Hubbard. Modelled off an 11th century English castle it is traditionally English with wide open hallways and a Great Hall that seats hundreds.

    It is situated in East Grinstead in 55 acres of breathtaking countryside complete with orchards, rolling hills, woodlands and even a lake for fishing and boating. It is a haven not only for Scientologists but people of all walks of life, such as photographers, writers, artists, tourists, couples, and just about anyone who simply wants to be captivated by the beauty and serenity that so few places can offer in today's world.
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  39. i-Betty Member

    See this? It's my nose scraping the carpet as I bow down before your might. Thank christ for people like you who are so generous with their expertise or how on earth would we have managed?

    You're just sad that in all your epic protesting - from one side of America to the other by the sounds of it (there goes my nose scraping the carpet again) - you never once had as much fun or made such a mockery of Scientology's remaining shreds of terror.

    I know he's a good looking bastard but you have a serious hang-up about Pete Griffiths. He wasn't there. If you'd watched the videos you'd have known that.

    Yes, we did give information to the clams who might wish to blow. We gave them housing and employment options, and we showed them ways of getting in touch with us. One scientologist sent a friend request to a protester from inside the IAS tent, then when he could he came outside and spoke with us at length before going back in to bring a friend out to meet us.

    You have your way of doing things, we have ours. The difference here is we don't cry like a baby over your methods. Peace.
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