IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Sep 8, 2009.

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    IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

    Found this on youtube. Apparently Scientology gives the added ability of making rugs. Kelly Reno is an IAS fundraiser. IE. she helps finance the fight against anonymous by conning Scientologists to pay up for Lawyers.

    YouTube - Kelly Reno
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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

    hmm now i know how to make a rug out of old t shirts
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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

    Really? Wow. How'd you find that out? LOL.
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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

    LOL @ first comment.
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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

  7. Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'


    I lol'd
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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

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    Re: IAS fundraiser finds money 'OBNOXIOUS'

    Just took a look at the video. My moma taught me "if you can say anything nice etc..." but really the woman, with her heavy make-up, plumped lips, bleached hair, and those clothes, lookes like a shopworn hooker.
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  14. And now they have a retard son: Kelly Reno jr. Nice work. OT dna.
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    I make ninja masks out of mine...
  16. First off I have so much dirt on Scientology especially the Hollywood branch, well the one off Fountain and Vermont. Kelly Reno isn’t married to Fred and have been divorced for years. She left him and left Scientology because she eventually found out the truth about the money scams and how Scientology turns men gay “Hence the divorce”. I worked closely with these people to know that they either have lost they’re business in construction or are on the ropes. I know a close friend who worked for fred and told me about how he would force his employees to take courses and or would get bombarded with Scientology org members at work illegally trying to get them to sign up. Also that Fred Reno would try to get his employees to get “going clear package” where even if you have bad credit, they somehow still manage to get you a credit line of over 20,000 dollars. Enjoy this thread anonymous. You know how to find me

  17. This isn't our first rodeo we've been gathering dirt on Scientology for many many years and from ex members who have assisted us in this endeavour, not to mention the various members we have undercover in some orgs.

    Now please go fuck yourself and don't try to tell us what we don't already know tvm.

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