IAS Goals for 1985: 200,000 members

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  1. Here is an excerpt of Impact magazine, issue #3 from 1985. It features various events and festivities, but also the goals of the IAS for 1985. They would cease to publish any figures on the IAS membership in 1988.

    Goals-1985-1.jpg Goals-1985-2.jpg Goals-1985-3.jpg Goals-1985-4.jpg
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  2. Anonymous Member

    The part about computerization is interesting...
  3. The figure of 200,000 is quite telling. I'm going to take an educated guess and suggest that in 1985 there were maybe 20,000 total IAS members, roughly equivalent to the number of active Scientologists (as one could not hold certifications, etc., without IAS membership).
  4. Probably less than 20,000. The IAS had been founded one year earlier. I am sure that by 1985 they hadn't managed yet to round up all existing Scientologists "in good standing" and to force them an IAS membership down their throat.
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