Idea: Motorcycle convoys at protest

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anonimoo, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. anonimoo Member

    Idea: Motorcycle convoys at protest

    Here's an interesting idea I had after seeing the Patriot Guard Riders in my town. It was amazing seeing like 300 or so motorcycles go by. Think there are enough anons on bikes or who are into bikes who might be able to get a bunch of guys on motorcycles to ride by some of the protests in a show of support? Even 20 or 30 bikes at one of the larger rallies making a few passes would be impressive. Granted they might get their license plates, but I would think the CoS isn't dumb enough to try fair gaming a bunch of bikers. Word of that got out and every biker in the country would be picketing them too.

    Would it be good for us or would it give us an image of rebellious trouble making that the cos might exploit?
  2. anon1111 Member

    Re: Idea: Motorcycle convoys at protest

    Good idea, my only concerns are:
    Like you said, bikes (and plates) could be used to ID anons.
    Some old people still think motorcycle = Hell's angel or Squid.
  3. Anon9000+1 Member

    Re: Idea: Motorcycle convoys at protest


    The scene of hundreds of motorcylers riding constantly around our protests would give the ammo for "intimidation".

    Also, as media is concerned, it would possibly give the look of chaos and civil unrest.
  4. Annon514 Member

    Re: Idea: Motorcycle convoys at protest

    We're in the middle of a snow store right now and more snow on friday...I doubt the weather will be much better for someone to bring out their motorcycle.

    But the lucky people who never get snow...they can do it :evil:

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