Ideal Org and List of Buildings Bought And Are Still Vacant

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Mar 9, 2009.

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    Archived from Club Theta:
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    Scientology opens a new ‘Ideal Org’ in Basel this weekend — nearly a year after its last one

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker

    Our man in Paris — British journalist Jonny Jacobsen — has a special report for us today about what’s been happening in Switzerland. Almost a year since the last new “Ideal Org” opened in Sydney on May 4, 2014, a new one is set to open this weekend. That’s a much slower pace than Scientology leader David Miscavige was on in past years, an indication perhaps of how much more difficult it has become to raise funds from a dwindling membership.

    Jacobsen has been talking to the locals, and he sets us up for this weekend’s festivities.
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  8. The Basel polizei will not care about what we do. You can shout and be on the clams faces as you like. Yes you are allowed to carry your Victorinox. The polizei is no problem we run this. Pete and John will not have problems and they can be as crazy as they can be. Only thing you cannot do is shoot everything else you can. See you.
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    Friendly cops are friendly
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    Jonny Jacobsen @jonnymcj · 9 minutes ago
    Jonny Jacobsen retweeted Wilfried Handl
    As billed, it got loud in Basel Saturday, as #Scientology protesters made their feelings known.

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    Basel Ideal Org Opening | Sec Check

    Official Scientology photos of the opening of the Ideal Org in Basel, Switzerland today. We haven’t done a close examination yet, but there seem to be more people in these photos than others we have seen from non-Scientologists. Let us know what you find.


    Looks like Miscavige still can't even smile convincingly.
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  13. The far-reaching humanitarian responsibility marked by the Ideal Org’s opening was not lost on Dr. Bauer, who emphasized, “This Ideal Org is a stronghold for all your social programs. Yes, with the opening of this Ideal Org you bear a responsibility to make it a bastion for good upon the hills of Basel. And I have every faith that you will.”
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    I was in New Haven today. I went by the org with someone. Their was a green light so, the person who was driving wizzed by the org.
    COS's smaller org down the street from their vacant and foreclosed and untouched "ideal org" is now a dress shop on the bottom floor.:p
    They must be totally upstairs and couldn't afford the bottom floor any more.
    Expansion MY ASS!!!
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  15. oxfe5lj-jpg.247630.jpg
    Scientology ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige:
    ''Our Scientology Ideal Orgs are expanding explosively.''

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    I wanted to add, that I don't want people getting this dress shop confused with the one that used to be on their corner that has since closed down for quite a while now.
    The COS used to have the corner spot, (on Whalley Ave) the whole middle windows, (two sides with display window) and the upstairs. Now it is just the upstairs with a sign on the front door that is just a piece of paper (from a printer) that reads Church of Scientology and Hubbard Dianetics at the top of the door.
    I don't even know if they are up there for sure.
    This piece of paper sign is on the same door that Burt Levy and company encountered when they were on the Suppressive -Palooza Tour. Or whatever they called it.
    In the video, it shows that they were talking to a woman that was standing at the door and wouldn't come out. Behind her is a set of stairs that leads upstairs.
    Also, their professional metal sign that used to be hanging from a post on their building so sidewalk traffic can see it, is long gone too.
    Their huge vacant "ideal org" up the street that they regged thousands and thousands of dollars for from Ct. Scientologists chumps is still foreclosed and of course not one repair has ever been done to it. Going on ten years since they purchased it?
    Next time I drive to Ct, I will get another update.
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