Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

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    Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    There are a gazillion threads about Ideal Orgs, but no one has bothered to start collecting this data. The amount of real estate and the money involved is staggering, but it skates under the radar of IRS and media because there are less then ten people willing to ever compile data. The dollars, dates, and this Ideal Org fundraising scam needs to finally be exposed. We need a list or maybe a wiki page with all of the empty buildings $$ donated and how long they sat empty until the publics were blackmailed into renovations $$.

    In addition to just knowing which Ideal Orgs even exist, it would be good to compile a list of what to do when the Ideal Org Campaign comes to your town. There is a very basic formula followed for fundraising.

    There is a also lot of undocumented knowledge about getting info about zoning, building permits, grand opening road closure permits. They are basically using "chapel" zoning to shove in these mega-book stores and use slave labor to do the renovations which may not be to code. There is great potential for win, but you fags don't even know when or where they are getting the zoning approved, or bringing in this two week renovations. A lot more of these rush builds are planned this year.

    tl;dr We need to get dates and intel on the Org below that DM is opening and also remind him of all the building they already bought that sit "Idle". Finally it would be nice to document how empty these new mega-million dollar monstrosities are after the band and the buses leave town.

    Berlin, Germany;
    London, England;
    Johannesburg, South Africa;
    Madrid, Spain;
    San Jose
    Los Gatos
    San Francisco
    Buffalo [1]
    New York City

    From DM's "THE CAMPAIGN" video & New Years Event Press Release:
    2009 COMPLETED
    Ft. Harrison ($40 million restoration)
    Malmo (Ideal Org)
    Dallas (Ideal Org)
    Nashville (Ideal Celebrity Centre) [1]
    Rome (Ideal Org) [1]
    Washington, DC (Ideal Org) [1]

    2010 COMPLETED
    Quebec City (Ideal Org)
    Las Vegas (Ideal Celebrity Centre)

    2010 Ideal Orgs SCHEDULED TO OPEN (according to DM)
    Pasadena (purchased for $12M) (current state)
    Inglewood (possible thread) (pics of renderings)
    Seattle ($3.7 million in 2005) (current state)
    Harlem (bought for $10M in 2003) (pics of rendering)
    Portland (can't afford renovations on $5.4M bldg, plan to sell and buy a new new bldg?)(thread)
    Twin Cities / St. Paul Minnesota (purchased June 2007) (status)
    Mexico City
    Tel Aviv
    Melbourne [1] [2]
    Sydney ($12 million bid to add two stories to bldg) [1]
    Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    a "newly constructed 375,000-square-foot Church HQ in Clearwater"(SuperPowah?)

    *** From latest QC Press Release
    (needs updated)
    Atlanta/Sandy Springs (purchased in 2004 for $5M)(zoning not approved, currently suing)
    New Haven CT (bought for $1.5M in 2003, saw pics of demolition)
    Columbus (purchased in 2008 for $2.8M ($2M from in donations), renovations $500k raised so far of $3M to $4M)
    Kansas City (purchased in 2007 for $4M)
    St. Louis (status)
    Chicago (bought in 2007)
    Detroit (purchased in 2007/2008 for $3.5M, $4M raised in donations, zoning approved) (thread)
    Phoenix (not purchased yet, $7M fundraising goal)
    Albuquerque (bought in 2007 for $2.2M, now being rented to some store)
    San Diego (purchased for $9.8M? in 2007)
    Santa Ana Orange County (purchased in 2006) [1]
    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Cunningham Building for $7.85 million)
    Plymouth, UK (thread)
    Northumbia (Gateshead UK) (purchased in 2007)
    Manchester UK (chained & locked up, and no planning permission, 3 yrs since withdrew application)
    Birmingham UK (purchased in 2008 for 6 million) (thread)
    Toronto (needs renovations)
    Montreal (purchased in 2007 for $4.25M) ($5- to $10-million for renovations) [1]
    Winnipeg (do they have a bldg?)
    Canada AO & CLO (purchased June 2009, renovate 190 acre retreat outside Toronto 159,400 sq. ft.)
    Mexico Latin Am AO & CLO - Palmas Plaza in Las Lomas (bought mall June 2009 254,000 sq. ft.)
    ?Ascot Vale / Victoria Australia (purchased in 2007 for 7 million)
    ?Durbin Bldg South Africa (bought for 12.5 mil in 2007)
    ?New Zealand (136 Grafton Rd for 10 mil??)
    Budapest (purchased in Aug 2005, monies raised for reno in 2006.. still empty)
    .... many ....
    .... many more .... (needs updated)

    For the wiki need this stuff...
    Las Vegas, Purchased October 2005, $2.9M purchase, $3M renovations, 3.71-acre parcel, Grand Opening 2/6/2010
    Seattle,   Purchased 02/16/05 $3.7M,   Bldg Permits Date,   Renovations $?,   Total Donations Initial,   Total Donations Reno,   Opening Date
    Many, many of these links below have these details like dates and dollars, but this effort keeps getting repeated and is totally unorganized.

    2009 LRH Birthday Party (skip to TCR21:05) [ame=]video of DM talking about the Ideal Org push (RuTube)[/ame]
    (12/2009) ****
    (4/2009) Fundraiser using Ideal Org leather Special Edition Dianetics
    (12/2009) Scilon Press Release with details of 2009 Ideal Org stats and dates

    RHill's Scientology-linked real estates (same data in .csv)
    RHill's Scilon Press Clippings timeline of org openings
    ESMB thread on Org bldgs

    (7/2009) Ideal Org webpage URLs summary (need updated) ****

    (3/2009) Ideal Org buildings rough list ****

    (4/2009) (general pictures of Orgs)


    Other gathered data (Ideal Org Grand Openings):
    11/17/2003 Buffalo "a crowd estimated by organizers at 1,400"

    4/4/2009 Malmo 72,000 sq. ft. "acquired, designed, renovated and opened in less than six months"
    4/11/2009 Dallas 41,000 sq. ft.
    4/25/2009 Nashville "over 3,000 guests" 36,000 sq. ft.
    10/24/2009 Rome "more than 6,000 people" 69,000 sq. ft.
    10/31/2009 Washington DC "nearly 3,000 Scientologists and guests" 49,000 sq. ft.
    1/23/2010 Brussels "Nearly 1,000 Scientologists and their guests" 88,000 sq. ft.
    1/30/2010 Quebec City "More than 1,000 people" and "1,500 Scientologists and their guests" 47,000 sq. ft.
    2/??/2010 Las Vegas
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    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    So I'm hoping for posts where we can group data into something useful.

    Link to WWP Ideal Org thread: ??
    Link to IdealOrg webpage: ??
    Link to List of donors: ??
    Old Org Bldg for sale/sold: ??
    Link to listing/property record old org: ??
    Link to listing/property record new org: ??
    Purchase date: 10/??/2005
    Purchase amount: $2.9M
    Link to purchase record/news article: ??
    Sq ft or details: ??, 3.71-acre parcel
    Zoning or Planning submitted: ??
    Zoning approved date: ??
    Link to plans or zoning: ??
    Renovation amount: $3M
    Renovations start date: ??
    Grand Opening date: 2/6/2010
    Link to idle pics: ??
    Link to computer renderings: ??
    Link to finished pics: ??
    Current status:

    (this might be revised.. looking for input)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    PLEASE DO NOT PASTE pics and stuff in here. Go find the Pasadena Ideal Org thread and update that and only include the links in here. Don't want a bunch of pics and copy pasta.

    For instance if someone wants to put all the info about Pasadena Ideal Org, just include status, dates, etc. and Here is what it looked like in December 2009
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Final thought. It would be nice to document the lies by scientology on inflating the numbers for the openings, to show their PR machine lies about their numbers over and over again. Show photographic proof against their claims.

    11/17/2003 Buffalo "a crowd estimated by organizers at 1,400" [1] (pic of opening)

    4/4/2009 Malmo 72,000 sq. ft. "acquired, designed, renovated and opened in less than six months"
    4/11/2009 Dallas 41,000 sq. ft.
    4/25/2009 Nashville "over 3,000 guests" 36,000 sq. ft.
    10/24/2009 Rome "more than 6,000 people" 69,000 sq. ft.
    10/31/2009 Washington DC "3,000 Scientologists and guests" 49,000 sq. ft.
    1/30/2010 Quebec City "More than 1,000 people"

    eg. for QC we have (high res crowd) (PR photo) (newspaper shot) (PR shot)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    You have "Twin Cities" listed twice - once for "2010" and once for "unknown/forgotten". I don't know which is the correct. Minnfags might know.

    Kansas City is missing from the list. It was purchased in 2007, but I've not been able to find any information on when it's supposed to be open, so it needs to go on the "forgotten" list.
  6. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    its been entirely empty with no discernible activity since 2008
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Fixed: [wiki]Ideal_Orgs[/wiki]
  9. ravenanon Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Sandy Springs Ga is on hold until the lawsuit is settled.

    I can write up something about what ATL did to fight the rezoning, but I have zero wiki experience.

    I'll look for the info on the org today and tomorrow
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Dear faggots. There are 13 Ideal Orgs to be opened after Vegas. Is it really too difficult to update the status on 13 fucking buildings? Why can't we find out what renovations are being done, how much money they still needed, and check for building permits for these buildings?

    DM is winning the game because you fags are too lazy.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Purchased new bldg 12/27/2002
    Deed is in the name of CST
    Purchased for $300,000
    Renovations $1.4M
    Grand Opened 11/17/2003 (DM was there)
    "a crowd estimated by organizers at 1,400"
    "volunteers from around the globe to repair and restore the building"
    Buffalo Scientology Info
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn


    as of a week ago, otherwise no change
  13. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Added property info for the Cbus idle org to the wiki
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Just a warning, I created the "Ideal Org" tag less than two weeks ago. That means I will have backward-tag all news items related to Scn's Ideal Org stuff. The way I do this is each I review the "On This Day" items of the day and ensure the tags are up to date. This means it can take over a year before a search of "Ideal Org" returns a complete and accurate list of all news items related to "Ideal Org." In the mean time, using "Real Estate" is recommanded -- of course you will have to determine whether the item has anything to do with "Ideal Org":
    Scientology library: “Real estate”

    Yes, acquired Feb. 2008 (one of those nice historical building):
    33 Princess Street
    Winnipeg MB
    aka "Peck Building"
    Scientology-linked real estate: 33 Princess Street Winnipeg MB
  15. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    I'm sure the other Nashfags will have more/better information, but we know that for the Nashville Ideal they spent 6 millio justn to buy the building and we have intel that they did some MAJOR renovation on top of that. I think it was worth [strike]1.5[/strike] 1.8?

    EDIT: Sauce found:
  16. Zhent Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Sydney Org
    Purchased November 1979 for $800000, opened December 16 1979
    There has been much back and forth over the years on whether the Sydney Org would be upgraded to the Ideal org, or if they will buy another for the Ideal.

    The original 'upgrade' proposal (D/2007/580) was submitted on 4/4/07 with an estimated cost of $11,825,000. This was withdrawn a few months later, probably after they realised they couldn't afford it. After much of the back and forth, a new proposal (D/2008/1991) was submitted 17/11/08 and approved 1/6/09, surprisingly for a higher estimated cost of $11,964,272.

    In July 2009 things finally got serious when they shut down the building and moved to a 'temp' org down the road, they claimed they would be back in less then a year.

    8 Months later and no work has been done on upgrading Sydney Org to Ideal. From leaked emails we know its been 8 months (8 years really...) of hard regging.

    Curiously enough I found out that the amount of money to be raised has dropped, later in 2009 the amount needed dropped from $12mil to $8.5mil (12 seems to be the 'public' figure), and also at that time they had $2.25Mil left to raise, although this number seems to bounce around a bit depending on the source.
    From the latest leaked emails we are informed renovations are due to start on the 15th of March this year, although they STILL have not finished raising the money.

    Pics and futher reading - Update on the Sydney Ideal Org situation - Ex Scientologist Message Board
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Ideal Org and Ideal Celebrity Centre
    near the corner of Eastern and Emerson
    June 2005 fundraising began [1]
    October 2005 purchased for $2.9 million (36,845 square feet on 3.71-acre parcel)
    another $3 million on renovations
    zoning/ plans approved in June 2009 then Martin-Harris Construction began construction
    (renovations were supposed to be done by Nov 2009) (pics of renovations)
    opened 2/6/2009

    Scientology ups profile
    "will keep their building on East Sahara Avenue near State Street and may use it for administrative purposes, Calley said."

    "During neighborhood meetings, Giunchigliani said, only a few nearby residents expressed reservations. Residents mostly had other types of questions, the typical ones about parking and the renovated building’s height, Giunchigliani said."

    (Aug 2009) "three Scientology representatives also met with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Las Vegas City Councilmen Gary Reese and Steve Ross to talk about their expansion plans and, Calley said, to introduce them to the church’s anti-drug and human rights programs."
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Found this on a scilon Freedom Mag website from 2009?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Interesting facts from the LRH Bday fundraising race. Please if any of you OG have emails, please copy pasta them for the Jan & Feb data.

    "Seattle and Pasadena now completed with their fundraising"

    Sacramento -- "putting on an event this weekend that nailed $1.2 million in cash & pledges, with a healthy chunk of that coming in this week. They are have Ron's Birthday in their sights for their completion date, the next org fully done!"
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    more renderings from above.
    [spoiler="click to see renderings"]
    St. Louis
    Tel Aviv
    No6Ip.jpg [/spoiler]
  22. ravenanon Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    ATL purchase info: 17-NOV-05 $5,600,000

    not opening until the the rezoning lawsuit is done. Org looks like hell and is not maintained
  23. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    Post by Barry Alden from a blog which shall remain nameless:

  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    It would be nice if the information was transfred to the wiki.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    It would be. But every last faggot and OG are some completely fucking useless. They would rather make shitty threads and write tons of words on useless shit.

    Chanology is so fucking lame and toothless now, they can't even spend 10 mins to google up some shit about a single Ideal Org, or copy some shit into a wiki. It is really sad.

    I mostly made this thread to confirm my suspicions about how completely over wwp is and I hope someone unplugs the server soon, because there are plenty of places on the internets where people can bawww about Herro and OSA spais.

    DM has won because people here are too dumb to hound all his efforts to get bldg permits and illegal labor and construction they pull off in everyone of these cities. It would be a huge win. Sadly the last google ninjas have left, except some effort by RHill and Chef. It cracks me up the number of people all interested in doing nothing. Just transfer all the user accts to ESMB, and pack up the server.
  26. failboat Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    I couldn't find the right thread to post this in, so I'm giving up and posting it here.

    Nashville's Metro Historic Commission just gave an award to Nashville CC/Ideal Org.

    Metro Historic Commission honors homes, buildings | | The Tennessean

  27. sci and tell Member

    Re: Ideal Org megathread, research and srsbzn

    From this video:
    Here is Juan Bogan. He was on staff at LA Org in the early 2000s.


    This is Jason Dohring:


    And no, the reference about "old man" has nothing to do with Jenna. It's referring to L. Ron Hubbard... as in seeing the dude in some future life.

    jason dohring - Google Search

    Jason Dohring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  28. getbeckyout Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Right, where's the sodding wiki page?

    Is there one? Or not?

    I am happy to spend a few days this week getting info for as many euro-IOs as I can. Google-ninjaing not always required. Phone calls to civic authorities/libraries often effective.

    If someone fancies either linking to the official wiki for this info I would be very happy. Or should I set one up? Fuck it.
  30. Perikles Member

    Fucked it.

    Right faggots, wiki link is here:

    Will start inputting dataz. Instruction will be at top of wiki.

    Now do things.

    Edit: All infoz on this page have been input. Will put on my journalist hat tomrrow and get people to delve into the archives for UK infoz.

    Anyone to lazy to learn how to use a wiki (hey, I managed it in half an hour...and that was doing it the hard way), drop info here and I'll put it in. but I'd prefer for you to do so, TBH.
  31. another123 Member

    Tallest Scientology Bldg Still Vacant After 5 Years
    Cunningham Building, Philadelphia
    Party Wall Like A Rockstar
    last few paragraphs:
    ...But on June 15th, 2007, at the very peak of the boom, in an event that perhaps no one predicted, Goldman sold the tower and retail box to the Church of Scientology for a cool 7.8 mil. The good ol’ Cunningham Building would now set another world record…it would be the tallest building in the Church of Scientology. This event made headlines, pushing the tower into a limelight it had not had since it opened. Some people balked at the idea of the structure having this kind of use, but at least SOMEONE was seeing the value of A. J. Sauer’s masterwork.
    Five years since the sale, despite plans, no alterations have been completed. Proposed alterations of the building, though extensive, still keep the original exterior relatively intact. One rendering even has a vertical sign on the side saying “SCIENTOLOGY”, hearkening back to the old timey party wall signs.
    Hopefully, they’ll get the renovations going some time soon–and I mean very soon. The Cunningham Building has been disrespected enough by neglect. It deserves to be put back in use. Eleven years of sitting empty is never good for a building. I don’t care who will be the one to do it… just get it done already.
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  32. onceborn Member

    The Plymouth (UK) Ideal Org building is rotting away as we speak

    There are some pictures I took of it myself, and background information in my blog post here: (6th of June 2014)
    I followed this post up when the CofS back-pedalled about its 'restoration' in a local newspaper article.
    (3rd of September 2014)

    As I write (the 25th of October 2014) nothing has changed (except the building has crumbled just a little bit more)
    Inviting place, isn't it?

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  33. ravenanon Member

    Is the scary wall part of them or just next to it?
  34. Anonymous Member

    I was wonder that as well. Also creepy spiky things.
  35. onceborn Member

    The wall surrounds the Devonport Royal Dockyard, and passes behind the 'Ideal Org' building leaving only a narrow alley. The "Creepy Spiky things" are a charming combination of barbed and razor wire.

    This strange location is due to the fact that the building was originally provided by a charity as refuge for visiting sailors and an alternative to the red light district half-an-hour's walk away in Union Street . It explains why an attempt to run it as a Hotel when it was first sold off eventually failed - the location was totally unsuitable (and unsympathetic).

    Sorry to took so long to reply.
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  36. Incredulicide Member

    Tampa Org, actual caption: “Tampa is going Double Saint Hill Size!!! In the last 7 weeks we have had 43 new staff join our team! We still need more though. Who do you know that would WANT to be part of this team and game? We are expanding and looking for upstat, qualified beings to join the crusade. Let us know!”
    43 new staff eh? Then why couldn't they even get 20 signatures on that thing?

    I also wonder how many of those signatures are old staff who finished a 2½ or 5 year contract and got talked into a new one.

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