Ideas for 3/15 FOCUSED MESSAGE

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Dagon Akujin, Feb 12, 2008.


What Focus should be taken for 3/15?

#2. TAX EXEMPTION 0 vote(s) 0.0%
#3. CHILDREN 0 vote(s) 0.0%
#4. SILENCING OF CRITICISM 0 vote(s) 0.0%
#6. THE CRIMES OF SCIENTOLOGY 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Dagon Akujin Member

    Ideas for 3/15 FOCUSED MESSAGE

    2/10 was an amazing success, and I do not think that the chaos in the message was a bad thing at that time. There is simply so much insanity rolled into that little cult that it can take weeks to take it all in and figure it all out. However, this can be a problem for the general public, and it is being suggested in numerous places that we need a more focused message for 3/15. Let's suggest them in this thread, and then choose one to disseminate to the rest of the internets.


    We can talk about "disconnection" and the "force abortions". We can focus on just about everything about being harmfull for children too, though I think that needs it's own possible focus point. Child slavery, RPF, the idea that kids are the same as adults (including sexually). Sea Org gets 1 hour of family time a day?


    Why do Scientology religious schools get tax exemption in the U.S. when others do not? Why can they charge fees for religious knowledge, when others do not. Could you copyright the Bible? Operation Snow White.

    #3. CHILDREN

    This would be much like the family angle, but more focused. Tax exemption for schools. Not teaching normal classes in school, but sticking only to Scientology ideas. Children being included in sex acts? Get Applied Scholastics and Study Tech out of schools. Children being removed from parents. Forced abortions. Children being locked-up? Gabriel Scott Williams.


    Copyright infringment notices. Fair game. Harassment of critics. Operation Freak Out. R2-45. Lawsuits and practicing law as a way to harass. Ex-Sci being afraid of retaliation.


    Do you know any OT's with cancer? Why did LRH die? "You have families who love you." Is smoking really not bad for you? Is the RTC keeping you from reaching your next level? Could the Orgs be managed better? Are you ever treated unfairly by the church? Do you miss your friends who've "blown"? "We won't sec check or reg you over here." Is Miscavige the right leader?


    This one simply might be too big and chaotic. Lisa McPherson. Kidnappings in France. Operation Freak Out. Operation Snow White. LRH sentenced to 4 years in prison. Large weapon purchases. Gabriel Scott Williams. Donald Anthony Strawn.

    This is not to say that the message chosen is the only one that should be used. No matter what course is taken, all other messages would be okay. But it'd be good to have most people on the same wavelength, and push that to the media.

    Add more ideas and add to the ideas above. We need to get the ideas down so we can make a concrete selection and get our people informed for the 15th.
  2. Bumblefuck Member

    Well damn, maybe we ARE a hive-mind :\
  3. r00tdenied Member

    Gotta go with tax exemption on this one. Its a hot issue, there is a court case going on about it. If we make people aware of it, some might be inclined or infuriated enough to write their representatives, etc.

    Remember what WBM said. The tax exemption is Co$'s biggest vulnerability.
  4. boborely Member

    I was going to say David Miscaivage. But Tax Exemption status is more important...
  5. Dagon Akujin Member

    I'm going with #3. My "TaxExemptChildAbuse" placard not only was mouthed out by over a hundred cars of soccer moms, despite being rather nonsensical, it got about 4 seconds on the news.

    But no matter what is selected or decided, there can and should be a different focus for the next time. That way nobody is upset, and all of these can have their day in the public square.
  6. Of course, everyone will still focus on what they want to.

    Just for the sake of argument though, there's little point in saying tax exemption should be focused on for the protests. That's only needed in the US(don't think any other countries SUPPORT them with tax exempt status), and there are protests all around the world. Personally, I'm focused on tax exemption because I'm in the US, but, a person in say... London... would look like an idiot saying "OH YEA, REMOVE SCIENTOLOGY'S TAX EXEMPTION!"
  7. Dagon Akujin Member

    What countries do give special status to the Co$ due to its "religious" label?
  8. r00tdenied Member

    I believe they have exemption in Australia as well.
  9. TAX EXEMPT CENSORSHIP is a good one, too.


    We could still focus on the various crimes, with the tax exemption added.

    Stuff like:





    ETA: It'd be pretty hard to call Anonymous a "religious hate group" if signs are focused on their tax status
  10. For countries where it's relevant, tax exemption's probably going to be the main focus for this one.

    The church in my area is right next to an H&R Block; I think I might make a sign that just says "IRONY." in huge letters with an arrow pointing across the street to them.
  11. Dagon Akujin Member

    If lots of people are supporting the Tax Exempt focus, what do you suggest is the message to the people? How can we make it stand out? How can we make the "common people" get it? How do we get around the thought that "Hey, all other religions are tax exempt, so why can't this church be that way too?"

    Just some thoughts that need analization.
  12. Crime Syndicate
    of Scientology!

    Now with MORE 'Tax Exempt!'
  13. Since 3/15 is going to be another world-wide event, it would be good if there were mostly one cohesive theme. Individual Anon are always going to go with what they think is important, though, so it's not like all bases won't be covered. There will be signs about everything.

    We've gotten the world's attention, which is great. Anything about the CoS that can be brought to the public eye is great.

    What would be greatest, though, is to get the attention of people who are still on the inside of the CoS. They are trapped in a fishbowl.

    tl;dr Focus on David Miscaivage. Everyone knows that child abuse, etc. are bad. Tax exemption is a country-by-country issue, even if it is an end-goal. But every CoS everywhere has David M.
  14. Anon92 Member

    I don't think we should talk about the tax exemption, it only applies to the US (at least I think), I think we should focus on Free Speech or Families.
  15. If everyone is in this for the long run like they say they are... you need to start planning for a long term push.... this could take a up to a few years... the fact is co$ has gotten intertwined with all kinds of beaurocracies so we have to go through the beaurocracies to get them out... therefore it will take time.

    I think everyone would agree that the co$ is run srictly off of and for fiscal gain. I have heard reports that as of right now they are having trouble allocating fluid assets to construct their superpower center in florida.
    If this is the case the thing that will hurt the co$ the most is losing taxexemption in the united states because this is where they are based and making the majority of their income. This WILL be the steak through the vampires heart. BUT... If you think that tax exemption should be our next step I would beg to differ. I would say that wanting to focus on tax exemption right off is extrememly short sighted.

    My reasons for saying this being....
    1. Anon is leigon.... but not leigon enough
    2. Anon has a large group of bodies not of the age to vote
    3. We need more allis
    4. We need a large public outcry against co$'s crimes...

    I know alot of you aren't going to like what im saying because no matter what she does, in your eyes your mom isn't cool...

    But our greatest alli will without a doubt be conservitave soccer moms with judeo christian beleifs....

    The reason why is...
    1. They can vote
    2. Their loud and outspoken
    3. They call government officials for fun
    4. Govenment officials listen to them
    5. They have nothing better to do than bug the hell out of govenrmrnt officials and send chainmail to eachother about e-mailing officials when officials won't listen.

    You get soccer moms on your side scientology is for lack of a better term fucked.

    The best way to do such a thing is to pull at their heart strings. Because we all know they get most agressive when their emotional and won't shutup till their heard.

    When your holding signs that tell about scientology forcing abortions, or mr hubbard performing abortions with a coat hanger, and how he thinks that children should be included in sex with adults... you are going to win 90% over immediately... the other 10% will have to visit to decide to join our ranks...

    Therefore I compel all of Anonymous please focous on rules #3 and #1 for the 15th!!! The news will eat this stuff up! We just can't be all over the board, otherwise they wont know what to focus on. If we get the media coverage and the message across we have the masses and the war is downhill from there.

    Again Please people turn this poll around!!! #'s1 and 3 should be running away with this!!!!
  16. Dagon Akujin Member

    ^^^^^ Tax exemption being revoked should be our goal, but it shouldn't be our next step.

    Do something to get the general populace ticked off first.
  17. Halle Lidner Member

    My opinion: I think that we should focus on corruption in the church and its insidious workings in society, from LRH through Miscavige, with a lot of focus on the stuff in the "Violence against Psychiatry" video, as well as other abuses of staff and members.

    I think we should save the Tax Exemption protest for APRIL. Why?

    --- First of all, when we protest Tax Exemption we shouldn't be doing it at the SciOrgs, guys! That protest should go to the GOVERNMENT! We need to picket our State and Federal offices, as well as do a letter writing campaign.

    --- The other reason we should do it in April is obviously that it's topical. April 15 is tax day after all. It's the best time to get the message to people.

    I think we need to build up to the Tax Exemption protest and our argument needs to be STRONG and timed for the greatest impact. We should use the March protest to get the word out about the "Church"'s corruption to everyone in order to prepare for the April assault.

    Edit: Also, in April, I think countries where Scientology does not have tax exempt status should perhaps instead focus on informing the people that this is the case -- that their government has not recognized them as a religion, so the whole "religious bigot" thing is hogwash. And in the UK people should talk about Scientology's abuse of libel laws.
  18. Magoo Member

    Here's my take:

    March IS L. Ron Hubbard's b-day. I'm all for removing Scientology's Tax Exemption, and mentioned it early on to Anonymous. However, that is a
    "Long term goal" (It's going to take quite some time to make it happen).

    Taxes are a bit cold---families are very warm, near and dear to most of our hearts. I'd say yes---people get going on examining Scientology's Tax Shield----and the abuses of it.

    Meantime, in March have a B-day Party for ALL the families who have lost
    loved ones to Scientology. Each city could have family members speak to the media about losing *their*loved one. See? It's hot---it's something people get behind. Taxes is a longer haul, won't happen right away, and thus less chance of media. Sorry---but I'm geared to media as the more media you get, the more people shall join in.

    My 2 cents :wink:

  19. alsocake Member

    Magoo, I love you. I even want an "I <3 Magoo" tshirt and everything :)
  20. Tax exemption is a US/Aus/UK problem. That being said, I don't know if that should be the focus of our next protest.

    We need something to pull on the heart strings of the average man/woman (ideally we need the soccer mums on our side, you ever seen them a PTA meetings?? They will seriously research and dominate Co$ if they get heavily involved) that way when we do attack them on the tax exempt front we'll have a better chance of pulling it through.

    That being said, if we can make the average joe understand what s/he is missing out on because of the missed taxes, we might be able to get some extra support. (Kinda like how anti war supporters will use the cost of the war to pull on the heart strings of people. E.g 1 day in Iraq is equivalent to this and that).
  21. LeJean Member

    While removing their tax exemption in the US/Aus(they dont have an exemption in the UK, they just refuse to pay) is probably the most damaging result we could hope to achieve, split families would carry much more of an emotional impact. Also it would make for much better headlines in the tabloids (the sun gave us some quite favourable coverage so far).

    Now i'm just going to shoot myself in the foot for suggesting we play to the red tops >.<
  22. anon000 Member

    Re: Ideas for 3/15 FOCUSED MESSAGE

    Just a word about the copyrighted religious texts: Many modern translations of the Bible are copyrighted. It causes a lot of trouble between translations because sometimes a new version will have to re-word sections to not be identical to other translations. Even though the translations are copyrighted, many are available for free online (legally).

    I just thought I would throw this out there since I've seen quite a few people bring up this point.

    Heres a link with information: ... ious_works

    Here is a fun Jack Chick rant: ... yright.asp
  23. i think that #'s 1,3,and 6 can intertwine with one another.
    tax exemption should be agreed to be the long term goal.
    but the way that scientology silences critics is kind of a moot point as of right now because i havent heard of any lawsuits resulting from last sundy... we all know how they roll but when you rock the boat the oars can fall out... they aren't using their usual tactics anymore... before we attack an old tactic we should see what they decide to do next.

    im actually kind of curious to see if people who have already voted have changed their minds... maybe dagon could make a new poll....
  24. Seeing as the 15th is the day the celebrate LRH, I can't help but feel that that's the time to air all his dirty laundry.
  25. Dagon Akujin Member

  26. I'm going with the Scientologist themself. Create doubt within the lower ranks of COS and things will slowly cripple from the bottom to the top.

    Family, Sea.Org, childeren etc will prolly tie into this as well.
  27. Dagon Akujin Member

  28. Uncle Anon Member

    This is a brilliant slogan. Two huge ideas in four words. Just brilliant. Well done!
  29. Vort Member

    Silencing of Criticism is the big one for me. Operation Snow White, the biggest government infiltration in US history.
  30. BugSauce Member

    In the US, at least, a spotlight on tax exemption is a very good idea right now. Sure, April is when people are sending in their taxes, but March is when they're doing them. It'll be much more effective if people have the CoS's special priveleges in mind while they're struggling with their own taxes; there's a sense of injustice that comes about simply from having to do all that confusing paperwork, and if the CoS is nagging at the back of their minds while they do it...

    Moreover, once the IRS starts digging, the whole house of cards is going to start falling apart. Then it will be easier to expose the rest. I'm certainly not saying don't focus on the other points at all, but taxes are the keystone. Pull that stone out and the church will crumble. Then we can dig justice out of the rubble. So I, personally, will be focusing on that angle.

    Finally, something to keep in mind so we don't get discouraged: even with our message as scattered and full of noise as it was on the 10th, we succeeded in raising an INCREDIBLE amount of awareness. We've gotten real results, even being totally off-message in some places. We don't have to agree on a single focus to be effective.
  31. An0nYm0use Member

    1: Have a Main Topic - Tax Exemption.

    2: The rest subtopics. All their Base belong etc.

    3: Produce Clear Concise 1 page PDF for each.

    4: On each PDF have two or three EPIC enlarged Soundbites.

    5: Mass Flood Internet and iRL with PDFs

    6 :
    in prep for pants down situation of media asking "So what is Anonymous?"

    Produce a 1 page pdf explaining in a concise and simple way what Anonymous is. The culture. The history. The idea.

    For all the AnonyMoMs and never-will-be New****
  32. BugSauce Member

    Oh, I should add --

    I'm in the Soccer Mom demographic, guys. Hamfisted heartstring-yanking is not as effective as you might think. Unfair taxation is something every suburban couple talks about with their friends over the back fence. Give Joe Backyard Grill a sound byte he can relate to his neighbor while looking sage and concerned, and it will travel faster than light.
  33. mattlulzworth Member

    All of the above. Too many signs or fliers that say the same thing are boring.
  34. Dagon Akujin Member

    This is a pretty good idea... a printout specifically for the different concerns. Each printout could have a different set of websites even.

    The one for Scientologists themselves needs: and

    The one for children:

    I think you forgot #8 though..... PRIFIT!

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