"If He Dies, He Dies" book by Ron Miscavige Sr., David Miscavige's father

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 1, 2015.

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  2. Old news, and you would know if you had bothered to read my other post. This was already heavily reported in 2015 and is the backdrop for why Ron's book was written. The PI's sang like canaries and named David Miscavige as their employer to police. Ron's attempt to share the taped confessions with his daughters led to a confrontation in which they declared their disconnection from him, which made him decide to write this book.

    Calling DM a suspect is a step backwards, because the PIs done already named David Miscavige. He's not a suspect; most of us have already concluded that he was in fact responsible based on the PI's confessions.
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  4. I am so looking forward to this show.
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  6. Scientology Attorney Says Church Hired Private Investigators to Trail David Miscavige's Father.

    People: Scientology Attorney Says Church Hired Private Investigators to Trail David Miscavige's Father After He Left the Church for 'His Own Safety'

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Scientology Attorney Says Church Hired Private Investigators to Trail David Miscavige's Father After He Left the Church for 'His Own Safety'

    BY KATHY EHRICH DOWD @kathyehrichdowd 04/29/2016 AT 12:25 PM EDT


    An attorney for Scientology confirmed in an interview with ABC News that the church did hire private investigators to track Ron Miscavige after he left the church in 2012, but that David Miscavige had nothing to do with them and never spoke to them.

    "There wasn't any reason to tell him [David Miscavige]" about the investigators, Monique Yingling says. "They [the Church's attorneys] decided that the private investigators were following Ron, first of all, for his own well-being and his own safety. They were also concerned that he might somehow, because he was an elderly man with David's name, become the pawn of some of the anti-Scientologists out there."

    "Lawyers use private investigators all the time for, you know, varieties of reasons, and it's just no big deal," she added.

    Yingling also tells ABC News that what Daniel Powell told police regarding David Miscavige and the "heart attack incident" was incorrect.

    "It's not true, and Dwayne Powell has said that it's not true," Yingling tells 20/20.

    The outlet also reports that the church produced a signed statement from Dwayne Powell that says he never spoke to David Miscavige and that both the police and his son Daniel were incorrect.

    "I never met him. I never received any instruction or directions from him directly or indirectly. David Miscavige never was my client. The statement made in a West Allis Police Report that I received a call from a man who identified himself as David Miscavige is not correct. I did not make such a statement to police," said the statement, per ABC News.

    However, the West Allis Police Department tells ABC News in a statement that it stands by its report.
    "There is no confusion in the statements that were made by Dwayne and Daniel Powell," per the police statement. "Dwayne and Daniel Powell were interviewed independently of one another, and their statements corroborated one another. The 'Declaration of Dwayne Powell' dated August 7, 2015 [his signed statement to Scientology] directly contradicts statements which Dwayne Powell made to members of the West Allis Police Department in July of 2013."

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    Great show. Lots of stuff covered.
    The COS looked liked liars. Yingling did not come across as believable.

    20/20 is asking people to tweet them about how they feel about disconnection.
    Can someone PLEASE tweet them the link to The Big List?
    I am not a tweeter
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    so< I'm not looking at a few pages of this thread cause I'm 30 min behind. LOVE this. It's like so many pieces of the puzzle.
    Haven't watched 20 20 in years, but the part clarifying that is was an escape?
    Nicely done.
    So far, Ron Sr. I am glad you are out and nicely played.
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    Fucking Yingling is right.
    She screams cray cray. Still.
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    So...I'm gonna pipe down, but I commend him for admitting that he was violent with his kids. Cause robots don't do that.
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  12. RavenEyes Member's trending...:D
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    How did I miss this? LMAO

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    Lulz. I wanna cupcake.
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    Okay so one more comment. Remini is playing for me now on the broadcast. It's so fucking crazy still to me, I flash back to that Anne Archer/ Sweeney thing.
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    I may get in trouble for this, but serious question. Was Yingling ever doxed? I can't remember. Just curious cause my memory has no idea.
    No need for dox, just asking.
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    Clearwater local news mentions 20/20 program and has its own segment interviewing some ex homo novii.

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    Book Excerpt: Ron Miscavige's Memoir, 'Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me' | ABC News

    The following is excerpted from "Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me," by Ron Miscavige with Dan Koon. Copyright © 2016 by the author and reprinted by permission of St. Martin's Press, LLC.

    Scientology Leader Attacked by Estranged Father in New Memoir | Hollywood Reporter

    David Miscavige did not appear on the program. ABC’s attempts to interview at a Church events were rebuffed by Scientology workers.

    A father speaks out against his son, David Miscavige, revealing deep rifts in Scientology's first family

    By Thomas C. Tobin, Tampa Bay Times

    The father of Scientology leader David Miscavige appeared on the ABC News show 20/20 Friday night, but the hour-long program added little to the narrative that has been unfolding in the decade since top church insiders began leaving and speaking out.

    Continued here, with the cult's response:
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  22. Damn. Yingling is so cock-eyed it made me dizzy to watch her.
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    Alex Gibney going clear on Scientology and Ron Miscavige’s tell-all book | The Boston Globe


    Ironically, because of the timing of the Harvard screening and discussion, Gibney said he would not be able to watch Friday night’s much ballyhooed ABC “20/20” segment in which David Miscavige’s father, Ron, a Scientology apostate, was slated to discuss his tell-all book “Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.”

    “I didn’t know about the show,” says Gibney. “But I sure knew about the book. I haven’t read it, yet. I can’t wait. I’m really interested in it. There are supposed to be some fascinating revelations. There must be, because I think it was an AP reporter who dug up a great story about how David hired a private eye to follow Ron and they found 2,000 rounds of ammunition in the PI’s car. Just goin’ huntin,’ I guess.”

    Did Miscavige senior consult with Gibney in researching the book?

    “Nah,” he says. “We were trying to get him to come forward at the time for our film, but we weren’t successful.”

    Between this book and Gibney’s film it would seem that Scientology might be seeing its last days. But Gibney is not so sure.

    “It’s hard to know,” he says. “Scientology is pretty resilient because they have all this money, even though they don’t have that many members anymore. They’re well under 50,000. But some of them are very rich and the organization is very rich. They have around $3 billion.”
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    Tony Ortega on LipTV with Allison Weiner - Ron Miscavige, Lisa Marie Presley et. al --
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    A STAR IS BORN: Scientology attorney Monique Yingling steals the spotlight on ’20/20′

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, April 30, 2016

    That was some episode of 20/20 last night, wasn’t it? We had a great time reading back the live-blogging our commenters engaged in last night. And we noticed that the break-out star of the program was Scientology attorney Monique Yingling. You loved her! Here’s a sampling of how much Monique’s heartfelt, homespun wisdom went over here in the Bunker last night:


    We’ve had the pleasure of being in Monique’s company. She was one of the 15 or 20 suits who showed up for one of the hearings in the Monique Rathbun lawsuit down in Texas. But she wasn’t there to defend the Squirrel Busters. She strictly works for her ecclesiastical champion, Chairman of the Board David Miscavige. And what a performance she put on for him last night!

    We want to congratulate ABC’s Dan Harris and producer Miguel Sancho for that brilliant program. We met with Dan and Miguel several years ago, and it was clear they were ambitious about bringing home the big story about Scientology. We know how hard they and their team must have worked to put this hourlong package together, and it showed.

    We also understand where Tampa Bay Times reporter Tom Tobin is coming from when he said that last night’s program didn’t really break new ground that wasn’t already plowed by him and Joe Childs in their epic 2009 series, “The Truth Rundown,” which first revealed David Miscavige’s tyrannical style and the allegations of his physical abuse of underlings.

    But even if the program didn’t contain much in the way of revelations, it still packed a major wallop because of how well it was put together, and also because of its break-out star, Scientology’s most squirmy spokesperson yet, Ms. Monique Yingling!

    We want to hear what parts of the show moved you the most, or had you howling. Let’s keep this thing rolling a bit longer.

    This was also posted today:

    Happy Birthday, COB!

    Scientology’s supreme leader, David Miscavige, turns 56 years old today. We asked some of the people who used to know him, or were members in his organization, what birthday message they would give to him, if they could.

    Continued here:
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    People are posting last night's 20/20 episode on YouTube. This one is in HD.

    One easy way to save YouTube videos is with the Firefox extension YouTube Video and Audio Downloader.
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    The Daily Mail has a recap of last night's 20/20.

    Father of Scientology leader David Miscavige tells how he and his wife escaped from California compound and drove for three days straight to flee the church and his 'ruthless' son after months of planning
    • Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader David, left the church in 2012
    • Marine veteran, 80, says he saw his son change from a 'lovable kid' to the 'ruthless' religious leader
    • Ron's memoir, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, will reveal details of why he left Scientology, and the role of his son
    • Book claims that Miscavige wrestled power away from church management
    • Says his son's temper made his management style erratic and abusive
    • Ron's memoir describes the moment he and his wife, Becky, escaped from the 'Gold Base' compound in California
    • Scientology claims the book contains 'malicious, false, misleading and highly defamatory allegations'
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    You would think that the COS would take out advertising and show VM footage or whatever smoke and mirrors crap they can come up with during the 20/20 show.
    Guess they didn't think of it or couldn't afford it? or both.

    Forgot to mention...
    When BLINKling stated that Gold Base is a "workers paradise" made me gasp.
    Tell that to Jenna Miscavige who had to hall rocks as a kid and all the Sea Org who fight for table scraps.
    And Maureen Bolstadt planting a wild flower field in the blazing hot sun so that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman can run through it. Only to get it ripped up and had to be redone again because Miscavige didn't approve of the first one.
    Or how about all the Sea Orgers that were shoveling human waste in that water?

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    And further more....
    Yingling stated it was "nothing" for lawyers to spend $10,000 a week on PI's?
    Well then, there should be a record of the lawyers billing the COS? Right?

    And if they claim it came out go COB's own pocket, the COS has stated that Miscavige made a "paltry" salary? How would he be able to afford it?
    And what about the money that COB gave his father? Bank statements? Record of this?
    The car?
    Where are all the bills for his expensive shirts and custom tailored suits? How can he afford it?
    WTF IRS! Wake up!
    WHERE is this money coming from?
    Where are the records and how on earth is this within the rules of having a tax exemption status?
    Too bad the IRS doesn't want to know?
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