If the US is evil, why doesn't Iran and the world unite to destroy it?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Bob Hoskins, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Bob Hoskins Member

    Hello Iranians, I can only understand English so please bare with me.

    Okay, I am sick and tired of debating. Debating doesn't do anything except raise my blood pressure. I want radical solutions.

    Now, Iranians, I'm pretty sure you have witnessed how evil the US is and of course there are many countries out there who have witnessed it as well. But one thing I have never understood is, why hasn't Iran and maybe the rest of the world united to destroy it and exterminate its population? Wouldn't that solve all of your problems?

    Protesting, burning their flags, taking over their embassies and other colorful ways that anti-US people do to show their hatred for it do not work. They are not listening and their population will not feel guilty, mend their ways and become better people and thus a better nation. So you have a nation that does not listen and will only continue to strengthen its resolve, what do you do? You can't do anything. The only solution is to destroy it and after its destruction, Iran and the rest of the world will prosper, be peaceful and be happy. So why doesn't Iran do that?

    No more America, no more problem.
  2. Too much blah Member

    You don't present a realistic solution here just a load of reactionary bullshit. It's laughable to say the least, as are you.
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  3. Too much blah Member

    Now please fuck off and die in a fire, thnkx for the lol though.
  4. Too much blah Member

  5. Too much blah Member

  6. Too much blah Member

    Ooops, where's he gone? Who cares he was dumb as all get out anyways. :D
  7. Bob Hoskins Member

    But there are a lot of people out there who do believe they can be beaten!

    Come one, 194 nations vs. 1?
  8. Bob Hoskins Member

    It's not for laughs, I'm serious and I think you are not an Iranian.
  9. Too much blah Member

    A few things spring to mind here and the first of those is that you haven't thought this through properly. If you try to destroy America the rest of her allies will come out in support of her, reluctantly, but it will happen. The result will be another war and a war on a scale hitherto unseen before now.
    Why warmonger?
  10. Too much blah Member

    Nobody wants this kind of annihilation but that's what you are asking for.
  11. Too much blah Member

    Further, I do not have to be Iranian to post in this forum. I'm an old , very old channer socking up to engage with you. Additionally one does not have to declare one's nationality in this forum so for all you know I could be an Iranian , exiled or otherwise.
    Your lack of ability to rationalize won't get you far in this forum or in real life. Give that some thought.
  12. Bob Hoskins Member

    I'm sure nobody wanted a war with Germany and Japan but it happened and 70 million people paid the price but look at Germany and Japan today, both are prosperous non warmongering nations. If it worked with these two, I'm sure it will work with the US and I am willing to give my life to make it work.
  13. Bob Hoskins Member

    You are a yankee. You seem really upset. Only yankees get this upset with an idea to destroy their home.

    Are there any Iranians or any other nationalities or a traitorous yankee out there ?
  14. Bob Hoskins Member

    You sure about that? I've come across a lot of your so called allies who seem optimistic about the idea.
  15. Bob Hoskins Member

    Really? Where were they in Iraq?
  16. Too much blah Member

    I'm from Israel , how does that work with your agenda?
  17. Bob Hoskins Member

    Oh that's why you are upset -> No more America, no more Israel.

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