Illinois Corruption

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    Legislators in charge wrote the state Constitution that does not allow citizen referendums.

    One legislator has been speaker of the house for 28 out of 30 years. He has the 2nd largest state campaign fund in the nation. Any legislator of his party who gets elected owes him a favor.

    He refused to produce fair legislative districts and re-zoned them to meet his opinion on what is best.

    He passed the law that says no legislator can be a committee chairman until they have served 4 terms. That way he knows whether or not he has loyal lieutenants. Committee Chairmanships bring another $9,000 a year in salary. The Speaker ALONE appoints those position. The voter has no influence.

    Illinois allows taxpayers to use some of their tax returns to be donated to charities of the citizens choice. Governor Quinn and the Legislature "borrowed" $1.2 million of that money to fund other programs. They repaid $800,000 and have said they will never repay the remaining $400,000. Somewhere a child, of an alzheimers parent, made a contribution and Illinois stole it.

    We need your help.... I've tried for a year to get something started, but apathy reigns.

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    Reported OP to have it moved out of AvS.
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    Good luck where many have tried before
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