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    I'm proposing a different direction for the freedom of information movement in Chicago. Alas, standing around in masks holding signs is an effective way to immunize the public, however we'll need to step up the game a bit and get involved where it counts: Politically.

    The Pirate Party is sympathetic to our cause. In fact, our goals run parallel. Take that in hand with the fact that the Pirate Party is thinly organized in the 'States (not at all in some states), and we have an opportunity to jumpstart political support to hopefully get some work done.

    I'll accept fault for being late on the draw, due to other reasons. However, beginning at the end of March, I'd like to hold the first meeting of the unofficially established Illinois Pirate Party in Chicago.

    This won't be protesting in the usual sense. This will be a meeting in a public location downtown where we will discuss avenues of approach for gaining more support and engaging politicians about the issues we're concerned with. Who knows, we might actually run with enough support to register eventually.

    Keep in touch, spread the word. If you're afraid of getting fagged on facebook, then just follow on twitter. Come the ides of March, we'll access what kind of support and following we have and determine our precise time/location the week after. We'll settle into a routine from there.

    Feedback appreciated.
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