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  2. Anonymous Member

    and he forgot Hubbard's quote about homosexuals
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  3. anonsparrow Member

    It must be tough living as a closeted straight man. :/
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  4. So why didn't anyone in the church tell Tom it's ok to be gay?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Because he gives them lots of $$$ and it's a career killer in Hollywood to be openly gay.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. CarterUSP Member

    Wonder if Keith will get sent to ethics for out 2d.
  8. Xenu Is Lord Member

    It must suck being according to Hubbard a permanent 1.1 on the tone scale with no hope of ever moving up. Hubbard made no allowance for it only that they could cure gays and this guy sounds like he is resolved to being 1.1
  9. Anonymous Member

    Keith got slammed hard by the Chaits, by RTC, and Tommy Davis's Mom, all over the "Clear Rainbows". But he still is a super good Scientologist that disconnects to friends who are declared.

    But is he one of those crazy Scientologist that really NEEDS it.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    scientologists lie
  11. Anonymous Member

    The world would be a better place if Hollywood would cease to exist. Nothing but weirdos come from that fantasy land dump.
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  12. anonamus Member

    Boy should join Fowler's Faggot Franchise. A bullet-proof choice.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Paging AGP.
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. subgenius Member

    Gay $cientologist=Black Klansman
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  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Not necessarily true... There have been some actors that are openly gay and are doing well. If Tom or John came out, I highly doubt it would kill their movie career... Their Scientology career maybe, but...
  17. Just show him to the sad case of Rex Fowler and that pro Gay site he supported. Why would Davy be interested in shutting that down if they care about homosexuals?

    FOr that matter, if they care, why did Paul Haggis leave? Did you not read that story? The LAW that you can't be married to your queer boyfriend in the state of California was supported by an ORG, and was not ordered to retract, was not told to the global community of scilons that that is unacceptable to support such bills. I have done my research to protest your cult, have you? THere is more to life outside what LRH wrote, look around and see if it adds up.
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    pfffft! degraded beings.
    What do they know?
  20. Loki's spawn Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    I consider anything that KittyCatSpanker posts to be entheta, myself.
  22. vaLLarrr Member

    Is this guy high on Vistaril?
  23. Anonymous Member

    nice to see you around, VaLLarrr!
    oh hai, /b/.
  24. vaLLarrr Member

    Special Offer: Discount to all OSA & Sea Org -
    One free promotional pack of 100 Capsules with every cancer-preventing pack of Lucky Strike bought at the Clearwater pharmacy - get your Vistaril here folks!

    Also: please note - all Viagra deals are now cancelled - Mr David Miscavige has purchased every single one from here to Kansas and his powers are over 9000.
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  25. vaLLarrr Member

    Also be advised: special offers of Pope orange-flavoured condoms and Clam Dip lube have also been cancelled on account of a series of mysterious robberies in the sleepy town of Hemet.

    Police are advising the public not to approach some Mexican guy on a nice motorbike by the name of Cruz... he is reported to be crying and masturbating at the same time.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. thefatman Member

    Funny that, cause one of the exes here realised he was gay and then the DSA here in Sydney told the entire staff that the guy was gay (On'ya Tojo).

    As for the "Nothing is true unless you have observed it and it's true according to your observation," bullshit, I didn't observe the Spanish Inquisition but I know it happened.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Keith Relkin passed away last week.
  29. Anonymous Member

    This is the "No, Scientology does not hate gays!"guy, right? He was young ... well, middle-aged. Anybody know what happened?
  30. subgenius Member

    Was anything of value lost? Just asking.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Yes. Every person has intrinsic value.
  32. subgenius Member

    How about extrinsically, like Godwin?
  33. Anonymous Member

    And so it goes...
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Well, he did manage to irritate a few homophobic scientologists. +2

    I wonder, did he ever really do much as a scilon, aside from run at the mouth sometimes? I get the impression that, as with a lot of garden variety public scilons, especially in Hollywood, to him it was mainly a good ol' boys club. More a deluded means of self promotion than anything else. Having swallowed only the Kool Aid of a few odd courses, either he actually believes/believed that line of BS or he's trolling in the hope of scoring some points for the club himself.

  35. Enturbulette Member

    Younger gay actors may gain acceptance more easily these days. However, it is the managers, agents PR pros and other handlers that will strongly advise an established leading male star like Travolta or Cruise to NEVER come out - they don't want to deal with the fallout of a "brand" change and the loss in revenue that would follow. Most likely they threaten to drop them as a client if they even hint at coming out. On top of that of course Miscavige and "the church" does everything possible to handle the issue and keep it locked up tight. So it is not that it would ruin their careers, but that they believe that it would, and everyone around them strongly reinforces that belief.

    As for this WeHo gay Scilon, WeHo exists in a bubble and because of the high level of tolerance there, it is possible that Scientology and open gayness manage to co-exist. It has been pointed out to me that a half mile long block in WeHo is the only area in the world, aside from perhaps few streets in San Francisco, where men can openly walk down the street holding hands without feeling uncomfortable outside of a parade or demonstration. No entity that is openly homophobic is going to do very well in We Ho or nearby Bev Hills and surrounds - even El Coyote Mexican restaurant faced a big backlash when it was discovered that the owner supported an anti-gay marriage bill. And gay men in the area usually have a LOT of disposable income and a lot of problems to sort through, so rich pickings for CO$. A little tolerance and cherry picking LRH quotes will garner them a lot of easy and ongoing cashflow.

    After lurking moer I see Keith died and was shut down by Miscavige. But the lower lever Scilons said his clear rainbow thing was okay. Sometimes it seems like the dwarf is the best weapon of Anon.
  36. Anonymous Member

    The problem is, Scientology is not about gay actors, it seems to be more about gay old men attacking young children.

    And all paid for on taxpayers dollar bill! Because of "religious rights".

    Fuck that bullshit. The Cathlics paid out money to the victims, those evil bastard Scientogolists will do too.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Dox that any of Scientology's child abusers were old or gay?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Pedophilia is not directly correlative to sexual orientation, just for the record.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Bruce D. Member

    I have been out of Scientology since 1988. Up until that time, to set the record straight, a gay person could be in Scientology as long as he withheld from the act itself. If he transgressed that code, as with other codes, there would be an ethics action but he would not necessarily be thrown out.

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