I'm moved to speak out in support

Discussion in 'Iran' started by SparkyzHope, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. SparkyzHope Member

    Though I am just one person in a world of billions, I am moved to offer my support to you brothers and sisters of Iran.

    I am also frustrated that I have so little else to offer. Here I sit in an office enjoying the freedom to write this simple note with no fear for my own well being while you PEOPLE in a far away part of our world are courageous enough to take to the streets in protest while your own government moves against you. I am humbled by all your courage and I am filled with nothing but good wishes.

    Am I so naive to think that our world will find its way toward peaceful coexistence and tolerance? No and Yes. I am realistic, but, I am still willing to work towards the ideal.

    To my brothers and sisters of Iran I only have my words. I wish you all the best in your struggle for self expression and all the safety and peace that we all deserve. I am learning courage from you.
  2. Sol Mann Member

    Your words are something very powerful. If you could use them to help the world hear about this site it would be appreciated. :)
  3. crjpn Member

    Amen, the freedom we have is easy to forget until you see pictures of people willing to die to have their vote counted.

    Much support & appreciation for the free people of Iran - any person willing to act on their beliefs is free, even if the government will try to suppress them.
  4. Aiki14 Member

    My family and I wish the good people of Iran the strength to persevere and the courage that comes with knowing we as humans will only prosper in freedom. For the sake of the children of Iran may you win this day and all the days that follow.
  5. Free Iran!

    As an american I feel the same as the original poster. Far too privileged to even be here saying this right now and I also want to say I am proud of the Iranians out in the streets as well.

    I am ULTRA proud of this website!!!!! absolutely proud.
    I have been using proxies and stuff for a long time but I must say I am impressed by your guides and I feel proud as an Internet Citizen that the info is being spread about how to Proxy and get around filters to the Iranians. Thank you guys so so so so much for getting this info out there!!

    There has to be a start to the end of corruption and I believe a place like Iran is the best place to start. Even though my politicians call Iran an enemy I call no country an enemy we the citizens of our respective nations are not being represented fairly by these people and organizations who seek to remove our rights as human beings.

    In your protests no matter what happens do NOT use your anger to try to gain an advantage on these police or military officials. You must do everything from a center of love. I know that sounds impossible when your the one against them. You cant fight negativity with more negativity. Be as peaceful as possible and if they act upon you in a harmful way still don't act as they do you will only become more of a whipping post for them.

    I wish the best for you freedom fighters. I will spread the word and know that your fight will be on my mind and I will be sending my positive energy and well wishes your way.
  6. Free Iran

    I'm another American who wishes she could do more.

    I've been on twitter relaying information coming out of Iran as fast as I can for two days, but still very aware that I am home safe, with my children playing near my feet. I'd like to think I would have the courage that you have shown this week. I don't know if I would, but I will stand up as a citizen of the US & a citizen of the world & offer what aid I can.

    Please, be strong, be safe, and know that no matter what our useless president says... the American people support your desire to have free and honest elections.

    May Allah/God bless you and keep you safe.
  7. I'll be wearing a green armband to work tomorrow to physically show some support.
  8. Hey! I like that idea!

    Now if I can just figure out where to get one.
  9. SparkyzHope Member

    A simple graphic of green

    I created a simple green stripe graphic and placed it on my home page. Feel free to make a copy and place it on your own home page. (And no, I'm not trying to do marketing. It's just a gesture.)

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