I'm not sure masks are the best idea

Discussion in 'Projects' started by xenu101, Feb 8, 2008.

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    I'm not sure masks are the best idea

    I'm all for covering up your face and hiding your identity, though I'm not convinced it's as necessary as some make it out to be. Regardless, that's a personal decision and you're free to make it.

    The one thing I do want to say is that we really should avoid wearing masks. I get the idea of the masks, having one identity, and the fawkes symbolism is cool, but I think they will do much more harm then good.

    Almost any other form of coverage is better. I'm personally planning on wearing a touque and a scarf around my face, but a ski mask, neckwarmer, an oversized hood or any other form of cover you can devise will work as well. The masks will scare people and prevent them from wanting to come and talk to us and take our material. We'll look like "extremists" so to speak. Put yourself in the shoes of "average joe". If you were just walking down the street, would you stop and talk with a guy wearing a mask and holding a sign saying "Scientology KILLS!". I probably wouldn't.

    If you insist on masks, make sure to have signs saying something like "Ask me why I'm wearing a mask", and put some stuff on your pamphlets. Even if you're not doing masks, still make a point of explaining to people why you're covering your face. People are understanding, but they can't be understanding if they don't understand. Also, hopefully the media will help us out a bit, it would be good if the guy who avoided us because of the masks could see an explanation on the evening news.

    My basic point is, think about how the general public will see your protesting gear, not just what the internets will think. This applies to your material as well, you may want to tone down the shock and "conspiracy theory" vibes on your handouts and signs as well. Don't avoid tackling the issues, just avoid scaring people to the point that they just avoid us and our message.

    Regardless, good luck to everyone on the 10th!

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