**IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

Discussion in 'Projects' started by David Miscarriage, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. AnonX Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Really? that his pretty sad right there.
  2. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Welcome to Enturbulation. That's your first post.

    Seems unlikely from what I've seen so far- can anyone shed some light on this?
  3. saerat Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I cant see any proof to support that on teh tubes :confused:
  4. mistegirl Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Got an email from the youfoundthecard contact:
    I'm guessing by Ent Law he means these guys:

    Just passing it along - godspeed Anon - Save the Fresh Prince!
  5. aWretchLikeMe Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    several times in the past 10 years I've read about DJ Jazzy Jeff working Scientology parties and summits. Jeff Townes is also listed at the service completions sites. ... ownes.html

    honestly, I'm about 98% sure he's in or has been in.

    also, I love this forum and wish godspeed to all who are chipping away at the cult.
  6. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Damn I hope that's not true. Makes sense though...surround Will, their primary target, so that when he balks he has no one but Scienos to fall back on.

    It's like how BodySnatchers would get the president of the US or something

    We need verifications, asap, and we need to know if there's anyone not in Scientology that Will trusts, if Jeff is involved. Family member perhaps? The guy who played Uncle Phil?

    Or we could try to contact a member of the Media and somehow get them to be our own personal postman. We need to get Will to go to some websites and read them and to consider them honestly. THAT is our goal here. He's a smart guy, if we can get him to do that he's safe. NOW is the time, if he's digging his heels in about us.

    But with his best friend and wife in there, he may already be lost.
  7. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Hold up look at that in more detail.

    Look at the courses Jazzy Jeff has completed.

    Jeff Townes CLEAR Source 72 1990-09-01
    Jeff Townes SUNSHINE RUNDOWN Source 72 1990-09-01

    Notice he did the first two in 1990. That was a long time ago.

    Jeff Townes PURIFICATION RUNDOWN Source 151 2003-12-15
    Jeff Townes PTS/SP Course Source 151 2003-12-15
    Jeff Townes OBJECTIVE AUDITING Source 153 2004-04-01

    Then it seems like he must have strayed from Scientology since because his next courses are a purification rundown which is presumably for drugs and a PTS/SP course for identifying SPs.

    I'm assuming he got tired of Scientology and then came back to it when he had some troubles later.

    The question is what does that mean.

    I reckon its still worth sending the letters but you need to change the perspective since he definitely knows about $çientology.

    Also why not try saving the Jazzy Jeff.
  8. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    ^^^Ok, how about Mr. Townes AND Mr. Avery?

    Upon introspection and research, as well as a hot shower, I believe that James Avery, Sr. (Uncle Phil, The Shredder) is our appropriate "vector" for this letter.

    Stabby McSpy, your rewrite is perfect. The british spelling was because I'm a filthy Canadian. Thatks for catching it. I'm now editing the letter for the target of Mr. James L. Avery, Sr. I feel this is best as I'm sure that Will Smith still views him as a mentor, friend, and father figure. Also, Mr. Avery is ex-Navy, I'm sure that he still retains a sense of duty and honor.

    No, I'm not going to play up the "SEAORG IS FAEK NAVY!!" angle. That is not the issue here.

    could someone please find the contact information for James L. Avery, Sr. either personal or through his agent. IMDB wants me to be a subscriber for it, and they can go fuck themselves.

    Hey Scientologists spies! Better warm up your disconnection policy, because we're calling in The Shredder! Now what? What can you possibly do against his might? I've got a whole pallet-skid of turtle soup right here, you can't get better bribery than that!

    EDIT: I speeeeeelll gooood
  9. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Sorry to double post, but here's the James Avery version, complete with the FULL list of links. Get ready, there's a lot, as well as descriptions so that he's not leaping around the internet blindly.

    :guyfawkes: BRING ME THE CONTACT INFO OF JAMES L. AVERY SR.! :guyfawkes:

    also the Disco King. Bring me the head of the Disco King.
  10. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

  11. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    good thinking. We should get together the FBI papers first, then edit the letter once we've got them together.

    We're doing something Good here people. Keep at it.

    EDIT: Also, the actual .Doc file does have the full links. They're getting truncated when I post them to Enturb.
    Edit2: I'm having trouble with keyboards today.
  12. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince" ... feed=media

    So, Will - you don't like it when it's done to you, but this is what your scientology buddies are doing to anyone they disagree with!

    I'm sure we can pull a talking point or two out of here.

  13. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Might be helpful. Anyone find anything yet in terms of contact info, or the original FBI docs? Time is not our friend here.
  14. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    if there was a heartbroken 18 yr old will smith / jazzy jeff fan who could do a "leave britney alone" style video ... but insteasd be heartbroken that CoS had taken will and jeff it would be win
  15. orly Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    James Avery
    c/o Cynthia Snyder Public Relations
    5739 Colfax Avenue
    North Hollywood, CA 91601-1636

  16. Me Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Any LA Anons got a "map of the stars" ?

    This would be really handy; as I've created a list of possible home addresses for them both, and having a quick way to cross-reference them would save muchos time.

    Thanks. :D
  17. Stabby McSpy Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    No problem, mate. I'm just glad to be able to help in whatever way possible, since I can't attend any of the protests. Being an Ausfag, it's very easy to tell when someone's using American or British English, and since this is meant for an American audience...

    Also, important Will Smith news:

    Since he believes in God and holds on to other non-Scientological theologies, this means (according to ExOT8Michael) that, soon enough, he'll be pressured into giving up these beliefs before progressing too far into the Church, with the Scilons claiming that these beliefs would be holding him back. If Will still has his wits about him by this point, he'll probably see the Church for what it really is.
  18. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    He won't. They'll wait till they have him just so before making a move.

    Can someone confirm the previously posted contact info? (BTW, thanks orly) I want multiple independent confirmations before anything gets sent anywhere.
  19. Aik Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I posted this in the other thread, but someone else that Will Smith is apparently good friends with is Tatyana Ali (this is according to wiki, but I suppose it makes good sense).

    According to her website she 'loves hearing your thoughts' -
  20. Anonamour Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    May I suggest cc'ing in press release format to your favorite gossip columnists?

    :lrhtalking: <Operation Save the Prince Kills my Theta-buzz
  21. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I think going through the press would be construed as an attack. We're genuinely trying to help the man, and I think in the long run trying to use gossip mags would push him deeper in. In my opinion.

    Excellent find Aik. Anyone have any info on this girl? Not like, creepy stalker info, thanks, I mean "is she involved with the CoS, how long has she known Will, estimates on likelihood of her helping the cause"?

    Also, do we have confirmation they are friends, and does anyone here actually understand MySpace enough to glean some info out of it?
  22. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Gossip magazines are bad bad baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!


    Because we don't have much power over those sensationalist yellow journalists, they might skew the message and make it seem it to be an attack.

    No, for this we need Jazz, Uncle Phil, and Ashley.
  23. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    OH! SHIT! That's Ashley. I just got that. Ok, yeah, sounds perfect. In fact, in the case of Tatyana Ali and James Avery, it might be an idea to put a small note in each of their letters telling them that the other one was also sent a letter about this.

    Maybe. I dunno. People are usually more willing to act when in groups.

    *looks around, sees about 10,000 people in Guy Fawkes masks*
    Pretty sure I heard that somewhere.
  24. Anonamour Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I used to think that way about gossip columnists too. Now I think that they share more in common with war correspondents than we ever imagined. If you are reporting on Hollywood and celebrities, then you've seen the Scifags in action and undoubtedly have had run-ins over the course of your career. Think of how rabid Glosslip is. I now firmly believe that gossip columnists are our secret allies. Because they of all people, know.

    But maybe you all are right and it would just alienate Will.
  25. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    It would. We wouldn't want gossip magazines getting involved since each one is different and will boast different opinions.
  26. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    This plan is losing steam.

    Here's a list of what we need:

    1. Confirmed contact info for James L. Avery Sr.
    2. Links to the FBI documents for Operation PC Freakout and Operation Snow White

    After this I can make the 2 final versions, and we can select who's going to mail them, fax them, email them, etc.
  27. Morriganon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    IMDb Pro says:

    Contact Information

    Jump to: Representation Direct Contact

    Pakula/King & Associates - Talent Agent
    9229 Sunset Blvd.

    Ste. 315
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    Phone: 310-281-4868
    Fax: 310-281-4866

    Thirdhill Entertainment - Manager
    195 S. Beverly Dr.
    Ste. 400
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Phone: 310-786-1936
    Fax: 310-786-1939

    Abrams Artists Agency Mark Measures Talent Agent-Voice
    9200 Sunset Blvd
    11th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    Phone: 310-859-0625
    Fax: 310-276-6193

    Abrams Artists Agency Bradford Bricken Talent Agent-Voice
    9200 Sunset Blvd
    11th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    Phone: 310-859-0625
    Fax: 310-276-6193

    Abrams Artists Agency Adrienne McWhorter Talent Agent-Voice
    9200 Sunset Blvd
    11th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    Phone: 310-728-1050
    Fax: 310-276-6193

    Cynthia Snyder Public Relations Publicist
    5739 Colfax Ave.
    North Hollywood, CA 91601-1636
    Phone: 818-769-0100
    Fax: 818-769-4420

    *Edit (forgot this bit!)

    Direct Contact

    Phone 310-786-1936
    Fax 310-786-1939

  28. gailo Member
    Has links to xenu.nets scans of CoS Operation Snow White documents.
  29. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Thanks Morriganon and gailo.

    Ok, I've just updated the James Avery letter. I'd like to send it right away, and then refocus our efforts on contacting "Ashley". Here's the new version. Tell me if I've fucked anything up.

    Also: Fax, or Email for Mr. Avery?

  30. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Anon?'re spot on...excellent done! :)
  31. alsocake Member

  32. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    True, But I don't want to get too deep into that. I'm just trying to get the point across that Will is in potential danger, not trying to discredit L.Ron. I think we have enough.

    Thanks Kilia40. And thanks to everyone who's helped out, and proofread this massive letter (Stabby McSpy, I'm looking at you). And thanks to David Miscarriage for starting this thread, so we could do something important.

    So, the question is: Email, or Fax.

    In the meantime, anyone able to get the most-direct contact info for Tatyana Ali yet?

    EDIT: Shit, how long he's known Will is wrong. Updating on my full version now. DO NOT USE THE POSTED VERSION, THE LINKS ARE TRUNCATED
  33. alsocake Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"
    I wish I could do better than this, but she's young enough that she may really maintain it herself.

    His exwife and mother of son Trey is Sheree Zampino. He might have to listen to her. She's now married to Terrell Fletcher, former NFL star and current pastor of City of Hope International Church in San Diego.

    EDIT: Hey, while we're at it, why don't we send one to Carlton too? Can't see how it would hurt.
  34. Godfag Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Fax *and* email?

    Faxes are less convenient, harder to get numbers for, and thus have less spam and junk (fan) traffic and will probably be paid more attention. Additionally, they provide an instantly accessible hard copy.

    But this is all provided the intended end recipient is within the physical vicinity of the fax machine.
  35. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Ok, so we now need Contact info for Sheree Zampino, and the guy who played Carlton. Go Anon Go!

    Godfag: You're right. If someone has access to a fax machine, and is willing to print off the full version of the .doc and fax it, PM me. I'll send the Email now.

    What should the subject line be?
  36. Bexx Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Uhm, problem. Celebs aren't required to disconnect OR pay fixed donations. They are under a different scheme. I think it was called 12-2 or something like that. So two of your main talking points in there are wrong. Since those are wrong they may disregard the whole thing as stupid/paranoid/bullshit. I'll get more info to back this and get back with it.
  37. Morriganon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Tatyana -
    IMDb says she's represented by Innovative artists LA. No specific agent name but try:

    Innovative Artists
    Abby Bluestone
    Talent Agent
    Phone: 310-656-5120
    Fax: 310-656-0456

    Innovative Artists
    Robert Haas
    Talent Agent
    Phone: 310-656-5124
    Fax: 310-656-0456

    That's the best I can find. But it does look like she updates her own Myspace though, just not recently. I'm willing to bet she'll get a direct mail.
  38. Bexx Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    ok I'm still looking for it but here is a nice quote
    "For years, Scientology's biggest celebrity spokesman was former San Francisco 49ers quarterback John Brodie.

    Brodie said that when pain in his throwing arm threatened his career, he applied Dianetics techniques and soon was "zipping the ball" again like a young man.

    Although he still admires Hubbard's teachings, Brodie said he gave up promoting them after some of his friends in Scientology were expelled and harassed during a power struggle with church management.

    "There were many in the church I felt were treated unfairly," Brodie said. "

    found it ... tology.htm
    "Rapid dissemination can be attained, with the advent of 2-12, by the rehabilitation of celebrities who are just beyond or just approaching their prime.

    This includes any person well known to the public and well liked but who has passed his or her prime, or any rising figure.

    The Association or Organization Secretary is to personally do all contact work. A Class IV auditor only may be assigned to do the actual processing. The only process to be used is Routine 2-12 utilizing a special List One. The pay is to be "Any contribution you would care to make if we have helped." No other pay is demanded. Only Association or Organization Secretaries of Central Orgs may select or handle this project. "
  39. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I see your point. However, we have stated that as a celebrity he's protected from much of the abusive policies, and i never mentioned anything about money other than WHY they go after Celebs.

    I'll change "will put pressure on mr smith..." to saying that there is a strong possibility of it. Even if they don't do it to him, they do it to people, and in their current state of panic there's a chance they'll try to pull that on him.

    Morriganon, when you say "direct mail," do you mean through MySpace, or through her agents? Because I'm very unhappy to say I've just soiled my mind by actually making a MySpace account, so I can fire off a MySpace message at a moment's notice.
  40. Bexx Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    i don't see why Disconnect need be mentioned at all though. Since it isn't something Will will see or has seen it would seem unrealistic to him. After all before he was into Scientology Tom was talking to him. I think a better point to bring up is how they view celebrities as quarry and why they after them. And what happens to them afterward too. Since that is something he is already fighting and dealing with now.


    Hell he might even be able to talk to John Brodie about it if he wants to. Though this might also be overkill anyway. Especially if he has already heard about Anonymous. And been told we are horrible fanatic KKK wannabe Nazi baby eaters.

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