**IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

Discussion in 'Projects' started by David Miscarriage, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Disconnection is something they do. Even though Will Smith is not likely to see it, telling his friends about it will get the point across that he's being controlled, even if it's not by those means.

    Will Smith is also not Paulette Cooper or the FBI, so by your logic we shouldn't be mentioning Op:Freakout or Op:Snow White.

    I think we've given them enough. If anyone else has objections, I'll hold up due to consensus, but if it's one objector then I'm moving ahead.
  2. alsocake Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Sheree Zampino Smith is now Sharee Fletcher. <- her (and her husband's) church. They're hardxcore God, so hopefully they can be allies.
    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 711960
    San Diego, CA 92171

    Apparently they hold services all over the place in San Diego. See the calendar on the site for details.
  3. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    You guys are really fucking good at this. I can't find my parents' address on the internet, here you guys are busting up the CoS with Google. Wow.

    EDIT: I've made final versions of Ms. Ali's and Mr. Avery's letters. I'm not releasing them because I'm sick of filling up the thread with it over and over. I've included that they *might* try to disconnect Will, rather than making it an absolute. They also have my (anonymous) email address, which I'm not giving out on the forum.

    I need a fax-making volunteer.
  4. Bexx Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I just thought you should write to them about things that he might see, or has seen. It is highly unlik... ya know what. That doesn't matter any more. Jenna coming forward like she did changed all that. So sorry about that bit. But this is something else that might be useful. A court affidavit from Robert Young, from when he was in under DM too. Talks about how celebrities were kept inline and forced to dance when Scientology called.
    CSI's claim that it didn't want to put its "celebrities" through a hardship is patently ridiculous. In my 20+ years in Scientology (which included working with many of them), I never once heard anything like this. To the contrary, it was just the reverse: "celebrities" would complain how they were being used, how they were being ordered to promote Scientology and being made to make media appearances when there was a legal problem or a problem in the media. The fact that these "celebrities" did not appear for their ordered depositions shows the control that CSI has over them. Now CSI turns it upside down again, claiming their welfare is why they want to drop a three-year old suit that has cost millions of dollars.

    CSI has made it a point that several "celebrities" will be exposed to "confidential" material if forced into deposition. I know what material CSI was referring to and those materials had nothing to do with the ordered depositions. The "confidential" material is what is called "upper level" material in Scientology. This material is reserved for certain steps in Scientology "counseling," and had nothing to do with the ordered depositions of "celebrities," none of whom are even familiar with them.

    At no time has attorneys for Dr. Geertz asked me for any assistance in handling this material, as to what it might mean, how they might ask questions about it, how they might use it or how the material might be presented to a person in any deposition, let alone indicate in any way that they intend to use those materials with those "celebrities." Nor are attorneys for Dr. Geertz capable of doing this without expert help for the material in question is highly arcane, complex and bizarre and will make absolutely no sense to anyone outside of Scientology. Thus the idea that attorneys for Defendants will somehow expose these "celebrities" to this "upper level" material is merely a sham and an excuse. What was feared was that the other depositions would occur, namely that of Miscavige, Starkey, Yager, etc.

    CSI's attempt to use their own refusal to comply with the court as the reason for dismissal is a classical Scientology through-the-looking-glass strategy.

    Your letter does look fabulous too. Also we might want to let Will Smith's fans know what he is being pressured into. And what it could do to him.Several heart felt letters from his fan club would mean more than an anonymous letter.
  5. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Excellent Bexx. I've added it to the letter, high up in the link list, with a clear description.

    I think we've gone as far as we can. Should I send Ms. Ali and Mr. Avery their letters now?
  6. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    In 5 minutes I'm sending the emails. Tick Tock.
  7. alsocake Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

  8. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"


    Oh god dammit.

    Ok, the email to James Avery has been sent. But apparently MySpace feels the need to make me jump through goddamn hoops to do things, and I have to wait for Ms Ali to accept my friendship request before i can send her a message. I thought it was like Facebook, where you can talk to anyone, but can't see their profile if you're not friends. Apparently on MySpace it's "you can fucking stalk them whenever, but you can't talk if you don't add them!!!!"


    Ok, so that's on hold till I get an accept from her. Hopefully she checks it obsessively like most MySpace'rs.

    EDIT: Still need a Faxing person.
  9. Uber Pants Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I had hoped this operation would arise though I had imagined it would be called 'Operation Free Will' for the bonus double entendre action.
  10. Morriganon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Eugh. Here... have some mind bleach.
    I did mean direct mail via Myspace. She hasn't logged in since Novemeber but it should go straight to her personal account anyway.
  11. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Ok. Well, if she adds me, then I'll send the message.

    Does MySpace notify people when someone tries to add them as a friend?

    On that note, now is time for sleep.
  12. Bexx Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    They notify you when you sign in. If you ask for it they will send you an email or text as well.
  13. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Great, so probably not.

    Also, there's now some sort of confusion over how involved Will Smith is. I think he's in the early stages, and hasn't been asked to give up his original religion yet. But he's definitely involved with the,
  14. L Con Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    This is a fantastic idea, well done guys, especially Anon? - that letter is pretty much perfect.



    Seconding the idea that it should be called Operation Free Will though, that really has a great ring to it.
  15. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Awesome, i was thinking about how to do this a lot and find its all been done already.

    Another actor i think that should be looked at is simon pegg. He made very pro cruise comments / defending cruise, and now that he is scotty on the new trek movie he may become a target for scientology.
  16. a non-anon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Rename it Free Will for the lulz and the triple meaning.
  17. Morriganon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    No luck so far with Sheree.
    Sheree Zampino/Smith/Fletcher
    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 711960
    San Diego, CA 92171
    Tel: 619-698-4758 (no fax)

    Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton) is with CAA.
    Phone: 424-288-2000
    Fax: 424-288-2900

    And a random 'Direct Contact' phone no - 310-288-4545. Doesn't say whose number it is...
  18. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    You're a god.

    Ok, I'm going for a walk to wake myself up, then I'm going to start work on a message to Sheree. I might need to adjust a few parts, but basically I'm changing "joined" to "become involved with" and a few other little details. She'll get more or less the same letter though.

    The good thing about her being involved with a church is that she probably checks her email on weekends ;) :guyfawkes:
  19. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I have a question (concern).
    Wondering since his wife Jada is so into the CoS ideas more than Will is, if she really joins up and Will decided not to..what would happen?

    Somehow I get the impression that the marriage would not last very long after that.
  20. Beed9 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I doubt they will use the disconnection card on these two.
    They could happily live together, him being whatever the tit he wants, and her being a sci, he will talk it out of her when she starts getting weird. We can aid him. What we should worry about is the kids...if there are any.
  21. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I severely doubt that Jada is in deep enough to hurt their marriage. She's been with the CoS for about 10 years, and Will's only just getting involved. We're still in the Gentile stage of the process. I'm more worried about what they'll get Tom Cruise to do about the situation...

    Editing the letter for Sheree now.
  22. Beed9 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I suppose Jada is our Prince's wife. I'd say we win this if get Tom Cruise to fuck off, and inform Will, which is being worked on.
    But we'd still somehow have to shout out what Tom Cruise is trying, that would give him and the new movie he is doing right now bad rep, and the producers could get fed up with him.
  23. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Sheree Fletcher version complete. Nearly identical, except i softened some of the wording around things like "good friend" "love for" and such, since that's a little touchy around remarried ex-wives. Also, changed "watching you and will" to "watching will" on Fresh Prince.

    And that's about it. Not enough has changed to affect grammar. Re-reading and then sending.
  24. danaBanana Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    You're amazing Anon? - when I was lead to this thread from SA, all the work had already been done!

    Well done, everybody! I hope we can do something for Will.
  25. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Thanks danaBanana.

    The message to Sheree has been sent, 12:47pm EST, subject line "ATTN: Sheree Fletcher **URGENT**"

    I also decided to include Mr. Avery's contact info, as listed, in case she wants to speak to him about this and doesn't have the info (i mentioned he has been sent one of these letter)

    And so, i reiterate: Does anyone have access to a fax machine, so we can fax a copy to Mr. Avery? If so, PM me and I'll send you the .DOC file, which is more complete than the posted versions.
  26. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    For the Avery letter:

    Can I suggest/request that we say 'Mr. Avery' or some similar address, rather than his full name? I see a LOT of junk mail every day, and 'personalized' bulk letters often have that same stilted mode of address. It's never 'Dear Mr. Mudkip' or 'Dear David'. Instead it's 'Dear David A Mudkip', and it looks... Awkward.

    I know, it's a quibble, but every little quibble counts, right?
  27. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Hmmm, it is a good point, but unfortunately I've already sent it. Since we'll be hopefully faxing a copy as well, I'll edit the .doc, but the email's already gone out.
  28. hydranon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Just a thought--I could be wrong--but I've faxed information from a computer before without having a fax machine. It says that your computer "must support faxing" but all the computer I used had was a printer. Microsoft Word has a fax wizard that's super easy to use, and it lets you enter the number for the fax at the end. Of course, it would always be a good idea to test it by sending a fax to someplace you can check, but I guess that problem would fall into the "who has a fax machine" problem.

    In any case, it's worth a try if we can't find a fax machine. And if that doesn't work, you can fax things from most libraries, if you want to consider that option.

    EDIT: I think faxing this is sort of a necessary step--we should be trying to get copies of this letter to these people in as many ways as possible, just in case some of them don't get through. In the perfect situation they would receive one copy and they'd read it, but it's better for them to receive two or three copies than none at all. The emails seem a little iffy, because like anoninthewoods said, people get so much junk mail these days that they don't even open emails from senders they don't know.
  29. gailo Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Back when all this started and it was little more than terrorism black faxes were encouraged using online fax systems, do you think one of these be adequate?

    I'll have a quick look for some.
  30. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    I appreciate you two doing this. In all honesty, I've used a fax machine once, and i managed to break it.

    If you can find some kind of online faximafyer, that'd be great.
  31. gailo Member

  32. Beed9 Member

  33. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    ok, so after bashing my face against FaxZero for half an hour, i sent the fax. I'm now waiting for the confirmation email.

    EDIT: Confirmation email received. Ok, on to the next phase, i guess.
  34. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Renamed to "Free Will" :D
  35. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

  36. mudkipstoat23 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation "Save the Prince"

    Christ! Even if we lose the Fresh Prince, we CAN'T LET THEM HAVE TIM BISLEY.
  37. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    I've gotta take a break from this guys. I'll be checking in at intervals.

    Great job, everyone. You all had excellent suggestions, gave great feedback and editing, and found an alarming amount of direct contact information.

    So take a break, go relax, and if you can come up with more ideas of who to talk to post them here. The actor who played Carlton is our next target. For those of you still feeling internet-detective-y, your task now is: Get me Keira Knightly's phone number, and see if she's free Friday night. I'm good with italian food or maybe Thai, but I'm not picky, m'kay?

    Go Anonymous Go.
  38. BHX Member

  39. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will


    If they respond to me, I'll send that, and we'll include it in letters to..Al..f...alfo..."Carlton"
  40. BHX Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Have at 'er![/url:ehekyko7]

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