**IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

Discussion in 'Projects' started by David Miscarriage, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Ok, so you guys know: I'm still working on this, I'm just going to be facing a lot of homework over the next... month. Crap.

    I'll still be popping in to update you guys and request things, so don't think this has fizzled out. We may hear nothing for 2 weeks, then suddenly it'll be all over the media, or nothing may happen. Keep fighting, help other operations as much as possible. If you need me real fast, PM me and provide a link to whatever you're talking about, but i doubt that will be needed.

    Go Anonymous go.
  2. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    I have a question to ask all of you. This is something that's been weighing on me, and I'd like Anon's opinion of it.

    If I am contacted by any of the people we've been reaching out to, how much should I let slip here? These people have faces and names and reputations, I don't feel right "outing" their involvement. I want to protect them, so that they are free to help Will, should they choose to.

    But Anonymous is built on a pretty solid principle of the rapid and free release of information. I don't want to hold things back, because I don't want to be garnering attention off the info's release. The info won't be attributable to me, it won't be my actions. But if i hold anything back, you guys will be looking to me to hear the rest of it, when it's something i can't take credit for.

    What I've been planning to do is that on the off chance they contact me, to answer any questions they have, and perhaps relay queries of theirs to the general Anonymous population, but not to release transcripts of their emails, or informations pertaining to their actions, planned actions, or their privileged knowledge, in order to protect them. Does this seem reasonable? How should this be handled?

    Also, no friend accept from Ms. Ali yet. She needs to check her damn MySpace more often. I'll be back tonight to see what your opinions are, and then work on the next letter, which I'm aiming at "Carlton". Can anyone think of any other non-Scientology-involved stars or public figures that Will would listen to? Or are we gonna have to go straight to The Cosby?
  3. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    mohamed ali
  4. danaBanana Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Yes it does. You raise valid points in the parts I didn't quote and your plan is good.

    Let's see if I get this right:

    Three internets is you. And caek.
  5. Anonproto Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    IMO this is old guard stuff. Contact WBM / Magoo / Arnie or whichever active OG member and they can help you as well as council the person directly.
  6. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Magoo would be best since she was a Scientologist
  7. danaBanana Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Magoo would be best since she was a Scientologist[/quote:1rnooti4] I agree, but Arnie used to be a Scientologist too :wink:
  8. sd0a Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    you guys know that he is not interested in scientology, right?

    I just can't keep going along with this topic, even it if is now a joke.
  9. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    That was on: Monday December 3, 2007

    But rumors say he may have just recently joined. However, this plan should still go underway so that we can make sure it will remain a NO NO for him
  10. waianon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Word from more recent articles (linked in this thread earlier, I do believe) is that even if he hasn't officially joined the church, he has been promoting its materials. If nothing else, making him aware of the nature of the church would keep another celebrity spokesperson out of their hands.

    On another note, from the link on Scientology's inherent racism:

    I'd be interested in hearing what Mr. Smith would have to say about that...
  11. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Ok, a combination of these seems best. I'll let you guys know something has happened, answer any Anon related questions (and relay those to the masses), hide any important info to protect them, get them in contact with Magoo (I think she'd be best for this, she's like a really friendly Aunt to us), and kindly ask Magoo to keep *what* they are doing quiet, so as to continue to protect them.

    If they even contact me.

    Good to have a game plan.
  12. Anon1412 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Forget it, we shall not pressure the prince atm.
  13. waianon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    I was just commenting that it would be interesting to hear what he had to say to that, I didn't mean it as a serious suggestion to forward him that comment. :wink:
  14. Steve SP Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Just a couple of thoughts:

    Celebrity outreach is a great idea. I understand that the specifics of the WS case are urgent given the known pressure he is under. However it might be nice to send some letters out to other celebs to see if they are willing to do anything with us; be it to come to a protest or even just sent us a 'gratz' via email or youtube. I have spoken with celebs before and it is a handful only that are stuck up and ignorant in a J-lo fashion. All you need to do is sound like to you have a brain, and contact them for a purpose beyond psycopathic admiration. Someone mentioned that Tool was very anti-scilon in another thread for example.

  15. Unlisted Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Another suggestion to rally up the Philly anons and get some fliers out in his old neighborhood.

    From IMDB
    Getting his roots telling him to snap the fuck out of it, could be a good idea, maybe?
  16. Ninja337 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    You mean in West Philadelphia, he was born and raised?
  17. golddigger Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    The prince has to learn that supporting a dangerous cult is loosing him respect to the internet culture, the one's that go to his movies. Sticking up for a friend i respect but sticking up for a dangerous cult. Not cool.
  18. Unlisted Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Mhm before he got in one little fight and his mom got scared, and she said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'

  19. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will


  20. Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    I thought I read somewhere that DJ Jazzy Jeff is in fact a Scientologist. I can't seem to find the info on that again, can any elaborate?
  21. badwolf Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Oh, that would be bad. :cry:
  22. thenewanon Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Oh my that would not be nice!

    Anyway I wrote this...

    Hi Jazzy Jeff!
    First I would like to say that I am from Brazil and my english is good, but not that good. But I sure you will understand my concerns.
    I know Will Smith is your friend, and he is loved in Brazil. Please don't let him get involved with the Church of Scientology! I know they have been pressure Will to join the Church, they are liars and they are trying to use Will Smith popularite and money for their own purposes. This "religion" commited several human rights violations and they are dangerous.
    Please visit , there you will find information from the Church and their abuses. Please Jazzy, don't let this happen.
    Thankyou for listening Jazzy Jeff !!

    I hope this reach him, even if it's not well written, since I form another country, but at least I was very sincere.
  23. Anon? Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Yeah guys, sorry, but from the looks of it, Jazzy Jeff is on the outer fringes of the CoS. He's not too deep in, and seems to use it mostly as a support group.
  24. Orthinator Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    The letter might be enough to pull both of them out... if they do research...

    I hope when they see it they recognize it as serious business.
  25. saerat Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    try and get them to as it has a bit of a better layout than and gets straight to the facts.
  26. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    Nice one mate. Friend of the world.
  27. ahnonnymaus Member

    Re: **IMPORTANT** Operation Free Will

    According to his book, Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) is a good friend of the Smiths-- mostly with Jada. She was the one that really helped him get his career going. Consider him as a contact option?

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