Improving Protest PR in 3 Easy Steps, or "How To Get Anon Invited Back For Parties".

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    Improving Protest PR in 3 Easy Steps, or "How To Get Anon Invited Back For Parties".

    (( Mods, feel free to move this elsewhere after a bit, just want this here for a day or two. ))

    The context of this would be a report from a Toronto Anon regarding the problems faced by their 12/4 plans. The following tips are mainly derived from an Anon's experience of 2/10 and 3/15 in London, UK, which are useful in locations anywhere in the world.

    Improving Protest PR in 3 Easy Steps

    Step One: Leave ample room on the sidewalk for pedestrians. This is common sense on top of being a legal issue in many locations. Obstructing pedestrian traffic irritates the pedestrians, puts off shoppers from viewing store windows/entering stores, and gives law enforcement more work to herd us out of the way, and a possible reason to disallow further protests in that location (either from the police themselves, or the CoS, who'll jump on any chance to keep us off the streets.)

    It's also quite intimidating to the average Joe to have to make his way through a masked horde blocking the sidewalk. Odds are he'll turn away and take a different route instead of approaching. He doesn't get any flyers, he doesn't talk to the protestors, and it's a fail situation.

    Leave at least a clear 3-ft wide length of the sidewalk for pedestrians, preferably on the side of the shops. (This allows even for wheelchairs.) If you feel the need to lean against the wall or sit/squat, move to a less crowded area to do it.

    Step Two: Show your appreciation for your hosts, i.e. the police, the owners of the buildings on your side of the street, local residents, etc. Thank them for letting Anonymous picket in that location. Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Share food. Delicious cake was accepted in London on 3/15 by members of law enforcement, among others. It improves their day if they know Anonymous considers them as neutral co-operators rather than the Enemy.

    Remember, they're just doing their jobs, or trying to make a living, or feeling concerned over the integrity of their property. Show that you understand that and everyone gets along.

    Step 3: Clean up after yourselves. Your pickets are, most of the time, in front of other people's businesses. Having food scraps and litter strewn all over your shopfront by the aftermath of a picket would piss you off for both aesthetic reasons and economics-- it puts off customers. You might not want those picketers to come back again. Yet a majority of crap gets tossed on the floor anyway because there aren't usually enough nearby bins to fit the amount generated by large pickets.

    This is easily solved. Buy a whole roll of black plastic bags from a supermarket for a few dollars. Open them, set one up every few meters along the group, point out their presence to Anons. That's all it takes to dramatically cut down the amount of litter. Even better if even the remaining scraps post-event gets picked up and bagged.

    Depending on the location of your protest, there may already be city council workers who're tasked with cleaning up the rubbish after protests. Anons can leave a good impression on them by reducing their workload. And nothing contradicts the CoS's attempt to label us as 'hooligans' or 'vandals' by the spectacle of Anons clearing up the street when they're done.


    Thoughts? Suggestions? Thunderdome? :hmm:

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