In defense of the Islamic Republic

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    "The sole valid yardstick for evaluating the Islamic Republic is the degree to which it has enriched Our Holy Ones.

    "Still we must concede that at least one criticism appears valid until one looks closer. Some of our people complain that certain non-clerics (mainly high officials in our security services) now get a bigger share of the loot. That is a fact. However, most of our people have enough common sense to recognize a practical necessity when they see one.

    "Ever since Allah placed Him on Iran's throne, Khamenei has worked unselfishly toward God's central goal. However poor they were in 1979, all the top clerics surrounding Him have become multi-millionaires (Allah's blessings upon them!). At $36 billion (not million) and growing, Khamenei's family is most blessed of all (Allah Be Praised!).

    "Directing national wealth to where Allah intended is the revolution's finest achievement. Our people have every reason to be pleased. Unfortunately, Israel, the CIA, Obama's wife, the Masons and the Elks Club have engaged in mass hypnosis and other devious mind-control techniques to mislead the people of Iran. A tiny small minority of nitpicking grumbles visible on the streets are agents in this foreign conspiracy. To protect sources, we can't supply our strongest proof but we can supply impressive confessions.

    "Allah's Chosen One is equipped by God himself to detect who invented such terrible western ideas as human rights, free speech and press, fair trials and equality for all citizens. It was Satan himself. This is why Holy Khamenei must occasionally do things that would merit criticism under other circumstances (beating, raping, torturing, murdering, rigging trials then hanging the convicted). In fighting Satan, defending Islam and preventing "moral corruption" any means is acceptable. A good father must discipline his childen no matter how much it may pain him.

    The overwhelming majority of our people understand this. This is why we are certain that 99 percent of the Iranian people still love the Islamic Republic and adore its Holy Leaders."

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