Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains Brick and Mortar Organization

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  1. Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains (AOGP) Brick and Mortar Organization.

    The Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains (AOGP) has opened a "brick and mortar" Org in Kansas City, MO.

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    As of early January 2019, we opened our brick and mortar org here in Kansas City, Missouri with two auditing rooms, practical, and theory course rooms and a fun grand opening party. More offices are opening later this winter here at the Org. for the establishment then qualifications division, as well as other supportive offices to open divisionally on our organizing board as we continue to expand. Currently, we have 6 staff to serve you globally, online, and here in Kansas City.

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    Significantly, as outlined in red in the above photo, the Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains is using the Grade Chart produced by the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICS).


    As previously noted, with respect to this Grade Chart, the FICS has explained:

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    The Grade Chart and Standard Technology

    A visitor to our church asked the following:

    What’s with the squirrel grade chart?​

    I saw LRH’s written instructions to REMOVE original OT IV-VII from the Grade chart and to remove them from PC programming.​

    Why squirrel his instruction?​

    The answer is that L Ron Hubbard did not write instructions to remove these levels.

    The change to remove original OT IV-VII was made by HCOB 19 Jan 1982 “NEW – STREAMLINED CLASSIFICATION AND GRADATION CHART.”

    That HCOB was not written by LRH, and was later cancelled.

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    The AOGP is also offering Oxford Capacity Analysis test grading services at a cost of $49 with results in 48 hours or less.

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    Standard Tech is Back for the OCA

    With the recovery of the original Oxford Capacity Analysis test materials, AOGP is now offering a test grading service for all outside-of-the-church field auditors. There are other OCA services on the net using the actual correct materials but at an incredible cost of a $500 per month for a monthly subscription. Completely out of reach of the field auditors and their public.

    Each evaluation is guaranteed to have complete accuracy with a turnaround time of 48 hours after receipt of the completed OCA test information and payment via PayPal, or credit/debit card.

    It is available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Bosnian, Hebrew, and Hindi. Other languages can be made available upon request HERE.

    Click here to take the OCA.

    Please fill out the contact form for the test, then take the test. We will then send a PayPal payment request to pay the evaluation fee of $49. The results (graph and evaluation) will be sent after payment only.

    Evaluations, done correctly, take a significant amount of time to do, thus the fee for this service. A subscription fee is also available for those needing numerous tests evaluated per month, at a much cheaper rate per test.

    Contact us for more details here:

    Once we receive the test results and payment, we will email the results in 48 hours or less in PDF format with both the graph and professionally done evaluation, ready to present to a client or for an individual. We also include a free pre-scheduled ten minute one on one personalized video explanation of the results.

    The OCA evaluation, done correctly, can significantly improve folder programming by a standard Case Supervisor. Thus increasing the amount of case gain available and shortening auditing time in many cases as well as giving accurate information about areas in life that can be improved and areas where one excels.

    We also offer the OCA, and its standard evaluation free of charge to our in org public at AOGP - Kansas City.

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  2. The Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains (AOGP) has replied on Twitter to my statement that it "is using the Grade Chart produced by the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICS)."

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    Actually no, we have over 12 Grade charts up on the wall as a comparison to one another from 65' to 2017. 2017 being the FICS grade chart being compared to say the 1971 grade chart. The balance of the charts were still at the frame shop. Using ESMB as a news source? Dicey...

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    The AOGP later replied "that ESMB is now owned by the COS".

  3. The Advanced Organization of the Great Plains (AOGP) has clarified a technical point. Like the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICS), the AOGP offers original OT IV-VII in addition to NOTs. Unlike FICS, the AOGP does original OT IV-VII before NOTs.

  4. The Independent Scientology Advanced Organization of the Great Plains announces their expansion into their new 2700 sq ft quarters in Kansas City, Missouri.

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    AOGP is happy to announce our expansion into our new 2700 sq ft quarters here in Kansas City, Missouri! More auditing rooms, examiner room, Qual, separate theory and practical course rooms, Purification Rundown area, HCO, and Dissemination offices. We are open seven days a week and offer concierge service for our out of town public and students while on course.
    For more information go to our web site at

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