Independent Scientology Dror Center in Israel Two Years On -- WITH STATS

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  1. Independent Scientology Dror Center in Israel Two Years On -- WITH STATS.

    Mike Rinder: Dror Center Two Years On

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Dani and Tami Lemberger are two of the nicest, most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are long time, highly trained scientologists. They have a team of like-minded people working with them. The “ideal org” in Tel Aviv is like all the rest, an ideal morgue. Empty, shiny floors and vacant custom built chairs. Yet, a few miles away sits a flourishing center of activity. No marble floors. And no IAS Regges. No FART Div 6. And no Facebook Police. No GAG II. And no teenage Hitler Youth Ethics Officer.

    Just good people wanting to help others.

    On November 10, 2013, we posted an interview with Dani Lemberger, “Dror Center, One Year Later.”

    We recently asked one of our Middle East Special Correspondents to check in again with Dani to see how their second year went.


    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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  2. peterstorm Member

    We have to take their word for it...
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  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This thread is manifesting distinctly pescadorial odoriferousnesses.
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  5. If the last value is omitted for a moment, the increase in 2013 is 20%, and 0% or decreasing in 2014.
    I'm not worried about that development ... only about the lefthand axis not starting at zero.
  6. Miscavige doesn't even label his Axis. Makes it a lot easier for the graph to explode out the top to the sound of thunderous applause
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  7. Random guy Member

    What worries me more is the Dror Centre claiming they are receiving non-X-CoS people.
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  8. CarterUSP Member

    Glad to read that they got their "highest ever-ever" recently.
    I am looking forward to their "highest-ever-ever-ever".

    I also notice these punks condemn miscavige altering and rearranging the tech then a few seconds later tell us that they are "streamlining" their auditor training. Standard tech or streamlined tech? Can't have it both ways.
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  9. Interesting. Rinder posts this glowing entry about the tek being delivered. Yet it looked like he was going the way of Rathbun, who has publicly disavowed himself entirely of scientology and lron. Especially after his full support of Going Clear, which sounds to be completely anti-scientology and anti-lron, not just anti-church.

    I'm wondering if Rinder's getting some kickbacks from the Israelis. That would mean he's just saying good things about scientology because of the almighty dollar, not because of what he believes.

    Whatever the case, seems lulzworthy. I'm just not sure who's using who.
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  10. Random guy Member

    Rinder got one thing right here: The Dror Centre is living proof that the cult's claim to being "the only place you can have real scientology" is false.
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  11. BLiP Member

    Huh? Scientology without Fair Game or Disconnection or OSA or Ethics or Hard Sell or Sec Checks and all the rest is not "real" Scientology.
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  12. Random guy Member

    No, it isn't, but you still get to probe for invisible space cooties, and at a fraction of what the the mother cult wants too.
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  13. Where is Ron's laboratory evidence? Is the new feeezone version a science or a religion? Ron said that his scriptures could never be altered and if they were then it wasn't standard 'Tech' and most certainly NOT Scientology.

    What exactly is Mike Rinder promoting? One thing it most certainly is NOT is Scientology per LRH himself.
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  14. TrevAnon Member

    Sshhhh... don't say that out loud. :)

    AFAIAC: as long as indies don't do forced disconnection, forced abortions and what have you they can audit, clear engrams or blow space cooties all they want. If they like to call it scientology and this helps to get people out of the cult that's fine with me.
  15. What cracks me up is that Rinder and the Jews talk about how great they are doing. But in one year they go from a low of 38 people a month to a high of 59 a month, with an eyeball average of about 48 from all over the world.

    Oh whoopdeedoo! Any McD's does that in 30 minutes during lunch. Or a Walmart. Or one college courseroom on psychology. :p

    What those Indie fools don't realize (and from his post, Rinder neither) is that no new person gives two shits about the different versions. It's all the same to them. So when $cientology and Hubbabubba gets slammed in the documentary, the Indies are getting slammed too.

    The funniest thing is that Rinder and the Indies are as happy about the documentary as we are. That's like you laughing about what's about to happen after someone has put a grenade up your ass. Can they really be that stupid?
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  16. ^^^To the Indie lover who downvoted the above post: Wake up and smell the coffee. Your cult business is coming to an end too when the documentary airs in March. Not just the cult church. Better start looking for a new line of work.

    Tick, tock... :D
  17. Riiiiiiiiiight. Scientology's going to end in March.:confused:

  18. Lol. Learn grammar and to not be so literal. When the documentary comes out in March, it's going to create big damage against any brand of the cult and go a long way towards taking them out. No new blood means you die. That was the point.

    If anything, the indies are more vulnerable than the church with their big bucks to keep them going.
    I'm guessing most indies are just trying to put their own rice and beans on the table.

    In fact, over the last few years I see more obvious damage to the indies than the church. Marty quit entirely. The milestone 2 guys are doing hardly anything of any significance. Mike used to talk ocassionally about tek delivery but now hardly ever does. This Dror thing is one of the first in a long time and their numbers aren't impressive at all.

    So March will be when the big wave hits all $cientology and accelerate their end. The indies will probably get washed away before the actual church goes. Sure, there may end up being a few guys doing their own thing for one of two hardcore culties here and there. But new people will dry up for all, Dror included.
  19. Lickit10Times Member

    I think this drorcentre that is being run by Lembergers is part of Ron's Org.

    Video -

    Lemberger getting the highest OT powers from "Rons Org Grenchen". So is Danny a $cnist following LRH or the Freezone? not clear.
  20. This was written by Aviv Bershadsky:
    "The original OT levels as developed by Ron Hubbard
    Ron Hubbard developed the OT levels from OT I to OT VIII, starting in the ’50s of the previous century. OT III, the wall of fire, was developed by Ron and released in 1967. This was announced by Ron in his RJ 67 quoted above."

    This was written by Tami Lemberger:
    "Because I care and because LRH’s Tech is the most important thing in my life, I decided some time ago to research these questions. I had to find answers so that I can reach full OT this lifetime, and more important, so that my many pc’s can reach this state. I have decided to present to you, and all my friends, the findings of my research. I have written lately a series of articles with this data and it may be of value to you, if you choose to continue your adventure to full OT."

    All of this quotes were taken from the "Association of Free Scientologists Israel" website which was created by the staff and members of Dror Center, a $cientology mission which decided to go independent and earn the jackpot to themselve.

    But in these 2 videos you can see that Dani and Tami Lemberger do not really care about K$W and LRH and actually go pay a lot of money to reach OT levels that do not exist at all.

    Dani Lemberger attested OT 16!
    "Dani Lemberger Commanding Officer Dror Center Haifa describes his experiences on the OT levels in the Ron's Org Grenchen"

    Tami Lemberger starting OT 12!
    "Tami Lemberger, Senior C/S of the Dror Center Haifa describes his experiences on the OT levels in the Ron's Org Grenchen."

    So once $cientologist, always $scientologist?
  21. Lickit10Times Member

    Poor people really. They are fucking up with their brains and others.
  22. Ya fugot! You are dani lemberger agent promoting him here! go find a life! you and all lembergers rats!

    you better off go to lemberger and get your alien operating level in your brain!
  23. המדענים העצמאיים הם כמו מדענים וזיונים ריחות שונים
  24. המדענים העצמאיים הם כמו מדענים וזיונים ריחות שונים
  25. get your drorjew language out of here!
  26. Psychology used by Lemberger is how he can get OT 16. He buy this title from friend of me in Swiss. Dani said to my friend that he wants to be the top of Scientology and because he not let him do it in Church Official, he want to do it outside. I was said that he is working with Aviv Barshedski on manipulation of Russian like people that come to him in Israel. Dani very expensive. I know lot on Dani. His friends are better friends of me - sorry.
  27. Dani Lemberger and his wifey Tami are all about getting their own monopoly game running. They are nothing but 2 scammers who leech money from anonymous people, just as bad as the co$.

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