Independent Scientology Milestone Two embraces and endorses book Arrows in the Dark

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  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two embraces and endorses book Arrows in the Dark.

    Milestone Two: Arrows in the Dark

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    Posted by Lana M.
    April 5, 2015

    This book is a must-read for Scientologists. It is written by Merrell Vannier, a former HGC auditor at the St. Louis Org who volunteered to do undercover work for the Guardian’s Office after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a series of attack articles in 1974. His book begins here, and covers his experiences in Clearwater where, as a practicing lawyer and secret agent for the G.O., he uncovered a massive FBI counter-intelligence campaign being run against the church, and helped save the Flag Land Base, and thus Scientology, by discovering intelligence that enabled the GO to handle an order to deport 75% of Flag staff.

    Later, Merrell left a lucrative law practice in St. Louis and joined staff at USGO where he helped Mary Sue Hubbard clean up the GO’s intelligence actions and uncover who was sabotaging the church’s legal cases. When Bill Franks attempted to takeover the GO, Mary Sue summoned Merrell up to her office to be a witness. In his book he vividly details the hostile encounter between Franks and Jane Kember.

    The reason we recommend the book is because it reveals counter-intelligence conducted against the church, and shows how plants are used to sabotage the church, even by instigating criminal acts. The church has never effectively shown this side of the story, leaving a vacuum for those bent on destroying Scientology to fill with false data and propaganda. We have all heard ad nauseam about the GO’s bad acts, which some falsely source to LRH, but no one has spoken out about the true source of the GO’s criminal acts – until now.

    Here’s what Ingrid Smith wrote us: “I think ‘Arrows in the Dark’ is an incredible book – it has had a great de-PTSing effect on my pcs who have read it as they are getting a much better picture of what has happened to Scientology. The historians have been mainly Rinder and Marty out here.”

    Another reason to read the book is to support Merrell’s efforts to reform the church. In the book he discloses that he and two other lawyers wrote letters to church officials, lawyers and board members calling for David Miscavige to step down while an internal investigation was conducted into the allegations of abuse by former Sea Org members rather than attacking and calling them liars. When that effort proved ineffective, he created
    He was verbally declared in January 2012, presumably because of his reform efforts. His daughter, Class VIII auditor and former Auditor of the Year and Senior C/S CC Int, Angie (Vannier) LaClare, disconnected from him, his wife and son, Angie’s mother and brother.

    For more information about the book, and a touching (disconnection) memorial for his daughter, click here[1]. and more information about Merrell, click here[2].

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  2. RightOn Member

  3. Does it upset you when you see others making gains in Scientology?
    Scientology Works
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  4. TrevAnon Member

    No. It upsets me when I see how people suffer from other people applying scientology, such as disconnection. :D
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  5. furball Member

    Does it upset you to know that all of your actions are futile and that there is nothing that you or anybody else can do to save your so-called 'church' from its ultimate and long overdue destruction? Rhetorical.
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  6. RightOn Member

    What upsets me is Scientology as a whole, that was started by a con man, liar, woman abuser, bigamist, rotten toothed, drug taking,human rights abuser who convinced people through a low gradient regiment of brain washing that they are covered in body thetas that need removing. AND they are going to pay for that removal on a LIE DETECTOR. (aka the cans, aka religious artifact :confused: ).

    David Miscavige is not all that is wrong with Scientology. He didn't write the tech or the policies.
    HUBBARD did.
    HE wrote all the policies on disconnection, fair game, (that WAS NOT CANCELLED), that gays should be taken from society and instituionalized, that children are adults in children's bodies, that psychiatrists were responsible for the Holocaust and everything wrong with the world. He is the one who penned the idiotic terms "SP", "PTS" and all the abusive policies, created a slave labor force, the RPF, (which included over boarding people and other cruel punishments), made up an imaginary bridge with levels that rob people of their life savings, their critical thinking, children's parents are taken away from them because they are "on course", their children's education, and the promise of someone gong clear. WHICH DOESN'T EXIST.

    I beg for anyone to show me just ONE clear, or ANYONE that has ANY OT Powers.
    Prove to me there are body thetans that need removing.
    You would think that out of the "millions" :rolleyes: of scientologists that have been on this earth (sorry, prison planet) that just ONE clear or OT would do something useful to help mankind other than auditing ,doing endless course and TR's and paying for it. I would think (yes thinking for myself) that proving that there was an actual clear on this earth would be a very high selling point for Scientology, don't you? The world would be forever grateful. Wouldn't they?

    And yet oddly enough, Scientology is not in any history books. hmmm
    World hunger, disease, mental and health afflictions, war, poverty, natural disasters, people being abused and more are still raging in the world today, even though the "tech" has been around since the 1950's. So curious, right?

    If only there was an OT who could help? If only there was an OT who could postulate all this suffering away from this prison planet.
    We all know Hubbard who wrote all this stuff wasn't about to step up to the plate and postulate away the suffering, he dropped his body and went on to do more levels. :rolleyes:
    He has been frightfully quiet ever since. hmmmm

    So what do you say? Why doesn't someone
    The world is waiting.
    oh wait… nobody can? Oh I think I know the problem ...
    OT's do not exist. Damn it! So close!
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  7. LRH cancelled Disconnection in 1968, It was SPs, who had infiltrated Scientology, that continued it behind his back.

    Haven't you read this book? It explains everything.
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lomao! ^^^ (post #8)
    Scientology~ so not 'disconnecting' since '68.... <_<.... >_>.........O-o...., bwahahahahahahahahahahahaa!
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  9. TrevAnon Member

    Bad troll is bad. :) Next time give a link to a book so I can download for free. O wait, would that be out exchange? :p

    I don't care what LRH has written. AFAIAC it's all bollocks, but hey, whatever makes your clock tick.

    I do care about actual proof of disconnection such as Tommy Davis on tape threatening someone with it. IIRC e.g. Larry Anderson. I do care about actual fair game (which of course also was cancelled) still being practiced. I do care about forced abortions. Or wait, where they also cancelled? Nah....

    In case you didn't know there is a list out there of >2,500 people speaking out against scientology because of all this.

    You can believe all you want, you cannot act all you want.
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  10. The one true source of the GO's criminal acts was L. Ron Hubbard and both Rinder and Rathbun were a big part of overseeing Hubbard's extremely abusive policies for years on end. Independents promoting Hubbard's insane processing cling to the 'Tech' that has harmed so many. LRH would have barred all 'moderates', indy or otherwise by policy.
    Two of the biggest abusers taking advantage of members by enforcing absurd policies for decades have no business being the 'historians' of Hubbard's scam. I've seen little remorse for the despicable conduct of Mike Rinder while in until 2007 when he finally left after becoming a victim of Miscavige and placed in the RPF, no longer a henchman for DM, starts a blog and accepts donations, are these tax-deductible religious donations?

    Mike Rinder was in charge of OSA and public relations overseeing many nasty, abusive operations for LRH and David Miscavige for a long time and he shows up on Megyn Kelly's show pretending he had little knowledge of the forced abortion 'Tech' for sea-org members and many other scams he was heavily involved in and certainly knew about, what a fraud. He was out in front of the Lisa Mcpherson coverup and participated in much more than he now lets on while accepting donations from exes. Sickening, imho.

    For the most part, the indies have all been out long enough to find out the truth about abusive fraud LRH but continue to promote his horseshit, get over it, he was a fraud, stop promoting LRH in any way and stop taking 'donations' to continue your quest to help indie's, all of the indie blogs promote the 'Tech' which does not work.

    'Wins' in Scientology are usually documented in required success stories to 'graduate' the course and move on. The number of losses to countless families far outnumber any and all bogus forced 'success' story 'wins' .
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  11. You're fooling yourself.
  12. Wow. Rinder is still saying that he thinks Hubbard initially wanted to help people.

    I've examined a lot of Hubbard's correspondence from the 1930s and 1940s and I find no mention of helping people, only mention of schemes and manipulation and dreams of power and fame.

    I guess Rinder is still de-compressing.

    As for ARROWS IN THE DARK (see link earlier to Amazon Books in you care), from what I've seen, most independent scientologists, flea zoners, think it's a nifty book.

    They already believed that Scientology was basically good, but was made bad by SPs, so it's not a big leap.

    Many already believed that Scientology was taken over by the 12 Bankers, Smersh, Illuminati.

    Any extreme measures Hubbard took are justified as necessary responses to the international conspiracy attacking Scientology and Hubbard. They love Hubbard.

    The book "fills the vacuum" for them, reaffirming their Scientology brainwash, and that make them HAPPY.

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    Chris Black says:
    April 6, 2015 at 4:55 am

    In the late 70s, a time track of the attacks on the Church was done, detailing the agencies involved and documenting evidence of the false reports and intel ops used against the Church since the 1950s. Rev. Kenneth J. Whitman, then President of the Church of Scientology of California and National Spokesman for the Church issued the following press statement (excerpted from the report). The report goes on to detail exactly the intelligence ops of the CIA, FBI, IRS, FDA, Interpol and others. Merrell’s book is timely and will help shed the light of truth on what really happened during this time.

    “In 1957, the Central Intelligence Agency issued its first report on the Church of Scientology. Since that time, the members of our sister churches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzer land, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and Greece were subjected to an intelligence operation which had as its purpose the annihilation of an American-founded religious movement.

    We have been accused of almost everything from gun-running, drug trafficking, white slave trafficking, sex perversion, hypnotism, brainwashing, currency smuggling to Communist countries, to even killing. They are tired old lies we have long since been able to prove are false.

    In 1973, we discovered, by accident in Germany, evidence of the international circulation of false reports and immediately began utilization of the Freedom of Information Act. By 1978, more than 200,000 documents had been collected, cross indexed, filed, and analyzed. Hundreds of FOI requests were made and lawsuits filed against agencies withholding documents. Thousands of man hours were consumed in this massive project. We had to study intelligence tactics to understand what had happened.

    What we found was a systematic campaign of “well poisoning” which followed the expansion of Scientology abroad in more than 14 countries from Australia in the early l960ts to France in 1978. In every instance where our Church was attacked, we have documents which prove that malicious false reports, rumors, unproven allegations of crimes and other dirt were disseminated broad by American agencies to foreign governments prior to any action taken against the Church.

    For a long 21 years, we have not only endured this deliberate and cold-blooded inquisition, we have continued to expand and prosper. We have been no threat to national security, we have no history of criminal activity, and there has been no evidence to support the outrageous lies spread by the CIA, FBI, IRS and others involved.

    After 16 years of black propaganda activities at home which we are currently analyzing in detail| and ten years of known intelligence operations against us abroad, in 1966 we formed a Guardian’s 0ffice whose major purpose was to forward our social reform programs and, of course, protect our beliefs. We have survived the ordeal and continued to prosper in the teeth of this continuing professional intelligence operation.”

    * * * * * END QUOTATON * * * * *
  14. If Scientology actually did what it claimed to do it should have taken over the planet by now. Scientologists know this and so have to come up with reasons to justify why it is so inconsequential. It couldn't be that Hubbard lied about everything and made an enemy out of anyone who didn't recognize his genius. It must be because a nefarious conspiracy has been working tirelessly against Scientology.
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  15. TrevAnon Member

    Wait, there is no conspiracy going on?

    Damn. Must be that they I pulled it all in. :p
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  16. Of course, my denying that there is a nefarious conspiracy will be seen as evidence of said conspiracy. However, me agreeing that there was a conspiracy or just saying nothing would also be seen as evidence.
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